8 Bad Boy Maverick Problems & Fixes

bad boy maverick problems

In this bad bow lawn mower problems article, we look at some common problems with Bad Boy lawn mowers and how to fix them. If you have ever used a Bad Boy lawn mower, you must have noticed its difference from other lawn mowers. Over the years, the Bad Boy brand has produced some of the best heavy-duty lawn mowers on the market.

They deliver the best cuts, have powerful engines, and guarantee long-lasting performance. If you’ve owned a BadBoy lawn mower for any period, there’s no doubt that the mower deck, starter, and lever are the most common failure points. However, like any other lawn mower, Bad Boy lawn mowers have common failures that often start with the starter, mower, and drive. Most of these problems are caused by wear and tear, lack of maintenance, and sometimes misuse.

What are common Bad Boy Maveruck Mower Problems?

The most common bad boy maverick problem many gardeners face is Electric Deck lift Issues, Transaxle and Hydraulic Problems, Spindle issues, battery, and uneven cut problem.

Bad Boy Mowers Problems 

Most of the problems you will encounter come from wear and tear, misuse, and lack of regular maintenance. Therefore, if you want your Bad Boy lawn mower’s powerful engine to continue to get the best cuts and long-lasting performance, fix these problems and perform proper maintenance.

1. Electric Deck lift Issues With a Bad Boy Mower 

Deck lift problems

You can have problems with your Bad Boy lawn mower when the actuator does not lower or raise the mower floor properly. This problem can be caused by the breaker shaft not threading in and out, even when the actuator is rotating. The screw sleeve can also be too rusty. 

To troubleshoot the power bridge, remove the actuator and check that its housing is damp and properly sealed. If the case is sealed, stick a gasket and check if it starts working again. If the problem is rust in the screw sleeve, clean it immediately and grease it. At this point, your lawn mower floor should begin to raise and lower properly.

Deck Vibrating

 After mowing for hundreds of hours, your Bad Boy lawn mower may start to vibrate when you start or run. Vibration may be due to the lack of screws on the lock collar and pulley. Another cause is key wear. To resolve this issue, check the back of the pulley and tighten the belt adjustment. You can also inspect and replace missing screws, spindles, and bearings. If all of that doesn’t work, check your lawn mower blades and ensure they’re level, especially if you’ve installed new blades under the machine’s floor.

Deck Shaking

The deck of a Bad Boy mower is usually sealed, but after a few hundred hours of use, you may need to inspect the deck and perform blade maintenance. A shaky or vibrating deck is a typical problem that can be caused by locked collars or missing screws on the pulley. A worn-out spindle key might cause the deck to shake and vibrate when you start and operate your mower.

Replace any missing screws on the spindle, bearings, and pulleys to solve these problems. The belt adjustment can also be tightened behind the driving pulley. If the problem persists, ensure the blades are balanced, especially if they were just fitted. If the problem persists, you may need to have your Bad Boy mower inspected by a professional technician.

2. Bad Boy Mower Transaxle and Hydraulic Problems 

The transaxle is one of the most important parts of a lawn mower. It transfers power from the Bad Boy lawn mower’s engine to the wheels. In case of malfunction, the lawn mower will not move properly. Many lower-end Bad Boy lawn mowers have switches that are NOT USER USED. 

The suspension mechanism on Bad Boy mowers is excellent, ensuring a smooth ride while keeping the mower deck stable even while mowing on difficult terrain. You also receive an unrivaled, smoother, and cleaner cut. Transaxle and hydraulic issues, on the other hand, might make your ride bumpy and cause poor grass cut quality. Most turfgrasses, such as Bermuda grass, are sensitive and require a clean-cut quality and mowing height.

The following are common transaxle issues:

  • Hydraulic fluid leakage
  • A faulty charging pump

The best option for leaking fluid is to get a new seal kit and install it. The hydro system might be defective, so you should have a mechanic look at it and remedy any issues.

3. Bad Boy Mower Spindle Problems 

bad boy mower spindle problems

Spindles are an important component of the cutting deck, where the blades are placed. When your Bad Boy mower’s spindles fail, the blades spin unevenly, resulting in inconsistent cuts. Spindles ensure that the blades spin properly; therefore, when they fail, they result in uneven blade spinning, which results in uneven cuts. To identify a faulty spindle, look for the following signs:

  • Squealing Sound: If the mower makes squealing noises while going, the spindle bearings are likely worn out, or the entire component is destroyed.
  • Slow Heating: a spindle preload can cause the spindle to heat up after more than 30 minutes of usage.
  • Low Vibration Sounds: worn-out spindle bearings might make a low buzzing sound.
  • Bent or Damaged Spindles: If your Bad Boy lawn mower spindle is bent or damaged, it must be replaced to prevent uneven blade spinning.

4. Bad Boy Mower Won’t Start

Sometimes your Bad Boy lawn mower won’t start; several reasons can cause this problem. These include fuel pump problems, poor connections, blockages in the air filter, and damaged or dead batteries. In addition, the lawn mower may not start or move due to poor spark plugs, old fuel, or dirty carburetors.

To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

  • Faulty Wiring: Double-check that all visible wires are correctly connected.
  • Battery: Check the battery to ensure it’s properly connected and not charging slowly.
  • Fuel tank: Check the gasoline tank for water and ensure the mower isn’t operating on a month’s worth of fuel.
  • Air Filter Is Dirty or Clogged: Check whether the air filter is dirty or clogged.
  • Spark plug: Check the spark plug’s condition and ensure the wire is properly attached.
  • Starting Procedures: Make sure you know how to start the mower properly. If you don’t follow the appropriate steps, your Bad Boy lawn mower may not start.
  • Fuel Injection: Check the gasoline injection to ensure the engine gets the fuel it needs.
  • Dry Fuel Pump: Self-propelled or gas-powered mowers that use a dry fuel pump are vulnerable to this problem. If your lawnmower’s fuel pump is dry, it may become inert or seize.

5. Bad Boy Mower Pulls to One Side 

The issue of alignment is another common problem with your Bad Boy Mower. As you mow your lawn, the tractor or zero turn mower pulls to one side and quickly gets off the mowing track this is one of the dangers of riding a zero turn mowerThis is a steering problem when the mower deviates from the mowing line and heads in the other direction, depending on which way you want it to go. While there are many alternative reasons for the problem, the following are the most common ones you should look into:

  • Some tires are better for lawn mowers than others when it comes to gripping the road.
  • On one side is a malfunctioning dampener (shock absorber).
  • Problems with steering and handling (poor adjustment)

This steering problem has happened frequently on the Bad Boy ZT with a 50″ deck where the mower is, but the good news is that you can quickly diagnose your zero-turn mower and, in many cases, correct the problem. If one of your Bad Boy tractor wheels is underinflated, it will drag to one side. Check tire pressure on all four wheels to ensure they are at the required PSI. This ought should resolve the issue.

6. Bad Boy Mower Battery Problem 

bad boy mower battery problem

It can be incredibly inconvenient when your Bad Boy mower is in the middle of a task. While there are various reasons why your mower may stop working, the first thing you should check is the battery. Why is your battery dying so quickly? It’s possible that you left the mower components “on.”

Even after your mower’s engine is turned off, the battery continues to power some components. When you turn off the ignition but don’t turn off these components, the battery will continue to power them. To save battery life, make sure to turn off all of your mower’s components.

A faulty battery connection causes it to work twice as hard, resulting in faster battery drain. Corrosion reveals a loose connection between the battery’s poles. It’s also possible that gases from the battery are leaking out and causing damage to the metal terminals. The electrical system of your Bad Boy mower charges the battery (voltage regulator and alternator). If your mower’s electrical system is failing, you may need to replace it. The next time you use your Bad Boy mower, this may help to restore battery power.

7. Bad Boy Mower Uneven Cut Problem 

Cutting patterns that are uneven result in poor cut quality. To fix the problem, look for these on your mower:

  • Tire Pressure: The air pressure in the tires. Ensure that the tire pressure is consistent from side to side. Uneven cuts will occur from varying tire pressures. Different air pressures can also impact the mower’s traction in wet or dusty situations.
  • Loose Blades: Reinstall the blades and double-check that they are securely fastened.
  • Throttle:  Examine your mower’s throttle. Cuts will be even if you use full power.
  • Underneath the deck: Check the underside of the deck for garbage and grass growth.
  • Keep an eye on your speed: Set your mower at the appropriate speed. If you mow too quickly, you’ll almost certainly miss some grass stems. You might also want to switch up your mowing pattern occasionally.

8. Bad Boy Mower Gas Leak Problem 

It’s not difficult to tell whether you have a gas leak unless you smell gas or see a burned grass trail coming from your storage shed. Even so, locating the gas leak is difficult since fuel evaporation may have already occurred when you check the mower, leaving no traces.

A defective fuel tank and shut-off valve, an old or poor fuel filter, fractured fuel lines, and a gas gap that doesn’t seal are potential sources of gas leakage. The problem is fixed by replacing these parts. Furthermore, a clogged carburetor might result in component failure and gas leakage. Your Bad Boy lawn mower’s carburetor will need to be cleaned, for that you have to locate the carburetor and then if any broken parts are found will need to be replaced.


To summarize, bad boy maverick issues should not be overlooked. They may eventually destroy the mower. If you don’t want to fix anything, it’s best to trust an expert. It’s not difficult to spot and fix problems with bad boy maverick mowers. If you have a little technical knowledge and the correct equipment, you can troubleshoot many bad boy mower issues. You don’t have to hire a professional lawn mower mechanic all of the time.

It can be costly to hire a skilled mechanic. It’s also possible that you won’t be able to use your mower while it’s being repaired. A skilled mechanic is always recommended if you’re unsure whether or not you can handle any of the bad boy mower’s issues. Some issues, such as replacing blades, filters, and the entire transaxle, as well as repairing a leaking hydraulic fluid, are best left to the pros.

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