Best Broadcast Spreaders to Buy in 2023

Best Broadcast Spreaders to Buy in 2022

Owning a lawn is cool. Summer day, you’ve got your chair in the perfect spot, not too much sun, not too much shade, and you feel like a contended Goldilocks. But getting that green lawn, or any kind of lawn, requires a lot of work.

The behind-the-scene efforts needed are often ignored. However, devices exist that would make your life a whole lot easier. Alongside lawnmower, there are other tools such as broadcast spreader and drop spreaders that help make your lawn beautiful and green.

A broadcast seeder, alternately called a broadcaster, broadcast spreader, or centrifugal fertilizer spreader can be defined as a farm implement commonly used for spreading seed, lime, fertilizer, sand, ice melt, etc.

These machines are used to apply products evenly so that the entire yard can be treated, resulting in less product waste and less time and effort. And there exist plenty of these spreaders on the market. But not all of them last or provide efficient use.  

Fear not, as we’ve done the scouring work for you guys and picked some of the best lawn spreaders that are found on the market in 2023.

The 6 Best Broadcast Spreaders of 2023

CapacitySpreader TypeGearboxPrice
Earthway Even Spread 2170100 lbSide Spread ControlHigh Speed & EnclosedCheck Price
AMAZE 7520110,000 Sq.ftBroadcast & Rotary N/ACheck Price
Earthway Even Spread 215050 lbEven Spread Drop SystemEnclosedCheck Price
Brinly P20-500BHDF-A50 lbBroadcastEnclosed & Rust ResistantCheck Price
EarthWay 310040 lbEven Spread TechnologyEnclosed & Chrome PlatedCheck Price

1. Earthway Even Spread 2170 Commercial 100 LB Broadcast Spreader 

Earthway has been making garden-related machinery for a while now. It’s no surprise that their product is featured at the top of this list. With a three-hole drop shutoff system, the Earthway Even Spread offers precise and efficient applications of the required material to ensure that the product is spread as evenly as possible.

This device allows you to change the fit of the spreader to suit the narrower parts of the lawn without spilling or littering fertilizers or seeds in your driveway. Yes!!! 

This machine comes with a debris barrier that does not allow for any clumps to enter the machine. With a complete enclosed gearbox built with the best block technology, there is no fear of machine damage or repair even when it is wet or moist outdoors. Furthermore, the frame and the T-bar handle of the Earthway Even Spreader are coated in epoxy. This machine comprises a wide-set frame and pneumatic tires that make for an easy handle on the maneuver when on rough and uneven terrain.

The handle provided on this broadcast spreader is adjustable, which is hugely appreciated by tall people as it prevents the need to bend over constantly to reach other spreaders. The machine has a 3350-cubic-inch capacity for 100 pounds of material, allowing for longer work periods.


  • Simple, easy to use, and operate
  • Large, pneumatic tires make it easy to push up and down hills,
  • Heavy-duty steel frame and all-metal controls


  • Poor assembly instructions
  • Cushy handle grips can rip if you are not careful

2. AMAZE 75201 Broadcast Fertilizer Spreader 

One of the budding fertilizer spreaders in town, the AMAZE doesn’t fail to amaze its customers. Excuse the pun; it was hard to resist. With a completely black design, this broadcast spreader is as sleek and elegant as they come. With heavy-duty wheels that promise a long lifetime, this machine allows you to apply grass seed, fertilizer, and weed killer products in a manner that is both quick and accurate.

The AMAZE hopper can hold lawn care products such as fertilizers, seeds, medicine, water that can cover up to 10000 square feet of area. The Amaze! Broadcast Spreader is versatile and can be used along with a rotary spreader. The user has to avoid potential lawn damage by always pushing the Amaze! Broadcast Spreader forward when applying the product and release the trigger on turns and while stopping.


  • Design
  • Covers up to 10,000 sq. ft.
  • Accurate application


  • Fewer purchases

3. Earthway Even Spread 2150 Commercial 50 LB Broadcast Fertilizer Spreader

The Earthway 50-pound walk-behind broadcast spreader is a one-of-a-kind commercial-grade machine. This multi-use spreader is measured to be 15.75 by 14.5 by 23.63 inches. With a sturdy built that features heavy-duty plastic hopper handles yards measuring from 10,000 square feet up to an acre, the Earthway Even Spreader is a wonder to behold.

The two-position height adjustment handle and the T-speed lever provide excellent operator comfort and control for users of different heights in this broadcast spreader. The even-spread three-hole drop shutoff system can guarantee a consistent spread pattern, and a feathered spread edge ensures a smooth application.

The Earthway Even Spread machine frame is engineered with a 175-pound load-bearing limit that provides durability under rugged operating conditions such as uneven terrain. This machine contains 13-inch-diameter stud tires on rustproof, poly-constructed rims that provide long-term durability and smooth operation. The commercial-grade super-duty gearbox is built to last for years.

With a fairly easy assembly procedure, this spreader offers many incredible features, is tried and tested to last, and works easily.


  • Heavy-duty components
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Smooth operation


  • Expensive
  • Bulky, difficult to store
  • Does not include a rain cover

4. Brinly P20-500BHDF-A 50 lb Push Broadcast Spreader 

Brinly products are known for their lawn-friendly techniques and prices. This broadcast spreader is designed for medium-sized yards. One of the best and most famous Brinly products, the P20-500BHDF, has a Goldilocks kind of compatibility without being too big or too small. 

Eliminating the need for constant refills, a heavy-duty hopper can distribute crop, fertilizer, or ice-melting agents onto the lawn. It can contain about fifty pounds of materials; it allows for decent area coverage. The movement of the material is regulated by a deflector fitted in the machine and prevents it from getting into driveways, sidewalks, and other parts.

All that the user has to do is flip it up when not being used. The pneumatic tires provided in this device allow for simple calibration. This spreader has several innovative features, such as the powder-coated frame, a fully enclosed rust-resistant gearbox, an agitator, shaft, and stainless steel hardware.


  • Large pneumatic tires.
  • Sturdy hopper
  • Side deflector attachment


  • Wobbly wheels

5. EarthWay 3100 Professional 40 LB Portable Chest Mount Broadcast Spreader

Touted as the ideal broadcast spreader, this is the third EarhWay product featured on this list. So, they must be doing something right. With a capacity of 40 lbs, this spreader is large enough to store fertilizers pr seeds for a larger backyard, front yard, or lawn. It measures 14.2 x 20 x 23 inches and weighs a cool 9 pounds.

A bit on the heavier scale, this broadcast spreader is typically chosen by large lawn owners or for commercial purposes owing to its heavy-duty capability. With a remarkable rain cover, this broadcast spreader assures that no moisture would seem into undesired parts of the machine, causing damage.

This spreader does not let a little water deter it with a rustproof bodice. This is a wonderful factor to consider when you want to clean out the smell of manure or fertilizers. With the Dual Port Adjustable Shut-Off System, this machine helps to easily control how the fertilizers, seeds, or other materials are spread based on their weight and flight qualities. It comes along with a super-duty high-speed gearbox.


  • Rate calculation matrix
  • Can hold up to 40 lbs
  • Weather-resistant and rustproof
  • Heavy-duty high-speed gearbox
  • Rain cover for added protection


  • Straps do not fit everybody
  • Expensive

6. The Andersons Yard Star Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader

This broadcast spreader deserves the star in its title. This professional-grade broadcast spreader comes with a unique 3-hole drop shutoff system and adjustable drop rate design. With a heavy-duty design that ensures that the spreader lasts for several years without any issues, the Anderson’s Yard Star Spreader checks most of the requirements needed in a good quality broadcast spreader.

The design features a 50lb hopper capacity with a 175lb load-bearing capacity. Despite the size of the unit, it consists of good product application techniques and results. These are two high-end structures ideal for applying seed, salt, and fertilizer. The hopper and cover are well suited for regular and anytime use.

The adjustable drop rate ensures an even spread pattern and accurate application. It has a 50-lb hopper capacity. This spreader has 13-inch pneumatic tires and a wide-set frame. 


  • 50lb capacity offers rapid application of the product
  • The height-adjustable ergonomic handle is comfortable to use
  • Comes with pneumatic tires and a wide-set frame for even weight


  • Pneumatic tires require regular greasing.

A Guide to Buying the Best Broadcast Spreaders 

A Guide to Buying the Best Broadcast Spreaders 

What Is a Broadcast?

A broadcast spreader is defined as a farm implement used to spread products such as seeds, lime, fertilizer, sand, ice melt, etc., in a lawn. It is alternatively known as a broadcaster, broadcast spreader, broadcast seeder, or centrifugal fertilizer spreader (Europe) and is an alternative to drop spreaders/seeders. 

A broadcast spreader will broadcast seeds, granule formulation products, and fertilizer in large swaths. This product may be used by manually pushing or carrying behind a lawnmower or ATV. This is a piece of farm machinery that is popularly used to spread products uniformly across the field.

Pros and Cons of Using Broadcast Spreaders


  • Broadcast spreaders are quicker and require less precision.
  • They are capable of covering large areas in a short amount of time.
  • They can be easily adjusted in terms of the speed and distance of the product spreading.
  • It saves the amount of energy being used during the application.


  • The time required to clean the spreader might be time-consuming.
  • The user needs to move at an even steady pace to increase the accuracy of the application.

What to Look for in the Best Broadcast Spreaders

What to Look for in the Best Broadcast Spreaders

1. Rate Control 

A broadcast spreader has several different factors to consider before purchasing, such as the different settings available for these fertilizer spreader models. Choosing the best setting with the product’s pack is important. Performing a calibration test to know the correct distribution rate of a particular product is recommended when you cannot find its recommended setting.

2. Size of the Lawn 

One of the most important factors to consider while choosing the broadcast spreader is the lawn’s size. This deciding factor determines the type of spreader that the user has to obtain. A tow spreader is ideal when the area to be covered is huge, and the individual already owns a tractor or ATV. On the other side, a walk-behind broadcast spreader is best when you have a medium-sized lawn. Chest-mounted broadcast spreaders are fantastic for small lawns, but it is also worth considering using one in combination with a larger spreader.

3. Hopper Capacity

The hopper capacity refers to the amount of fertilizer or other products that the spreader can hold and dispense at any given point in time. Larger capacity units are designed with wheels to use on farms. These spreaders offer a hopper capacity that exceeds 60-lbs. Smaller handheld spreaders generally can carry about 1/2 a pound (or less) of product at a time.

Small garden- 5 to 10 pounds of hopper capacity.
Large estates- Up to 40 pounds
Farms- 80 pounds or more.

4. Spread Width

One of the most important factors to consider while buying the lawn sweeper is the width of the broadcast spreader. This helps determine the ultimate speed at which the product can be dispersed across the lawn. The width of the spreader varies depending on the models that the customers pick. And depending on the size of the lawn, customers can choose the resultant width required. They have a direct relationship. The more the area, the higher the width required. This would allow for an easy and efficient spread of products.

5. Type (Push vs. Tow-Behind) 


The push category of the broadcast spreader is an ideal option when the lawns in question are of moderate size. It can be feasible to push the fertilizer spreader manually. They are easy to operate and require little effort to fertilize or seed a lawn in less time. If the individual is willing to walk along the span of the lawn area, they could opt for this spreader model.


A tow-behind spreader is the best choice when the lawns are over an acre. This spreader has a hopper with a capacity in line with the land size. Despite the price of a tow-behind spreader, it is effective and lasts long.

7. Ease of Assembly

While DIY might look easy in theory, the actual assembly of parts is far from the happy stick figure shown in the instruction manual. However, the assembly of these machines can get tricky, especially when the instructions given are not clear. Therefore, the individual needs to check out the instruction manual and go for products that offer clean directives to ease the assembly process. Buying a spreader and having no clue about assembling it does not help.

8. Build Quality and Materials Used

The materials used in the construction of the spreader must be of top quality to be durable. The material of the hopper is an important aspect that determines the build quality of a fertilizer spreader. Typically, hoppers are made of stainless steel, which lasts long and is used in higher-end spreader models. They also help increase the precision in feeding the dispersion disk or dropper. Low-end spreaders have a plastic hopper that varies in quality. A metal hopper spreader is the preferred option, although plastic has anti-corrosion features, making it less maintenance and durable.

9. Cost and Warranty

This is one of the deciding factors that help the individual choose the broadcast spreader. Depending on the size of the spreader, the cost and warranty vary. Keeping in mind the size of the lawn and the purpose of the spreader, the customers can choose the one best suited to their budget. Most of the options out there offer a 1-year long warranty, while some expensive high-end models offer a lifetime warranty. 


We’ve picked some of the best lawn spreaders available in the market. The pros, cons, features, and links to the same have been provided. We hope the buying guide helps you in deciding your purchase.

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