5 Best 60 Inches Zero Turn Mowers For Large Lawns

best 60 inch zero turn mower

Owning large lawns and landscapes has become an area of interest and hobby for people with beautiful homes. To maintain an elegant and standard outlook of your garden, it is essential to engage in mowing. Zero Turn Mowers are excellent mower models in the market from $3000 to high end $5000 mowers made for large areas. They have a high degree of precision and stability which glides over your grass bed smoothly and gives you a neat lawn finish.

Large green spaces become hotbeds of unpleasant environments, wild plant growths, and extensive grass shoots which take your time, effort, and expense of maintenance for 60-inch Zero Turn Mowers make 5-acre grass property mowing a walk in the park. This article introduces you to the best 60-inch zero-turn mowers for your gorgeous gardens and laudable lawns.

Need Of Best 60 inches Zero Turn Mower

Ummm…Let me guess! Do you own a huge garden or lawn area around your property, and you find mowing absolutely stressful? That’s exactly the reason you need a well-structured and operational 60-inch zero-turn mower. Small mowers have confined decks suitable for compact lawns.

Expecting small deck mowers to work on your 5 acres lawn will be waiting for the sun to rise west. It will waste your time and energy. Large Greenland needs broad, 60-inch mowing decks to cover and cut the maximum grass area at once. It gets your work done time efficiently.

60-inch commercial lawn mowers add a luxurious touch to your landscape without spending exorbitantly on external lawn services. Let’s move forward to the detailed profile of the 5 best 60-inch zero-turn mowers. elaborate

Comparison Of Our Top Picks

1. Husqvarna MZ61 61 Zero Turn Mower
2. 915273 Ikon XD Zero Turn Mower
3. 991163 Apex Zero Turn Mower
Product Title
Product Title
1. Husqvarna MZ61 61 Zero Turn Mower
2. 915273 Ikon XD Zero Turn Mower
3. 991163 Apex Zero Turn Mower
Cutting Width
Cutting Width
61 Inches
60 Inches
60 Inches
Power Source
Power Source
Gas Powered
Gas Powered
Gas Powered
27 HP Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic
23 HP Kawasaki
24 HP Kawasaki
Item Weight
Item Weight
770 Pounds
847 Pounds
1053 Pounds
Operation Mode
Operation Mode
4 Years
3 Years
3 Years

Best 60-inch Zero Turn Mower

The market is flooded with innumerable mower brands and models. We wish you to get the best of both worlds- price and features. Below we have narrowed down the best 60-inch zero-turn mowers that are energy-efficient, time friendly, and reasonable. Get. Set. Go.

1. Husqvarna MZ61 61 Zero Turn Mower

  • Fast 8mph cutting speed  
  • Robust 11-gauge steel construction deck
  • Low maintenance with easily changeable filters.
  • 3 in 1 mulching, bagging and discharge of clippings.
  • Users report engine often needs to choke support for starting
  • Lack of deck wash port

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This model stands out like a dog star with its superb maneuverability and steering capability. Husqvarna makes some top-quality 60-inch commercial zero-turn mowers. It is widely sued for professional mowing of scenic gardens and lawns.

It possesses a highly ergonomic design and control. Weighing 770 pounds, this zero-turn mower has a broad 61-inch clear-cutting deck for mowing large grass areas like 2 acres and more in a jiff. The cutting deck is forged with 11-gauge steel for excellent strength and durability.

The mower is empowered by a 24 Hp Briggs & Stratton engine which ensures quick and reliable ignition. The elevated seats are comfortably designed with a vinyl composition, cushioned back, sponge armrests, and anti-vibration condensers.

Work for hours without fatigue. It is at a perfect reach from the deck to give an easy handle and reach to the user. Additionally, it has a 9-bushel triple-bag collection system that allows three disposal options for grass residue.

I loved the ease of maneuvering the zero-turn mower across my lawn even in tricky areas. All thanks to the hydraulic wheel drive. It’s so impressive that the mower rotates on its own axis with a 0-degree turn radius.

I was spellbound by its cutting speed. This mower can wipe out 4 acres of grass within just an hour. The fuel tank has a 5.5-gallon capacity which lasts till the second mowing session.

9.7out of 10

Light weight9.7
Easy to assemble9.7
Value for Money9.5
Cutting Width 61 Inches
Style Automotive
Power 27 HP
Dimensions76″D x 75.5″W x 42″H

2. 915273 Ikon XD Zero Turn Mower

  • Unique transmission and drive quality
  • Developed torque and sufficient load capacity
  • Marathon speed which saves time and effort
  • Smooth and Automatic operation
  • Ergonomic maneuvering
  • Slippery belt
  • Engine could be more powerful for a 60-inch cutting deck.

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This model fulfills two prominent features expected in a 60-inch zero-turn mower- speed and maneuverability. Therefore, this zero-turn mower promises enhanced productivity and flawless results.

The lawn mower operates on zero turn radius and a strong 23 HP Kawasaki engine. Therefore one can only imagine the convenience and stability while operating this lawn mower.

I liked the heavy-duty steel deck and tubular frame of the mower which reflect strength and sturdiness. The rapid response and quick control are enhanced by the higher torque and load capacity of the professional transmission.

I had a minimum role in setting up this mower, everything is so automatic and modern. Driving this mower was a laid back fun ride for me with its sleek yet velvety seat.

It surpassed the performance of usual mowers by leaps and bounds, especially in the time factor. Your lawn displays standard and class in less than two hours of mowing with the superfast cutting speed of this 60-inch zero-turn mower.

9out of 10

Light weight8
Easy to assemble9.5
Value for Money9.2
Cutting Width 60 Inches
Style Automotive
Power 23 HP
Dimensions80″D x 62.13″W x 35″H

3. 991163 Apex Zero Turn Mower

  • Long lasting, V twin 24 hp Kawasaki engine
  • Stabilized operation and flexible maneuvering
  • Long-term investment
  • High-performing 60-inch deck
  • fabricated 10 gauge alloy steel frame and robust aluminium spindles
  • extended warranty period.
  • bulky (weighs 1053 pounds)

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Here comes the unbeatable 60-inch zero-turn mower with its award-winning strength and stability. This mower owns the highest level of robustness you will find in the market.

The reason is its material composition. This magnificent 60-inch zero-turn mower is made from an amalgamation of staunch steel and aluminum that give superior durability and resilience.

You can easily cut large grass patches with its 60-inch cutting deck and complete your work in less time. With unbelievable speed and a 24 HP Kawasaki engine, You can mow on the go with this zero-turn mower.

The automatic operational mode demands the least manpower. The elevated seat with foam armrests and back support provides enjoyment equivalent to driving a car. It also has a self-adapting belt drive for a perfect fit.

The best part about this zero-turn mower is that it is backed by a warranty. It has a 3 Year Consumer warranty, 1 Year Commercial Engine warranty, and 5 Year Deck Shell and Frame warranty, giving you a sense of security. In my opinion. This best 60-inch zero-turn mower is truly a one-time investment for unlimited use.

9out of 10

Light weight8.5
Easy to assemble9.3
Value for Money9.1
Cutting Width 60 Inches
Style Automotive
Power 24 HP
Dimensions88″D x 69″W x 51.13″H

4. Husqvarna MZ61 24 HP Zero Turn Mower

  • Presence of inbuilt safety measure
  • Durable and robust 61-inch alloy steel cutting deck
  • Anti-vibration operational system
  • Premium quality seat for uncompromised comfort and minimum fatigue
  • Quick engine start-up and fast mowing speed
  • Ergonomic design
  • Uniform and pleasant cut  
  • Improper steering placement

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This brand never fails to surprise me with its extraordinary features and performance level. Husqvarna MZ61 zero turn mower has a powerful 24 HP Kawasaki hydrostatic engine that works efficiently without wear and tear and gets your job done and dusted sooner than traditional mowers.

Its strength lies in the sturdy steel alloy construction. The cutting deck provides easy control and operation with a highly ergonomic design for driver convenience. The deck lifting system also allows to adjustment of mower keys from the seat itself.

The one distinct features that make this zero-turn mower rule over other models is additional safety. This 60-inch zero-turn mower is equipped with a Rollover protection system(ROPS) which ensures the safety of the machine and the operator from disbalance and uneven slopes.

The remarkable comfort raises the bar higher for the best zero-turn mowers. I felt utmost coziness in its lifted deluxe chairs with plush armrests, foam hand grips, and relaxed back arch.

That’s not all, it also reduces mower vibration and ensures peaceful functioning. I had fun mowing my grass as it was so comfy and quick. I reckon this is the best 60-inch mower to give your lawn a professional finish and a wonderful appearance. I can place a bet on its undeterred quality and sustainability for years.

9.4out of 10

Light weight9.4
Easy to assemble9.4
Value for Money9.6
Cutting Width 60 Inches
Style Manual
Power 24 HP
Dimensions48″D x 48″W x 48″H

5. Ariens Zenith 60 Zero turn mower

  • 23.5 Kawasaki V twin engine gives Powerful service
  • Suitable for beginner level
  • Easy maneuvering with hydro gear transmission
  • Luxurious feel seats
  • For a 5-acre land, the engine must be above 24 hp.

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This is the most beginner friendly 60 inches zero-turn mower for first-time users. If you are new to the mowing club, this mower is by your side with its flexible control and operation. The twin oil filters provide convenient maintenance of the mower.

The mower features a gas-powered, 23.5 HP Kawasaki engine that performs strongly and gives perfect results with every cut. For your advantage, this mower is empowered by the hydro-gear ZT-3100 transmission that simplifies engine start-ups and allows quick function over long grass lawns.

The efficiency will blow your mind and keep you going even after long hours of use. Along with this, There are 3 cutting positions to choose from while mowing.

The seat is adjustable according to user comfort with high back seats and foam-made armrests, so your hands remain at rest and the entire mowing goes on with relaxation. Personally, for me, this 60-inch zero-turn mower displays splendid functions and extraordinary results.

9.2out of 10

Light weight10
Easy to assemble9.2
Value for Money8.7
Cutting Width 60 Inches
Style Automotive
Power 23.5 HP
Dimensions81″L x 75″W x 49″H

Buyer’s Guide For Best 60 Inches Commercial Zero Turn Mower

Buyer's Guide For Best 60 Inches Commercial Zero Turn Mower

Given the features and area coverage, 60-inch zero-turn mowers come a tad more expensive than normal-capacity mowers. So, you need to take a wise decision for a one-time investment.

Confirm the quality of the model based on the price. Your conscience must feel value for money while evaluating the features of a 60-inch zero-turn mower. Make the best judgment based on the substantial presence of these vital features and characteristics in your zero-turn mower.

1. Engine and Power

Engine and Power are the primary elements in a mower. It decides the efficiency and performance of the mower in long term. A 60-inch zero-turn mower essentially features 24 Hp or higher engine strength for proper functioning.

Anything less can hinder the mower’s actions. Power is produced by the engine itself. You get one-shot results with a powerful system. Powerful mowers finish the work within 2 hours maximum and save your time from going back and forth frequently on the same grass area.

2. Deck Size

Both deck size and lawn area should sync and match for maximum coverage and even grass cutting. The deck size should always be wide. Before purchasing, measure your lawn dimensions and determine it in sq feet. This will give you an idea of the deck size you require for mowing your lawn in less time.

The 60-inch decks work best in lawns starting from 5 acres area. Deck size directly impacts the time taken in mowing. A larger deck size will have more cutting blades for rapid functioning. It will increase the productivity of the mower and give you precise landscape outcomes.

3. Fuel Capacity

Is it favorable to get down your seat in intervals for refilling the fuel tank? Sounds hectic right? To relieve yourself from this burden, go for high-fuel capacity mowers.

Roughly speaking, a 60-inch zero-turn mower will burn 3 gallons of fuel on average while mowing a 5-acre land. This capacity will go higher as the lawn area increases. Hence, only choose mowers with at least 4 gallons of fuel tank capacity so that the fuel does not exhaust in the middle of mowing and lasts for the entire sitting.

4. Comfort

After investing lumpsum money, you should prioritize the comfort level of the mower driver seat. As an operator, you must feel relaxed and placed in your seat without anybody discomfort. Examine the seat built of the mower. High-back seats with cushioned backrests are best to minimize the impact on the spine.

You must also check for padded armrests to give your hands rest and place them on a spongy surface while operating the mower. Lastly, the mower must be able to cancel out vibrations. For this, it should be fitted with vibration dampeners that pacify the vibrations so you don’t feel shaky as you move around the lawn.

5. Warranty

You have already paid a hefty price tag on purchasing an ideal 60-inch zero-turn mower. No one would wish to spend a single penny on its repairs again. That’s when Warranty comes to the rescue. It covers your cost of repairs for a fixed period of time. The mower and various main parts of the mower like the engine, and blades, are prone to breakdowns and practical damage.

The warranty period on the entire mower or some elements of the mower bears the servicing expenses. Therefore, make sure your mower has a considerable warranty period of at least 3- 5 years. Most mowers develop faults within this time and might require replacement.


Long story short, these were the 5 best 60-inch zero-turn mowers in today’s market. Each one of them is a beast with the ability to manicure and groom your lawn beautifully. Remember you get what you pay for. If you settle for low-cost manufacturers, you will receive features accordingly.

These mowers demand price but offer diverse functions and remain intact for a long time. One of these best 60-inch zero-turn mowers is a perfect match for your lawn. Just consider the decisive factors while purchasing and you will be able to make a wise decision. I assure you to end up with praiseworthy gardens as you start using these 60-inch mowers. All the best to you dear gardener.

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