Husqvarna Automower 315x Review

Husqvarna Automower 315x Review

Everyone dreams to have a house with a front lawn for kids to play or to have BBQs on the weekend. A front lawn with freshly laid out grass is something that further adds to the house’s aesthetics. However, just having a front lawn isn’t enough as one needs to go to great lengths to maintain it. Every lawn needs to be subject to regular maintenance, and the grass should be cut from time to time.

This is precisely why an automower is an extremely vital appliance to have in the 21st century. Having an automower saves you from the hassle of cutting the grass yourselves. But if you set out to buy an automower, you will be baffled by the number of products there are in the market. Choosing can be tough, especially if there are a pool of options at your disposal. Therefore, in this article, we will solely discuss about the husqvarna automower 315x.

Here, we have laid out a detailed husqvarna automower 315x review to further narrow down your search filter.

Husqvarna Automower 315x Review

Husqvarna Automower 315x review

There’s nothing more satisfying than the sight of freshly cut grass. While a lawnmower will have you physically roam your yard, an automower does all the hard work by itself. Such is the husqvarna GPS lawnmower that comes with an advanced GPS. All you need to do is feed the directions and the automower will take care of the rest.

Weight30.5 lbs
Dimensions (Inches)28.3 x 22 x 12.2
Working Area Capacity1.25 acre + 20%
Charging Time1 Hour (60 mins)
Mow Time In A Single Charge70 mins
Cutting Width (cms)24 
Maximum Incline22 Degrees
Cutting Height (Min + Max) (Inches)0.8 Min, 2.4 max
Power Consumption (Watts)30
Sound59 dB (A)
Keypad Present 
GPS TrackingAvailable
Alexa and Google Home CompatibleYes
Operation ModeAutomatic
Warranty2 Years


  • Quiet Monitoring
  • GPS Tracking
  • App Control And Control Panel
  • Scheduling Options
  • Premium Security Options
  • Alexa and Google Home Compatibility
  • Guideware Navigation
  • Excellent Cutting and Edge 
  • 2-Years Limited Warranty
  • Works in the Rain 


  • Expensive
  • Not Easy To Set Up
  • Installation Costs
  • Needs Money To Set-Up
  • No Rain Sensor
  • Customer Service Complaints

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1. Design

Design of Husqvarna Automower 315x

If you are looking for a sleek machine packed with dozens of features, then the husqvarna gps lawnmower is your best bet. The husqvarna GPS lawnmower comes with a two-tone plastic shroud which makes it easier for the machine moves through wet grass. This automower marks the company’s special X-line design that comprises of a rubber front bumper, stylish LED headlights, and painted wheel caps.

Perhaps the first thing you’ll notice about the husqvarna GPS lawnmower is that it looks more like a high-tech spec toy that makes it even more fun to use. Meanwhile, the energy-efficient LED headlights makes it, even more, easier to use the machine in the dark.

When lifted off the ground, the machine’s blades are configured to automatically shut off. Since it features a rubber-front rubber, it further adds to the machine’s resilience and durability. Yet another key feature of the husqvarna GPS lawnmower is that this machine is guided by hidden boundary wires meaning that the machine won’t go off-track and will easily maneuver around the yard. In addition to all this, the machine automatically returns to the charging station for recharging, only to return to work once the charging is done.

2. Ease Of Use

Intuitive Display of Husqvarna Automower 315x

One of the key features of the husqvarna GPS lawnmower is the ease of use. Husqvarna is one of the most trusted and widely used brands throughout the world. Given its IP64 waterproof rating, this machine can be used without any hassle, even during the rains. Unlike most of the modern-day automowers, the husqvarna GPS lawnmower is completely weatherproof.

This can be a completely handy feature if your region receives a lot of rain or faces rough weather most of the year. Additionally, this machine is guided by hidden boundary lines, due to which the machine is able to maneuver itself throughout your yard.

Plus, the machine automatically returns to charging once it runs out of battery. To top this all off, the machine works on a random moving principle guided by the built-in GPS. This makes it easy for the machine to track and recognize the terrain it has previously mowed. Meanwhile, the machine is fully compatible with Alexa and Google Home systems, meaning you can control the machine with a few voice commands. Also, there is a large LCD display in a place that keeps a track of the mower’s movements which will give you a fair idea of the amount of yard covered.

3. Power and Performance

Battery Life of Husqvarna Automower 315x

Two of the standout features of the husqvarna automower is power and performance. This automower delivers everything you expect from a state-of-the-art automower. The machine is quiet, efficient, and power-packed. As we mentioned above, the husqvarna automower works on a random moving principle guided by a GPS.

This makes it easy for the machine to track and recognise the terrain it has already mowed. Plus the machine has hidden boundary lines in place using which the husqvarna automower is able to maneuver itself throughout the yard. This feature makes it easy for the machine to change course every time it encounters an obstacle.

If the machine runs out of power, it will automatically return to its charging station. The husqvarna automower takes around an hour to fully charge and can easily manage a runtime of 70 minutes under a single charge. Yet another key feature of the husqvarna automower is that the machine will automatically notify you when the grass is cut. Unfortunately, there are no sensors on this one which means you will have to make do with repetitive back and forth movements.

This machine is the perfect one to have if you have a small lawn or if you live in a region that receives maximum rainfall. The machine has an IP64 rating meaning it can mow through the rain with great ease. The machine’s smart features automatically speed up the machine’s engine and blades every time it encounters long or uneven grass. Also, the machine ultimately adjusts the future mowing patterns based on the previous ones thus saving you countless time and battery.

4. Durability

As we mentioned earlier, husqvarna automower has a front-end rubber bumper which adds to the machines robustness and resilience. The husqvarna automower is designed explicitly to handle rough terrains or sloppy hills.

So, if you have a small lawn or live in a terrain that receives maximum rainfall, the husqvarna automower is the one to go for. Meanwhile, the husqvarna automower is a sleek design machine that comes with an all-wheel-drive that makes it easy to pivot the machine in every possible terrain.

5. Security and Safety

smart navigation feature of Husqvarna Automower 315x

The husqvarna automower features a smart navigation feature that allows it to track and recognise the terrain it has previously mowed on. Using this, the husqvarna automower automatically adjusts the future pattern and employs a random cutting technique to give you a thicker and denser finish.

Meanwhile, you get real-time tracking of your husqvarna automower and can easily access the location of your machine at all times using the mobile app. In addition, the geofence technique sets off real-time alerts every time your machine leaves the designated perimeter.

The husqvarna automower is fully compatible with Alexa and Google Home systems meaning you can start or stop the machine using simple voice commands. The machine, when lifted off the ground, automatically turns off the blades for added protection.

6. Storage

Ease of storage is one of the key standout features of the husqvarna automower. Given its sleek design, you needn’t worry about the machine taking up too much space. Although it will take you a bit of time to install the machine and set it up, you will have no problem once it’s done.

The mower will keep mowing the designated route and stick to the routine even when you are away. In addition to the durability and convenience, the storage and ease of use are two additional factors based on which you can opt for the husqvarna automower.

The Bottom Line

Automowers are a much-needed appliance in every modern-day household. If you love the sight of thick and densely cut grass accompanied by the smell, then you should definitely think of getting yourself an automower. If you live in a rain-riddled terrain and have a small lawn in front of your house, the husqvarna automower 315x comes loaded with dozens of features that can save you from the hassle of mowing the lawn yourself.

Most importantly, the husqvarna automower 315x will ensure that you relax with your family as the machine keeps mowing the designated area by itself. Finally, it is impossible to get back to a regular lawnmower once you have got the taste of the husqvarna automower 315x.

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