Best 2 Stage Snow Blowers Under $1000

Best 2 Stage Snow Blowers Under $1000

Winter is mostly a fun time. Keyword being “mostly”. With the Christmas season comes not just jingle bells and Santa Claus, but also snow. White layers upon layers of snow fall into every crook and corner of your house, window, car, bike, and worst of all, the driveway. Nightmare, honestly.

So when you wake up in the morning, after snuggling with your blankets, and look outside to see the snow cover every inch of visible surface, you know you’ve got work to do. And when the snow cover exceeds 30 inches and a total depth of 16 inches, the stage one snowblower just won’t cut it anymore. It’s time to switch to 2-stage snow blowers.

And there exist plenty of these spreaders on the market. But not all of them last or provide efficient use. 

We’ve scoured the market and several Amazon pages to pick out the best 2-stage snow blowers under $1000.

5 Best 2 stage Snow Blower under $1000

SizeThrow DistanceNo of SpeedsPrice
1. PowerSmart 2 Stage Snow Blower24 Inch40 Feet6Check Price
2. WEN Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower24 Inch30 Feet4Check Price
3. PowerSmart Gas Snow Blower26 Inch40 Feet6Check Price
4. Champion 2-Stage Snow Blower24 Inch43 Feet6Check Price
5. Briggs & Stratton 2-Stage Snow blower24 Inch40 Feet6Check Price

1. PowerSmart 24 Inch 2 Stage Snow Blower

One of the best budget snow blowers that you could invest in for your household is the PowerSmart 2-Stage snowblower. Though the features offered are basic, they are durable and good at what they do.

With a 212cc motor that is larger than normal, this snowblower doesn’t offer much in terms of power. However, it assures a sixteen-inch depth clearing, that mostly suffices. Considering that you need a snowblower for just a couple of months of the entire year, this PowerSmart snowblower is indeed a smart choice. Excuse the pun, hard to resist.

This is a self-propelled machine, that gives you control over several speeds in terms of its motion. This snow blower has six forward speeds and two reverse speeds offered to its users.

Owning large 13-inch pneumatic tires, the snowblower provides incredible great traction and easy rolling. The machine has a manual start, making the users miss the electric start option. There exist certain problems with gravel throwing. This snowblower is provided with a 2-year warranty as insurance ensuring that the customers can seek solutions in case anything goes wrong with this snowblower in the near future.

  • Powerful Gas Engine: 212cc PowerSmart engine delivers powerful snow-clearing action.
  • 2 Stage Snow Blower: strong all-steel auger cuts through tough snow.
  • Self-propelled System: 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds.


  • 212cc motor
  • 2-year warranty
  • 4 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds
  • Large 13” inflatable tires for easy rolling on snow


  • Manual start
  • Picks up and throw gravel and debris

2. WEN SB24 24-Inch 212cc Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower

Available in an eye-catching orange color, the WEN SB24 is an amazing snowblower that is good at what it does. A famous brand that is loved and respected for its range of power tools, the WEN products include snowblowers, drill machines, and related devices or machinery.

This orange beauty comes with a 212 cc engine, allowing it to power through the thick cover of snow. The strength of the engine allows this machine to clear up to 1800 pounds of snow every minute. Isn’t that wonderful?

This snowblower is capable of clearing 24-inch by 21-inch area of snow cover everytime the snowblower is used. Due to the presence of the self-propelled drive wheels, the snowblower doesn’t cause any trouble while moving over a snow patch.

This snowblower has 13-inch tubeless tires that make the transportation process of the snowblower easy. The construction of this snowblower includes steel, making the device extra durable and long-lasting. The manufacturers of this device allow a two-year warranty on the WEN SB24.

  • 212cc engine
  • Adjustable 190-degree chute 
  • 4 forward and 2 reverse speed settings
  • Push-button electric start


  • Powerful Engine
  • Electric button start
  • Adjustable chute
  • Rugged snow tires
  • Accessible handle


  • Can be difficult to work

3. PowerSmart 26 Inch 2 Stage Gas Powered Snow Blower

The second PowerSmart snowblower to be featured in this list, this snowblower is an upgrade from its little cousin, the PowerSmart 24-inch 2-stage gas-powered snowblower.

This gas engine is an elevated mechanism that is fitted with a Briggs & Stratton 250CC engine. This engine is 4-cycle enabled that provides heavy-duty snow clearing to its users. The feature allowing the snowblower to be started via a push-button is highly coveted. It has a corded electric starter, that could be started by merely pulling it.

With an excellent anti-clogging system, this snow blower has a powerful auger that is capable of cutting through hard snow. It also implements diversion, shifting the snow from the chute to avoid issues related to clogging.

Equipped with a platinum operating system that consists of heated handles, and a hundred and eighty-degree chute control, it is a masterpiece. This snowblower has LED lights allowing you to do your work even at night. With a self-propelled system that has 6 speeds forward and 2 speeds reverse.

  • 250CC, 4-cycle engine
  • LED headlight
  • 6 speeds forward and 2 speeds 


  • Heated handles
  • Hundred and eighty-degree chute control
  • Self-propelled system


  • Throw capacity

4. EGO Power+ SNT2102 21-Inch Snow blower

For my readers who are looking for a lightweight and easy-to-handle Snow blower, this 21-inch clearing width is just what you’ve been looking for.

EGO is a renowned brand profoundly known for delivering the power and performance of gas-powered snow blowers without noise, fuss, and fumes. Perhaps the most important aspect is that it comes with a kit that includes two (2) 5.0Ah batteries and a rapid charger.

This easily makes it one of the best snowblowers on a budget for me. The only disadvantage is that if you are cleaning 6-8 inches of snow per hour or 2 hours straight and covering a 1000 sq ft area, the battery may die after an hour or two.

  • Peak power technology combines 56-volt batteries with the power of two ego power batteries.
  • A powerful brushless motor
  • Clears 8″ of snow from a 10-car driveway with a clearing width of 21 inches.
  • 35-foot maximum snow-throwing range
  • Adjustable-speed setting
  • Fast-folding handle for little storage
  • Strong steel construction; battery-powered power source


  • The blower is lightweight and maneuverable.
  • The blower has headlights, which are helpful when blowing at night.
  • When using the blower to clean your driveway, you don’t have to worry about disturbing the neighbors because it is hushed.
  • Although you must keep the drive engaged to keep the motor going, moving the levers that regulate the snow’s pace and direction is relatively simple.


  • I had two additional 56-volt leaf blower batteries, and I required them to complete the task.
  • Snow will be thrown 35 feet, according to EGO. No way, the wind whips snow roughly 8 feet high.
  • Like with all EGO products, throwing snow effectively requires using the product at full power.

5. Snow Joe 22inch snow blower

The Snow Joe snow blower is one of the inexpensive models you might get for your home. Even though they have simple characteristics, they are reliable and effective. This is an autonomous device that allows you to choose from a variety of motion speeds.

Two reverse speeds and six forward speeds are available for this snow blower’s customers. Excellent traction and maneuverability are both features of the snowblower. The user’s inability to choose the electric start option is caused by the machine’s manual start.

What particularly jumps out to me is the fact that the snowblower is offered with a 2-year warranty as protection, ensuring that customers may look for solutions in the event that anything goes wrong with this snowblower in the future.

  • Perfect for removing snow from wide driveways and walkways
  • It is simple to start and maintain because it doesn’t require petrol, oil, or tune-ups.
  • Snow may be thrown 180 degrees using a hand-operated chute.
  • Wheels that are small for ease of movement
  • Two-year warranty 


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent battery life


  • Inferior quality control

A Guide to Buying the Best Inexpensive 2 Stage Snow Blowers 

What is a 2 Stage Snow Blower?

2 Stage Snow Blower

As the name suggests, the two-stage snow blower is quite different from its counterpart. These snow blowers are equipped with a transmission that is self-propelled with the ability to move forward or in the reverse direction.

These speeds propel the unit and assist the individual in getting rid of the snow. These snow blowers are also supplied with wheels that run on power. Fascinating!

These snow blowers are therefore easy to maneuver on the ground and make for easy working when you need to clean out the snow that refuses to vacate slopes and other large areas. Not cool. And owing to their advancement, these snow blowers are fitted with an array of cool and highly effective features that ensure that the user has an easy experience in clearing out the snow.

Single Stage Vs Two-Stage Snow Blowers

Single Stage Vs Two-Stage Snow Blowers

The job description of any snowblower typically consists of the augers being used to gather and throw the snow into a chute. However, the deciding factor that sets the first and the second-stage snow blowers are the presence of the impeller.

The impeller is tasked with spinning whilst the snowblower performs its functions, helping it to elevate the throw distance. This part of the snowblower is located right behind the auger.

While the auger is typically designed to not come in touch with the ground in all two-stage snow blowers, the single-stage snow blowers are not equipped the same.

To increase the power of the snow blower, the two-stage blowers come with a powerful engine. This is highly effective in allowing the wheels to traverse the  pavements with ramps or slopes.

And obviously, the inclusion of these features makes the 2-stage snow blower more expensive than its counterpart. They are also a tad bit more complex to maneuver.

What to Look for While Buying 2 Stage Snow Blowers 

What to Look for While Buying 2 Stage Snow Blowers 

1. Engine

The 2-stage snow blowers are usually fitted with two different engines, namely, the electric engine or the gas-powered ones. Owing to the type of engine, they might require different maintenance needs or fuel replacements. Both the engine types have their own sets of pros and cons, starting from the amount of noise.

Though the electric engines cause much less sound, the gas snow blowers offer a high-pressure amount. They also require a certain amount of force to get them warmed up and started. A four-cycle overhead valve engine is considered an ideal balance of power, ease of control, and offers a relatively quiet operation.

2. Speed Options

One of the best features of a two-stage snow blower is the number of speeding options provided to the customers. This includes at least a minimum of four forward speeds. And elevated versions of snowblowers might also include reverse speeds. Yippe!!!

The controlling of speeds in the snowblower helps in preventing the problems caused by the machine from getting clogged when exposed to heavy or wet substances. The machines come up with gears that go as high as six. Pick a machine that offers reverse gears as well, as it affects the performance of the machine greatly.

3. Type of Propeller 

The propeller refers to whether or not the snowblower that you are about to purchase has the ability to start on the spot, or you need to put in some elbow grease before they start moving. Self-propelling snowblowers start moving once the engine is switched on.

However, the alternative to self-propelled machines demands that the snowblower be pushed with enough force to get it up and running. Customers can choose between the two based on their preferences.

4. Working Width

Every snowblower is keyed in clear a set width of snow, this can be high or low, depending on the model of the machine that the individual chooses. Ideally, the 2-stage snowblowers are wired to clear about eighteen to twenty-two inches of snow paths without much difficulty. The size and the width of the auger determine the width of the clearing part.

It can be easily determined as to what width of the snowblower that a person must go with, based on the size of their driveway. The wider the driveway, the more the width needed to save time. The size of the auger to be purchased and the size of the driveway has a direct relationship. People can opt for a modest snowblower if the size of the driveway is less.

This has to be done carefully as choosing a wide snowblower for a narrow path or a narrow blade for a wider area can cause unnecessary problems.

5. Maneuverability

Maneuverability refers to the ability to move the snowblower as per the wishes and demands of the customer. Snowblowers are no puny machines, they are capable of cutting through hard ice. Therefore, it is necessary to select them carefully. They cannot be nudged through narrow spaces, however, they are capable of automatically propelling themselves to get rid of both ice and snow.

The customers are further given the option between choosing a wheel drive or a track drive snowblower model. A wheel drive mode, according to its name can be wheeled using the huge tires provided in them, which stands for providing good traction. The track-drive model refers to the snowblower model that is preferred if you need better traction than what is offered by the wheel drive model due to working it on rougher surfaces.

6. Cost and Warranty

Perhaps, the deciding factor in the purchase of a snowblower, the price plays an important role in helping the customer understand the features offered, quality, and brand name. The snowblowers featured on this list fall under 1000$ and offer at least a one-year warranty.

Customers are encouraged to choose snowblowers that come with a warranty period in order to exert confidence in their ability to perform. Since snowblowers are products that are not of a routine nature, it is advised to purchase one that assures performance and has a warranty to support the claim.


We’ve picked some of the best snow blowers available in the market. The pros, cons, features, and links to the same have been provided. We hope the buying guide helps you in deciding your purchase.

Invest in a good snowblower that is sure to last you a long time.

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