Honda HRR216k9VKA Review, How Good Is It?

Honda HRR216k9VKA Review

Are you looking for a nice riding lawnmower for your lawn or gardens? Or perhaps you are thinking of upgrading from your traditional walking lawnmower and are wondering whether the Honda HRR216k9VKA could be a nice fit for you. Honda, truly, is a brand known for its quality products and competitive services, and the HRR216k9VKA lawnmower has been gaining a lot of popularity in the market lately for its excellent services and competence.

But before investing your money on something as important as a lawnmower that you will be using for years after you purchase it, it is important that you go through every aspect of the mower and then make an informed choice. To make things easier for you, we have prepared a detailed Honda hrr216k9vka review after rigorous research. Read on to know more about the Honda HRR216k9VKA. 

Honda HRR216k9VKA Review

Honda HRR216k9VKA
Product NameHonda hrr216k9vka
Dimensions62 x 38.2 x 23 Inches
Source Of PowerGas
Engine160 cc Honda GCV Engine
BladesTwin MicroCut Blades
Driving TechnologySmart Drive Technology (Variable Speed Rear Wheel Drive)
Deck ConstructionSturdy 12-gauge steel deck with 12-inch cutting path
Height SettingsYes, 6 height settings possible


  • Powerful, sharp cuts
  • Potent rear-wheel drive
  • Commendable mulching
  • Gas Powered
  • No Horsepower shortage
  • Quality product


  • Can get noisy
  • no deck wash port
  • smaller wheels

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1. Design

Honda HRR216k9VKA Design

The Honda HRR216k9VKA is a 3-in-1 variable speed self-propelled gas mower with auto choke. It has been designed according to smart technology that makes it lightweight, compact, and durable. It is lighter than other lawnmowers that fall in the same range.

The honda model hrr216k9vka lawnmower is equipped with durable wheels and offers easy height adjustment. This mower is designed so that you can cut the grass of height from 1.8” to 4” using six different options for cutting the grass. This height settlement option has been provided using a height adjustment setting in the back wheels.

This lawnmower is compact and works on gas, making it extremely easy to use. The smart design of the Honda hrr216k9vka makes it fiercely competitive in the market. This product has gained many praises for its compact and effective design.

2. Ease of Use  

The Honda hrr216k9vka is extremely easy to use, just like most other lawnmowers powered by gas. It does demand some maintenance, though, in terms of replacing oil, sparking the plugs, refueling the engine, and sharpening the blades at least a few times every season for keeping it in excellent condition.

Like all Honda products, the Honda lawnmower hrr216k9vka is known for its ease of usage and durability. Some users find it difficult to use since the lawnmower weighs 84 pounds and cannot be considered the lightest lawnmower. However, you never have to worry about losing control over this mower.

The auto choke feature of this mower helps wake the engine even on the coldest days, but it can get a little noisy at times. Since there is no deck wash, you might have to rinse the debris. However, its cost justifies its features, and compared to other mowers, the Honda hrr216k9vka is loved for how easy it makes for people to mow their gardens and lawns.

3. Power and Performance

Honda HRR216k9VKA

The Honda hrr216k9vka mower has great performance among the same ranges of gas lawnmowers. This lawnmower is constructed with the most powerful elements that enhance the machines’ capability to cut or trim the grasses on the yards and the gardens. You can even adjust this Honda mower to make it faster.

The engine of this mower is extremely strong and has an auto choke too. It can mow on grounds with any kind of grass and also gives different cutting shapes. 

The Honda hrr216k9vka has a 21 inches 12 gauge steel deck and a HONDA GCV190 engine. It has an automatic 5-Speed Smart Drive transmission that helps make the mower’s performance even better. It does not have an electric push-button starter though. Overall, this lawnmower has an impressive performance.

4. Cut Quality

One can easily testify that very few mowers cut the grass as good as the Honda hrr216k9vka does. This mower is equipped with twin MicroCut blades that slice the grass with precision. It can potentially swear anyone off the single blade mowers for life. This means that it facilitates neat trimming with perfect consistency right from the start and till the finish.

Talking about the three available dispensing clippings options, this lawnmower promotes amazingly smooth discharge from the side chute, thus maximizing the grass stored in the easily detachable 2.4-bushel bag. It stores the mulch that is almost impossibly ultra-fine, thanks to the all-second blade, which adds a second touch up to every inch of the gardens and lawns without you having to put double efforts.

Along with this amazing cut quality, you also get six-deck settings to fix the grass’s ideal length on your lawn. However, you shall have to adjust each wheel separately. 

5. Security and Safety

Honda hrr216k9vka Security And Safety

Honda is known for manufacturing safe and secure products. You do not have to worry about losing control over this honda hrr216k9vka lawnmower. In addition to this, we can assure you that the Zone Start system that it is equipped with brings the blade to a stop quickly within three seconds of releasing the control lever.

Look at the dedication to providing overall worry-free ownership by the manufacturers! The controls of this mower are installed so that the engine of the mower cannot be restarted anywhere except for doing it within the designated “Operator Zone” which is behind the handle.

With the honda hrr216k9vka lawnmower, you can be assured that there shall be no safety concerns. However, we advise keeping the mower away from the kids and the pets to avoid any mishaps. 

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6. Durability

While doing the honda hrr216k9vka review, we feel it important to talk about this mower’s durability. After all, if you are spending your hard-earned money on something, you should also be able to maximize your profits from it. 

Let us tell you that this lawnmower with robust construction can be used in all weather. To keep it in excellent working conditions, you might want to look after it seriously. If given effective maintenance, it is durable enough to pass many seasons while cutting the grass perfectly. If proper maintenance isn’t ensured, you might see a slight decrease in performance power, just like any other machinery. For instance, it is advised to clear your lawn of rocks before using the mower to avoid damage to the blades.


Having read the Honda mower review, you must have realized that even though the Honda HRR216k9VKA has a few minor things that might bug you when you look at costlier mowers, this one justifies its price. In fact, it is one of the best lawnmowers in this range.

And on top of all this, you also get the assurance of good quality and service since that is exactly what the manufacturer brand, Honda, is known for. The Honda HRR216k9VKA is made using smart technologies and is extremely durable.

The performance of this mower is fantastic, given its engine is so powerful. This product justifies its cost and surpasses the expectations that one may have from it. Even still you have doubts about whether to purchase this mower or not, you can check other honda mower options in our best honda mowers guide. All in all, we find the Honda HRR216k9VKA to be one of the best products available in the market in this category and suggest you consider it when you make your choice! 

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