Ariens Apex 52 Review – Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Ariens Apex 52 Review

A mower or a tractor is important if you own a piece of land with grasses of any degree. Naturally, none of us are in a rush to change our yards into the next Gardens of Versailles. But neither are we aiming for a mini Amazon forest. Few things can look as undesirable as an ignored and neglected yard, whether the yeard is placed in the front or the back.

A great lawnmower will successfully take care of the unprecedented growth of wild grass. A piece of costly equipment does not qualify it as a well-performing lawnmower. There are different types, sizes and designs to match every preference and wallet. In this evaluation of lawnmowers, we have a look at one of the z-turn mowers.

Zero-turn mowers have come a long way ever since the very first design called the Ride King was presented in 1949. Popularly referred to as z-turn mowers, these models are much faster than other kinds of riding lawnmowers.

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Ariens Apex 52 Review

Ariens Apex 52 Features
Weight635 Pounds
Consumer Warranty3 Years
Commercial Warranty90 Days
Product Length77.5 Inches
Product Width56.0 up/63.5 down Inches
Product Height41.0 Inches


  1. The Ariens 915223 IKON-X is a terrific lawn mower that features a competitive price.
  2. It is developed hard and is outstanding in cutting the lawn.
  3. The mower’s Kawasaki engine offers a lot of power for cutting acres of yard.
  4. Geared up with an excellent engine, the lawnmower has high torque even when performing at lower speeds.
  5. This 52 ″ Zero Turn Mower has great handling and is easy to drive.
  6. Its deck protrudes more on one side which enables you to cut yard on curb edges.


  1. The lawnmower does not have headlights.
  2. Due to the Ariens 915223 IKON-X’s brief wheelbase, the lawnmower may wheelie when climbing a minor hill with a heavy trailer load.
  3. A few purchasers pointed out that the springs under the seat can cause riding to be a little rough.

The Ariens Apex series has become associated with convenience and sturdiness. So what made its Apex 52 design my go-to lawn mower? Let’s learn!

1. Ariens Apex 52 Design 

Ariens Apex 52 Specifications

What interested me the most was its husky build which renders the touch and feel of an industrial-grade lawnmower. The tubular steel frame makes it exceptionally long-lasting to stand up to regular wear and tear. Very suitable for mowing larger lawns in my opinion. Compare it with my top picks for 2 acre lawn mowers to get a better idea.

Moreover, its 52-inch welded steel deck made from 10 gauge steel is at par with the commercial-grade makers out there. Even though I got this for domestic use, I feel absolutely nothing short of a professional machine whenever I hop on it!

2. Power

This giant is powered by a strong Kawasaki 726 cc FR series engine. Its twin-cylinder style is meant for better torque, while the liners guarantee longer service life.

The Apex 52 is not cheap, so rather naturally, among my main needs from this system was optimum fuel efficiency. Thankfully, the internally vented carburetor works simply fine for the purpose.

Furthermore, its automatic compression release starts up the engine with no fuss, particularly in colder temperature levels. Let’s face it; the last thing you desire on a cold day is your lawnmower refusing to work!

3. Easy To Use

Ariens Apex 52 - Easy To Use

” Man, this is complicated,” is this what you’re thinking to yourself after checking out the information above? Then hold your ideas, my pal! Now that I’ve belonged to the yard care industry for some time, I frequently get my hands on the more complex mowers. But while using one in your home, I didn’t want it to be complicated and hard work when taking care of my yard.

The most important thing that I must be talking about is its foot-operated deck system. I may not have the leanest legs but be assured that you can run the deck with minimum pressure on your muscles. Plus, there’s a vertical pin choice panel right beside the seat that enables me to decide on the preferred height.

On that note, it’s great to mention that the deck assists in 15 cutting positions. I enjoy the third month of using this lawnmower, and I have not even checked out half the alternatives.

Finally, the quadruple of rugged tires enables smooth maneuverability, so that I can cover a higher location in one go.

4. Additional Accessories

The Ikon-X 52 ″ has provisions for additional equipments which can be purchased on Amazon. These consist of accessories parts such as bagger and mulching package, to name a few.

A. Ikon X-52″ Mulch Kit

The mulch kit includes baffle, blades, and mulch plate hardware. It transforms the conventional 52 inches discharge deck into mulch. When you initially receive the package, a minor assembly is required; however, it is not complicated. Usually, the direction brochure accompanying the package describes everything. Mulching is necessary as the cut blades of the turf can return to the soil to provide nutrients. It is available on Amazon at a very reasonable cost.

B. Kawasaki Oil Filter for the Engine

The oil that has been used multiple times can lead to engine heating, more friction, louder sounds and vulnerable to accelerated wear and tear. This oil filter for Kawasaki mower engines traps all the dirt and free-floating debris in the oil. It ensures that the oil remains cleaner for longer and allows your maker to run smoothly without overheating.

The installation process is simple. It is rapidly executed with a filter wrench. The guidelines come prepared with the filter when you buy it. It is best to alter the filter whenever you change the oil in the engine of the mower.

C. Hitch Kit

The Ikon-X 52 ″ drawback kit is the perfect attachment for towing the machine. It measures 6.9 x 6.5 x 6.2 inches and weighs 2.38 pounds. Setup is uncomplicated and is particularly simple if you have a cog to help in the setup procedure.

D. LED Light Kit

Areins Apex 52 - LED lights

This LED light attachment comes in useful when you need to mow at low lighting conditions or night. The effective light comes on as you turn on the ignition. Setup is simple, and the lighting fixture mounts on the front of the lawnmower.

The dimensions of the LED fixture are 12 x 7 x 6 inches. It arrives with an assortment of wires, 6-LED light, light package harness, headlight installing bracket, 3a mini ATC fuse, screws and other necessary hardware. It weighs a total of 2.35 lbs.

E. Bagger

A bagger or a grass catcher is a practical accessory for a lawnmower. It gets rid of the requirement for backbreaking tidying up after the grass is cut and mowed.

This specific set for Ikon-X 52 ″ includes 2 containers which can hold up to six bushels. It is made from steel-frame for stability along with resilience. The bags are made of dark-colored fabric. The installation of the bagger is easy, and it can be carried out in a matter of a few minutes. The directions leaflet that accompanies the set likewise is available in very practical in case of any doubts.

The package includes the installing hardware, twin bagging system, and the front weight package. It has a measurement of 50 x 36 x 30 inches and weighs 150 pounds. The bagger kit is likewise suitable with all the X and XL designs of the Ikon lawnmowers, except the XL-60 ″.

F. Poly Roller

The 36″ poly roller with a capacity of 400 pounds keeps the yard smooth. It also keeps the lawn loaded down if it has been newly seeded. It is made from Polyethylene that makes it resistant to dirt and dust. It also has large openings for easy refilling. It can be towed in the back and installation is uncomplicated.

Top Ariens Apex 52 Lawn Mower Competitor

Husqvarna Z254 Zero Turn Mower

Weight600 Pounds
Cutting Width54 Inches
Cutting Height1.1/2 – 4 Inches
Discharge Location3-in-1 (Discharge/Bag/Mulch)
EngineKohler 26HP Engine
Product Length72 Inches
Product Width61.49 Inches
Product Height34.5 Inches
Consumer Warranty3 Years


With further developments added to the mower, you do not need to hire somebody to maintain your lawns. Getting someone to lawn your lawns is an option; however, it can be costly. Why waste your money needlessly when you can get a lawnmower and do it yourself. Long gone are the makers and the days which need punishing hours in the sun. Modern engines are efficient and easy to utilize.

An evaluation of mower or any kind, for that matter, can be subjective. So we will not press you to purchase this z-turn lawnmower. But we invite you to read other reviews on this website and decide on your own. However, we are positive that you will agree with us.

After all, having a well-manicured yard not just includes an aesthetic interest in your home or residential or commercial property. It is a reflection of the owners who live in them. And the Ikon X-52″ delivers a business-grade result at literally half the cost.

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  1. I’m interested in purchasing the Ariens Apex 24 hp 60 inch. Is there a hook up for a pull behind rototiller.

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