Best Grass Catcher For Zero Turn Mowers

grass catcher for zero turn mowers

I’m the only one who prefers to mow and bag grass clippings while on the go. And, since these two jobs can be done concurrently, I’d rather not do the mowing first and then collect and dispose of the clippings later. It’s simple to complete both tasks quickly with the best universal grass catcher for zero turn mower.

A universal grass catcher isn’t just required in the event of a turfgrass disease outbreak. It’s also a useful tool for giving your lawn a beautiful appearance after mowing inches of unwanted grass. In this guide, we’ll look at some of the best universal grass catchers for zero-turn lawn mowers. The goal is to assist you in locating the best model so that you can send your money correctly the first time.

Zero-Turn Grass Catcher – Overview

A grass catcher is a piece of equipment that is attached to the back of a zero-turn lawn mower like Husqvarna Z254F, Husqvarna Z248F, Ariens Apex 52, to collect grass clippings. These devices come in handy when you want to collect grass while mowing the lawn. You won’t have to return to the lawn to rake the clippings after mowing it.

A grass catcher’s job is to collect grass clippings as you mow. The airflow from the blade propels the grass clippings into the chute while mowing. The grass is collected in the collection bag after passing through the mulching door.

While there are many grass catchers available, universal models are the best choice because they can be attached to the back of any type of zero-turn mower. Some even come with multiple mounting brackets to make it simple to attach the grass catcher to any type of zero-turn mower.

Top 5 Grass Catcher For Zero Turn Mowers

Product NameWeightCapacityMaterialPrice
1. Ariens PK-EX4 Steel Grass Catcher33 pounds4 cubic feetIron, steel

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2.  Universal Fit Grass Catcher15 pounds3 1/2 to 4 bushels of grass / leaf clippingspolyethylene

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3. Aluminum Grass Catcher31 Pounds4.15 Cubic FeetAluminum

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4. Brosyda Leaf catcher bagNA54 cubic feetOxford cloth

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5. Stens – 365-047 Grass Bag5.25 pounds3.75 bushels of grassNA

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1. Ariens PK-EX4 Steel Grass Catcher

  • Strong universal lawn mower catcher.
  • It works perfectly.
  • Excellent value.
  • Some zero-turn lawn mowers require additional brackets (fabricate or order from the manufacturer’s website).

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I received this bag yesterday, and I installed it. The PK-EX4 grass catcher is attached to it and collects my clippings quite well. One thing I like about it makes this grass catcher stand out from the competition because of its large capacity. At 4.4 cubic feet, I had collected a huge pile of grass clippings as you mow.

And I have also emptied it a few times, unlike with the Fit 501SC. The installation of this model is simpler than that of the Fit 501SC grass catcher.

Thanks to the written instructions, which I followed, it took less than half an hour to attach this to a zero-turn mower. During installation, please keep the opening stuck out further from the rear wheel; otherwise, the catcher won’t fit.

Quick Tip: For the mower’s discharge opening to fit, it must protrude further than the rear wheel (of the mower). In short, this is ideal for mowers with a discharge opening that is located clear of the rear wheel.

2. Universal Fit Grass Catcher

  • It only weighs 15 pounds (easy to carry).
  • Large, simple-to-use handle.
  • Smoothly passes through the brush – covers recesses in a unit (in closed position).
  • The directions are written in reverse.
  • Fills up quicker than its two competitors.

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Two months ago, my grandmother used a grass/leaf collection accessory for commercial mowers, which almost all have zero turns, called the universal grass catcher for zero-turn mowers.

Except for SCAG commercial mowers, it can be mounted on almost all zero-turn mowers thanks to the universal mounting bracket and enlargeable inlet (different brackets needed).

Overall, it is ideal for picking up grass clippings and will make the task quick and easy. The increased airflow slots enable it to fill to its maximum capacity, which is 3 to 4 bushels of grass or leaves. The cylindrical shape, which prevents the aggravating buildup of clippings at the lawnmower-catcher connection, is another feature we like.

Quick tips:
If it doesn’t fit your mower, return it without using it; the seller will not issue a refund if the unit is returned used.

3. Aluminum Grass Catcher

  • Long-lasting building.
  • Outstanding customer service.
  • Simple to remove and empty.
  • A little expensive

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One of the best lawn mower baggers I’ve ever used, the CatchPro fits almost all ZTR brands, including the Gravely ZTXL, Pro-Turn, ZTX, Compact Pro, and ZTHD zero turns. When I opened it, it had a universal trailer mounting bracket for quick, secure transport and storage.

The greatest feature is that the manufacturer offers nine (9) different mounting brackets, enabling it to be mounted on a variety of zero-turn lawnmowers.

More importantly, I have nothing to lose: I was unsure whether it would work on my mower, but I simply specified the mower brand when ordering, and the company contacted me if it would not work and promptly refunded me.

I would mention that it will most likely be the last catch I buy because of the all-aluminum construction and stainless steel mouth! There is also a quick latch back opening door to make emptying easier, as well as three top handles for convenience.

4. Brosyda Leaf catcher bag

  • Cleans up a large yard quickly
  • Good quality fabric material
  • Affordable
  • Deceptive item dimensions

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BROSYDA provides a 420D reinforced double-sided nylon fabric if, like me, you don’t like polyester fabric for collecting grass clippings and leaves from the tractor and mower. It has a 54 cubic foot capacity and measures 96 inches long by 56 inches wide (54 bushels).

Although it is intended for dual-bag systems, my three-bag hooded mowers and tractors made it too small for me.

Upgraded dual drawstring clips that allow me to control the cover’s tightness are used to attach this lawn mower grass bag. There are many leaves in this thing. You can anticipate it to be about 100 pounds full if they are wet. Because the bag was so heavy, I had to place it on my utility trailer.

This item can accommodate numerous leaves. If they are wet, I had to factor in a 100-pound weight increase.

The bag was so heavy that I had to put it on my utility trailer because it kept catching on objects sticking out of the ground and was a bit unruly around curves where it wouldn’t follow the mower and snag on things I was trying to mow. Overall, I’m happy because this is much better than raking.

5. Stens – 365-047 Grass Bag

  • Long-lasting fabric
  • Cleans up a large yard quickly
  • Dumping chores are made easier.
  • Affordable
  • Deceptive item dimensions

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Stens-365-047 Although the grass bag was previously used, it is still lovely. Stens distributes parts to the outdoor power equipment, industrial/rental, hardware, grass management, golf course, and agricultural equipment markets.

High-quality aftermarket and original parts and accessories. Its components meet or exceed OEM requirements. Reliable and robust with OEM for better quality. Overall, this is a fantastic product. It was the ideal replacement. The best value for money and the easy to use, affordable. Highly advised.


Checking the fit is the most important step when buying a suitable universal grass catcher for zero-turn mowers. If you are unsure about its compatibility with your specific mower, you can easily contact the seller by clicking the contact seller button on Amazon. However, if your mower appears on the compatibility list under the product description, this may not be necessary; in most cases, this list is up to date and accurate. It’s now up to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, for those who own zero-turn mowers, if you can’t find a grass catcher that fits your ZTR mower on the market, you can invest in a universal grass catcher for zero-turn mowers.

Yes. A bagger can be mounted on a zero-turn mower. There are numerous bagging systems specifically designed for ZTE. The most common are two bucket designs, three bucket designs, and triple catchers. The best one for you will be determined by the model of your device and your preferences.

The Universal Fit Grass Catcher is designed to attach to non-SCAG commercial mowers for quick and easy grass and leaf collection. This lawn mower attachment is ideal for collecting leaves, and the improved airflow slots allow for a maximum filling capacity of 3 1/2 to 4 bushels of leaf/grass.

If your lawnmower has a high enough towing capacity, you can use a lawn sweeper with it. Attach the lawn sweeper to the zero-turn lawnmower and turn slowly to avoid tipping the sweeper over. Empty the sweeper to avoid exceeding the weight limit of the mower.

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