Husqvarna 7021p Review – 21″ Gas Powered Push mower

Husqvarna 7021p

If you’re searching for a gas lawnmower and do not want to invest a lot of money, then the Husqvarna 7021P is a fantastic choice. The 7021P is a budget-friendly lawnmower, yet still offers a series of great functions. The Husqvarna 7021P features a Honda engine that provides enough power to handle whatever conditions you toss at it.

This design features a 21-inch cutting deck, so it is not big enough for use on big gardens; however, it is more than adequate to manage any small or medium-sized lawn. What we wish to do throughout this review is to run you through the crucial functions of this lawnmower and after that, offer you with an analysis of how it performed when we put it to the test.

Husqvarna 7021p Review

Husqvarna 7021p Specifications
Engine nameGCV-160
Net power at preset rpm Energy2.9 kW
Cutting methods3-in-1 Mulch/Rear Bag/Side Discharge Capable
Cutting width21 in
Wheelbase80.6 lbs
Weight80.6 lbs


  1. High-spec Honda engine for a high-performance
  2. 3 cutting modes to allow you to bag, mulch or side-discharge
  3. Accomplishes a cutting width of 21-inches
  4. Fuel tank accomplishes a volume capability of 0.25 gallons


  1. The Husqvarna 7021P lawnmower is a powerful model which uses fuel to attain great outcomes. However, there are more environmentally friendly ways to cut and preserve your lawn, such as through using electrical power or a Lithium battery, or perhaps through utilizing a man-powered push reel lawnmower, assisting the environment as you take care of your outdoor area.

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1. Performance

Husqvarna 7021p - Performance

The hardwearing Honda GCV160 supplies an immaculate power for yards covering one-third acre or less. Put it to deal with any landscape much larger, and its normally great fuel economy and performance regress from markers of an unusually robust, efficient workhorse for its size to indications of an overwhelmed, undersized choice to handle a more extensive yard.

As far as its body is concerned, 21 inches of the stamped-steel deck seems like a perfect size to squeeze the utmost muscle out of the Honda engine before any extra width would make it seem like too little brawn for too broad or heavy a base. Beware, though: this guy has a loud, deep roar far from ideal from late-night or early-morning mowing. Use ear protectors at all times.

2. Easy To Use

The Husqvarna 7021P is wonderfully uncomplicated. Use one for some time, and you’ll be taken by surprise if Honda’s infamously reputable engine ever stops working to spring to life after the first pull of the cable. Just don’t ever forget to engage the choke when cold-starting, or you may question whether its struggle to fire up.

On the bright side, the choke avoids flooding the engine by disengages quickly the minute it starts. When in use, the adjustable, ergonomically created handle is a completely comfortable fit for any user’s percentages and folds down neatly to save space in storage later.

Regardless of the simplicity and ease with which the 12-inch rear wheels allow this 55-pound lawnmower to maneuver over extending tree roots and other barriers, overall handling can feel weak on the unequal ground, though inadequate, so that forward development becomes excessively frustrating.

3. Cut Quality And Options 

Husqvarna 7021p Features

The Husqvarna 7021P’s cutting expertise isn’t without its limitations. Under dry conditions, even notoriously durable strains such as Bermuda or St. Augustine turfs will not slow this compact lawn mower down when trimmed before they can top 5 inches in height.

The considerable 7 ft.-lb. of torque produced by the lawnmower engine is plenty to guarantee tidy, even cuts and a flawlessly neat surface again and again. While I valued the great range of positions readily available to each wheel, the shortest level practically grinds the cutting surface areas into the ground.

Speaking of tweaking the Husqvarna 7021P’s cutting height, here’s a surprise: somebody still does not comprehend that different change levers for each wheel benefits nothing and nobody. To make matters worse, the rear controls, in particular, are known to be rather flimsy. Owners, by and large, want and needs one all-controlling system. One. That’s it. Anything more is excessive trouble for absolutely no factor.

Finally, the Husqvarna 7021P offers three discharge options for ejecting clippings; however, just the side-discharge function carries out its task flawlessly. The detachable bag often scrambled loose and held me up throughout my test drive. On the other hand, while its mulch is considerably fine in its consistency, it tends to accumulate and stick to the bottom of the deck and prevent blade rotation.

4. Security Features 

The Husqvarna 7021P offers little bit in the way of important features. To eliminate the engine in case of a safety risk, release the bailout lever, and the cutting mechanism will close down nearly immediately.

5. Maintenance

Husqverna 7021P - Maintenance

When you reserve small-but-noticeable production flaws, Husqvarna mowers practically never need a good deal of additional TLC. Change the oil on schedule. Never start one cold without setting the choke. Either sharpen the blades yourself a couple of times per season or get a friendly local repair shop.

Keep the fuel and stimulate plugs fresh. Finally, always thoroughly winterize your lawn mower before storing it at the end of a season. To make a long story short, comply with the routine upkeep standards one would expect for any gas-powered lawnmower, and you will be set.

6. Cost-Effectiveness

Residential users with under a half-acre of grass to maintain will get every cent of their cash’s worth out of the Husqvarna 7021P. A 600cc engine isn’t objectively “huge” by any standard of measurements; however, we’re discussing pioneering Honda technology and reliability powering a surprisingly potent gas mower priced around $300. Husqvarna typically irritates consumers by overlooking quickly fixable issues like bags that will not stay in place and unsteady wheels.

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Engine Power144cc
Power SourceGas Powered
StylePush Mower
Height Settings6 Different height settings
Cutting methods2-in-1 Mulch and Side Discharge Capable
Cutting width21 inch
Wheels7 inch front and 8 inch rear tires
Weight62.9 lbs
Item Dimensions37.38 Inch x 23.88 Inch x 18.13 Inch

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The Husqvarna 7021P has been an incredibly popular mower over the last few years, and it’s easy to see why. For a relatively modest investment, you get a great deal of choices and features on the lawnmower, and it doesn’t have any significant weaknesses.

It’s true that it most likely might be constructed somewhat much better (describing the wheel connection here) however as long as you take great care of it, it you can mow your lawn numerous time without worrying about any damage. If you like gas lawnmowers and your yard is not extremely big, then we’d certainly suggest this one to you. It might potentially be the very best cash you ever invest.

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