7 Best Reel Mowers For Zoysia Grass

7 Best Reel Mowers For Zoysia Grass

Zoysia grass is the most popular grass species for verdant lawns and attractive scenery appeal. It gives a luxurious and eye-pleasing look to your green space. It is the most popular warm season grass along with bermuda, st. agustine grass, etc. It is commonly found in many american backyards.

Zoysia grass has a delicate texture and vibrant emerald color. It preserves greenery and luster even in scorching heat, wind, shade, and heavy foot traffic. No wonder this grass has the highest demand for commercial landscapes, as it doesn’t fade in quality and provides a premium green carpet finish.

Being gorgeous requires special grooming. Zoysia grass needs a different approach in care and maintenance to grow properly. You will need an ideal mower to keep your zoysia grass spread bright and beautiful. Its grass should be around 1 to 1½ inches tall. It’s advised to mow zoysia grass frequently for healthy upkeep and growth.

In this article, we will disclose some best reel mowers for zoysia grass and additional useful tips and tricks for using them.

Comparison Of Top Picks

1. Scott's Outdoor Power Tools Reel Mower
2. Earthwise 515-18 18-Inch Reel Mower
3. Fiskars 362050-1001 Stay Sharp Max Reel mower
Product Title
Product Title
1. Scott’s Outdoor Power Tools Reel Mower
2. Earthwise 515-18 18-Inch Reel Mower
3. Fiskars 362050-1001 Stay Sharp Max Reel mower
Cutting Width
Cutting Width
20 Inch
18 Inches
18 Inch
Power Source
Power Source
Manual Push
Manual Push
Push Manaul
Alloy Steel
Alloy Steel, Rubber
2.2 Pounds
25 Pounds
51.7 Pounds
Cutting Height
Cutting Height
1 – 3 Inches
1 – 3 Inches
1 – 4 Inches
2 Years
2 Years
3 Year

Best Reel Mower For Zoysia Grass

These are our best picks for best lawn mowers for zoysia grass. We have mentioned a knowledgeable description and listed down its pros and cons for your benefit. Read Further and Enlighten Yourself!

1. Scott’s Outdoor Power Tools

  • Foam hand grips for comfy hold and easy push
  • Impact-resistant, heavy-duty alloy steel blades
  • Precision cut
  • Adjustable height of the cutting deck
  • Weightless so you don’t feel tired
  • Hassle-free assembling with neither tools nor engine trouble
  • Fully manual
  • Take a lot of time to complete one round of mowing

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Scott’s Outdoor Power Tools 2000-20S 20-Inch 5-Blade Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower is my first and foremost top pick for mowing zoysia grass.

Zoysia grass is dense and thick in texture. I used this on my lawn, and the results were unbelievably flawless. This mower gives superior and uniform grass cutting with its 1″ -3″ cutting height and 5 sharp steel blades.

Quick height adjusters are conveniently located beside the rear wheels for easy reach. Heat-treated Steel alloy blades remain durable and retain their utility after every cut. The mower is also equipped with ball bearings for smooth blade operation.

The front wheels and additional back wheels maintain stability while I mow throughout the lawn and evenly cut each inch of my zoysia grass.

It makes sure you end up with picture perfect landscape. The set-up and use were quite a piece of cake for me as it has motorless and tool-free execution. The handles provide good grip and cushion comfort.

I can stroll and relax while pushing my mower simultaneously. The mower is easy to maneuver over the zoysia grass bed, being lightweight and engine free. For me, this mower is the best reel mower for zoysia grass in terms of functionality, weight, and sleek finish.

Dimensions28″D x 18″W x 10″H
Operation ModeManual
Cutting Width20 Inches

9.6out of 10

Light weight9.9
Easy to assemble9.6
Noise Level9.3
Value for Money9.7

2. Earthwise 515-18 18-Inch Reel Mower

  • V Shape ergonomic handle
  • Extremely lightweight body
  • Smooth and steady movement from 5 ball bearings
  • Non-contact deck protects zoysia grass by reducing friction
  • Robust steel alloy blades give even zoysia grass finish
  • Fumeless machine
  • Low noise or disturbance
  • Absence of back wheel support
  • Extra large front wheels cause hindrance in movement.

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Earthwise is an eco-friendly mower brand that manufactures sustainable lawn machines in an affordable range. This model is an ideal choice for Zoysia grass reel mower.

I was able to maneuver it smoothly on the tall zoysia grass growths with its impeccable 5-ball bearing mechanism. It provides me consistent cut rate, action, and performance stability.

The mower utilizes metal steel alloy blades for exact and accurate cut results. The blades do not lose their efficiency and sharpness after use. The blade quality is preserved due to its premium build which saves my replacement cost. This mower features an effective 18-inch cutting width with 3 height adjustments.

Compared to other reel mowers for zoysia grass, I found this mower fairly lightweight and low maintenance. I didn’t feel any hand ache or fatigue with a comfortable grip.

The handle is ergonomically designed in a V shape for convenience of human operation. The 10-inch wheels have a non-contact system so that I can push the mower effortlessly.

The clippings are discharged ahead of the mower for less heap, so they do not come in the way. This mower maintains utmost silence as it has no engine. The only drawback I found is the mower does not have back wheels for extra support.

Dimensions24.3 x 18.5 x 49.1 inches
Operation ModeManual
Cutting Width18 Inches

9.4out of 10

Light weight9.3
Easy to assemble9.4
Noise Level9.5
Value for Money9.4

3. Fiskars 362050-1001 Stay Sharp Max

  • Super powerful inertia drive reel system
  • Spaced and stable wheels
  • Adjustable height between 1″ -4″.
  • Reversible clipping chute
  • No expenses on blade sharpening or replacement with the Stay Sharp cutting system
  • No gas or electricity is required for the operation
  • It is heavyweight and would slow down your mowing pace.

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This model is probably the heaviest model amongst all the best reel mowers for zoysia grass and bermuda grass. It weighs around 51.7 lbs and is suitable for hilly regions.

Coming to the basics, this mower has an 18-inch cutting width and 5 rolling balls for a smooth ride on zoysia fields. Being installed with InertiaDrive Reel Technology, this model is powered by an extra 50 % efficiency.

I can expand the height up to 4 inches. The unique handle design allows me to keep a firm grip and operate with ergonomic control features. The wheel spacing is higher on this mower which offers me a two-fold advantage.

Firstly it avoids the grass from getting tangled in wheels rather than cutting. Furthermore, it balances the space among various ground levels.

The wheels are also designed for minimal contact. The no-contact precision blades cut my grass more efficiently without damaging Zoysia’s elegance. Not only this, I am relieved that it safeguards the blade’s sharpness.

Fiskars is renowned for its one and only StaySharp cutting system that keeps blades sharp years after mowing.

It can even glide through twigs. I save so much on blade replacement and maintenance. The directional grass discharge chute throw clippings away from my way to reduce mess. The only con that causes me movement hindrance is the weight.

The weight sometimes tires me out soon and causes exhaustion. It also increases the total time of finishing the zoysia grass mowing.

Dimensions24″D x 23.5″W x 14.25″H
Operation ModeManual
Cutting Width18 Inches

9.5out of 10

Light weight9.0
Easy to assemble9.5
Noise Level9.9
Value for Money9.6

4. Sun Joe MJ500M 16-Inch

  • Detachable clipping chute
  • Strong alloy steel construction
  • High-performing precision blades made of steel
  • Fits under budget
  • Lightweight (22 lbs) and convenient pushing
  • Height is a bit low, which increases friction and contact with grass
  • Not ideal for large lawns

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If you own a small zoysia grass lawn, Then don’t look further Sun Jow MJ500M is the best reel mower for you.

With a cutting width of 6 inches, this mower comprises of sturdy steel body which resists rust and corrosion. It is empowered by 5 sharp stainless steel blades that do not wear or tear after my daily use.

The mower has two 8.8-inch large wheels that maneuver with easy push action. I can flexibly adjust four height options ranging between 0.88″ and -1.81″ tall.

An attached grass-clipping catcher is placed just behind the wheels and blades, with a 6.6-gallon collecting capacity. I can easily detach it to discharge the clippings.

It maneuvers quietly over my lawn, so I don’t feel any noise that results from gas or electric mowers. It is very economical when it comes to handling heavy turf zoysia grass. The cherry on top, this mower is protected by a two-year warranty period.

I can claim replacement or partial part change within this time. I believe this is the most budget-friendly reel mower for zoysia grass.

Dimensions52.4″D x 20″W x 9.9″H
Operation ModeManual
Cutting Width16 Inches

9out of 10

Light weight9.2
Easy to assemble8.8
Noise Level9.0
Value for Money9.2

5. Great States 815-18 18-Inch

  • Lightweight yet durable material
  • Low-maintenance blades and body
  • Highly sharp steel blades for uniform cut
  • Adaptable height between 0.5″ -2.75″.
  • Zero noise and fume in the environment
  • No back wheels
  • There isn’t any mention of clipping the discharge bag or system

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Green States is the most trustworthy brand with 120 years of user satisfaction that manufactures the best reel mower for zoysia grass.

It specializes in eco-friendly lawn solutions by introducing fuel-free, motorless, manual-powered reel mowers. The mower emits no fume or noise while grooming my zoysia carpets.

This model features 5 sharp steel blades with smooth 5 ball bearings for convenient movement of the mower across the turf. It provides me with an 18″ cutting width and rolls forward on two 10″ wheels. I reckon the blades are highly durable as a result of their heavy-duty steel composition.

They remain sharp for a longer time, and I need not spend on yearly sharpening or replacement. I don’t require any additional tools to assemble the mower, and it’s pretty simple. The loop-style handle is very ergonomically designed with foam handgrips for comfort and maneuverability.

This lawn mower for zoysia grass uplifts the greenery and health of my landscape without demanding high maintenance costs and time. I simply wipe-clean it to keep the mower clean and efficient for a long time.

While I walk behind this mower, it feels no less than my pleasant evening stroll due to its lightweight composition and easy-peasy wheel directions. You can rely on this brand to provide quality products for the final verdict.

Dimensions25″D x 14″W x 10.5″H
Operation ModeManual
Cutting Width18 Inches

9.3out of 10

Light weight9.0
Easy to assemble9.4
Noise Level9.5
Value for Money9.3

6. American Lawn Mower 1815-18

  • Safe and easy to use by all age groups
  • Low-cost maintenance
  • Environmental friendly manual operation
  • Ergonomic handle function
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Hard to mulch long grass stems and twigs

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Another excellent hand push, walk behind reel mower for zoysia grass. American Lawn Mower 18″ is a manual-powered, planet-friendly reel mower that offers easy application and safe usage.

It requires just 10 mins of my assembling time before it’s ready for mowing my lawn. The handle design provides maximum comfort to me, with sponge-soft hand grips. The mower offers age compatibility.

It promises that the mower can be operated by my children as well, given its high degree of safety. It has five high-quality stamped steel blades that are long-lasting. The blades work like scissors on my lawn, giving me a clear-cut finish. It can easily mow 4-inch long zoysia grass lawns.

I can modify the height of the 18-inch cutting deck between 1″ and -2.5″, which is perfect for maintaining an ideal and uniform length of zoysia grass. The mower incurs minute maintenance costs.

I only need blade sharpening once in 3-5 years. That’s it. There are no heavy repair costs as needed in motor or engine-powered mowers. In short, this is an all-rounder best lawn mower for zoysia grass.

Dimensions25″D x 14″W x 11″H
Operation ModeManual
Cutting Width18 Inches

9.3out of 10

Light weight8.9
Easy to assemble9.5
Noise Level9.3
Value for Money9.4

7. Greenworks 25072 20-Inch

  • Easy to maneuver and move with 4 wheels
  • No high maintenance costs or time
  • Durable and robust metal body
  • Hushed grass-cutting movement
  • It fails to cut long grass
  • It lacks vacuum action which results in uneven cuts and edges.

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Hands Down! The best lawn mower for zoysia grass arrives now. This reel mower proudly showcases the largest cutting width of 20 inches, which decreases my mowing time and fastens my activity. Weighing 31.8 lbs, this mower has 9 height setting options with a maximum level of 2-3/4 inches.

Unlike most reel mowers, this has both 10″ front wheels and 6″ rear wheels, which allow me to push easily across the lawn. The blades offer precision cutting and give my zoysia lawn a uniform look.

They maintain low contact with grass which protects the blade sharpness and maintains peace around my home.

The attached disposal bag collects the mulched clippings, which I can later dispose rightly of. The reel mower boasts of having zero carbon footprint, which is true as it’s fully man-powered.

There is no motor, engine, or fuel tank that releases harmful gases or results in noise pollution. So, for me choosing this means choosing nature. There is a 4-year warranty on this mower which covers any repairs or replacement costs under terms and conditions.

Dimensions28.35″D x 18.11″W x 11.02″H
Operation ModeManual
Cutting Width20 Inches

8.8out of 10

Light weight8.5
Easy to assemble8.9
Noise Level9.2
Value for Money8.8

How To Choose The Best Mower For Zoysia grass?

How To Choose The Best Mower For Zoysia grass?

It’s important to do your homework to purchase the best mower for your lush green zoysia lawn. You are the best judge for your garden purpose. A mower must be an all-rounder in all features and aspects. This buyer guide will be a handy checklist of factors you must identify in the best reel mower for zoysia grass.

1. Cutting Width

The major part of a mower is the cutting deck. It is a sturdy metal shield that has been put in front of the mower blades for protection. It shields the mower operator and engine from flying twigs and clippings. Cutting width directly impacts the time taken in mowing. A larger cutting deck will have more cutting blades for rapid functioning.

It will increase the productivity of the mower and give you precise cuts. A width of 18-20 inches is ideal for these devices; anything less could result in less-than-ideal results.

2. Lawn Size

Both deck size and lawn area should sync and match for maximum coverage and even grass cutting. You must measure your lawn in sq meters before purchasing a reel mower for zoysia grass. A bigger reel lawn mower is required if your property is large to mow more ground in less time.

A heavy mower may also be more necessary for you than the average one if you maintain a commercial property. Small deck reel mowers will work sufficiently in small zoysia grass lawns.

3. Weight

Almost all lawn mower possesses wheels but still, when it comes to weight, it does create an impact. Reel mowers are neither battery-powered nor engine driven.

It operates wholly on manual maneuver and commands, which directly means human strength s. You should look for a lightweight mower with a higher durability rate and easy to push from behind. One should always be considerate of the portability of the mower.

4. Manoeuvrability

Perhaps the most important feature of a reel mower as it’s completely manual in use. Maneuverability refers to the ease of pushing and moving the reel mower around the lawn.

A rotary or push-behind model, as opposed to a riding mower, is preferable for managing zoysia grass. When choosing the machine for mowing your lawn, you should always look for technically efficient and effective mowers that can get the job done in no time. Go for wide-spaced wheels and 5 roller bearings for higher maneuverability.

5. Warranty

The mower and its different essential components, such as the engine and blades, are vulnerable to malfunctions and actual harm. When that happens, a Warranty can help by covering your repair expenses for a predetermined amount of time.

After investing a lumpsum amount on a mower, nobody would want to spend another dime on its maintenance. The service costs are covered fully during the warranty period on the complete mower or certain mower components.


In a nutshell, these were some of the best high-performing, best power reel mowers for zoysia grass. The features are more or less equal in all reel mowers.

Your lawn size and budget will decide the rest. All these mowers work entirely on manpower as you push them while walking behind. Therefore, it’s a step towards environmental conservation. Zoysia grass is a regal landscape grass species that demand the best treatment and maintenance. Spend a little more time and attention on your zoysia lawns to maintain their splendor.


Fertilizing zoysia grass is absolutely necessary. Fertilization is important for the health of zoysia grass, but it is not required to fertilize zoysia grass immediately after mowing it with a reel mower.

You can use a reel mower on dormant zoysia grass. However, you may want to raise the height of the reel mower blades to avoid damaging the dormant zoysia grass.

You can use a reel mower on thick zoysia grass. But make sure to adjust the blade’s height and sharpen your blades before cutting the thick zoysia grass to avoid any further damage.

Using a reel mower on wet zoysia grass is not recommended, as the wet grass can clog the blades and cause damage to the reel mower. Before mowing with a reel mower, you should wait until the grass is dry.

It is important to sharpen the blades of your reel mower regularly to ensure that the reel mower produces a clean, precise cut. A dull blade can damage the zoysia grass and leave it vulnerable to disease.

The height at which you set your reel mower will depend on the specific variety of zoysia grass you have, the time of year, and the climate. Generally, you should set your reel mower blades to a height of 1-2 inches for zoysia grass.

The frequency of mowing zoysia grass will depend on several factors, including the climate, the time of year, and the grass’s growth rate. As a general rule, you should mow zoysia grass with a reel mower once per week during the growing season.

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