Husqvarna Z248F Review – 48″ Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Husqvarna Z248F

In this review of the Husqvarna Z248F 48 ″ 21.5 HP Kawasaki Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower we will be offering you a complete rundown of all the highlights to help you decide if it’s the best no turn riding mower for you.

This zero-turn riding lawnmower is being marketed as being the ultimate in performance and style while being easy and safe to utilize and offering a remarkable grass cutting experience. Keep reading to find out how this new release from Husqvarna determines up to these claims, and likewise discover what the people who are buying it right now need to say about it.

Husqvarna Z248F Review

Husqvarna Z248F Specifications
Motor/engine manufacturerKawasaki
Engine nameFR Series
Power output21.5 hp
Cutting width48 in
Cutting deck typeClearCut™ – Fabricated
Cutting methodsCollect/Mulch/Side discharge
Cutting deck materialSteel
Transmission typeHydrostatic
Transmission manufacturerHydro-Gear
Transmission modelZT-2200


  1. A good number of owners mentioned that they were satisfied with how trustworthy and long-lasting the Husqvarna Z248F is.
  2. The lawnmower is simple to steer thanks to its hydrostatic zero-turn transmission.
  3. Some buyers liked how reputable the lawnmower can start without the choke because of its 21.5 HP Kawasaki engine.
  4. A couple of users noted that this lawn mower is an excellent worth for money.


  1. A handful kept in mind that lawnmower has a tendency to miss the center grass stripe despite the deck hight and lawn mower speed.
  2. Some individuals mentioned that grass clippings could get filled up in the deck and fall out in huge clumps.
  3. A minimum of one buyer pointed out that the lawnmower can often destroy the yard because of its zero-turn transmission.

1. Design and Comfortability

Pertaining to the style and comfortability both variants of the Z248F boast the very same set of design and features. Thus they include exceptional styles combined with unrivaled comfortability. Let us look into information on what the Husqvarna Z248F uses when it pertains to create and comfortability.

Both variations of the Husqvarna Z248F share the exact same class-leading, cutting edge style. This style is more complemented by the many features and comfortability that come geared up with it, and they are as follows.

2. Clear Cut Cutting Deck

Husqvarna Z248F - Clear Cut Cutting Deck

Both variants of the Husqvarna Z248F come with a standout deck style called Clear Cut Cutting Deck. The deck includes a unique made style which is much deeper than rivals. The deck allows for more efficient airflow, exceptional discharge speeds, and excellent cutting, mulching and bagging performance. The Clear Cut deck and its blades are used high gauge steel which guarantees added resilience and efficiency.

3. Maintenance Free Hydrostatic Transmission

The Maintenance Free Hydrostatic Transmission, even more, matches Husqvarna Z248F’s style. The transmission, therefore, includes a special style which allows smooth equipment modifications, permitting smooth power delivery while likewise needing very little maintenance.

4. Sturdy Chassis and Frame

The Z248F mower features a sturdy chassis and frame which is produced utilizing high-tensile strength steel. The chassis and frame additional function a special style which lessens vibrations and prevents any chassis flexing. The reinforced chassis style not just provides smooth operation but likewise significantly increases user convenience and ease of usage too.

5. Ergonomic Control and Instrument Panel

Ergonomic Control and Instrument Panel - Husqvarna Z248F

Concerning the controls and instrumentation of the Z248F, both versions included a highly ergonomic and intuitive controls and cockpit console. All the controls are arranged in such a method which guarantees simple reachability, enabling operators to manage the z-turn mower quickly conveniently.

6. Automatic Parking Brake

The Husqvarna Z248F likewise includes a special patent-pending Automatic Parking Brake feature. This function enables the z-turn lawnmower to stop itself based upon the input of the operator immediately. This feature thus includes security, safety and benefit to the user.

7. Comfortable, high-quality seats

Husqvarna Z248F Features

The Z248F positions a high top priority on the comfort of the operator, because z-turn mowers may be used for prolonged periods. As such, to guarantee comfortability, the Z248F includes effectively cushioned and cushioned seats. This greatly decreases user pain while enabling longer operation times. The 21 HP variant comes with 15-inch seats while the 26 HP Variant includes 18-inch seats respectively.

8. Deck Lift with Adjustable height

Both variants of the Z248F featured a deck lift to attend to the simple operation of the deck. The operator, as such, can alter the height of the deck, using the basic deck lift control. The deck lift thus offers great support and ease of usage to the operator at all times.

9. High Safety and Protective Design

The Husqvarna’s Z248F style also worries a lot on security, and this is seen in the added safety and defense functions. The Husqvarna Z-turn lawn mower includes a front bumper incorporated to its frame. This bumper supplies included protection to the z-turn lawn mower’s front end. The lawnmower further includes an engine guard, which safeguards the engine from dirt, particles and effects.

10. Removable Foot Plate

To increase comfortability and ease of use, Husqvarna has included a removable footplate to the z-turn mower. A removable footplate as such supplies quick and easy access to the pulley-blocks, spindles and deck belts. Besides this, the detachable footplate enables easier access while performing cleanups and upkeep.

11. User-friendly port for easy washout

The deck comes consisted of with a port making it possible for simple washout, and this allows the clipped grass to fall under the yard rather of obstructing the device. It can be made it possible for by merely attaching the pipe, switching on the water and after that beginning the engine.

12. Performance

Husqvarna Z248F - Kawasaki Engine

The differentiating aspect between the two variations of the Husqvarna Z248F originates from their performance. This is since each variant uses a different engine which produces different power outputs, hence impacting its total performance.

Husqvarna Z248F with 21.5 HP Kawasaki Engine Performance

This variation of the Husqvarna Z248F features a Kawasaki engine producing 21.5 HP with a displacement of 44.3 cc. This Kawasaki engine ensures as such makes sure smooth and dependable efficiency while being quiet and efficient.

The Z248F comes with a 48-inch cutting deck which enables mulching, gathering and discharging. The deck comes with a three-blade, which is used high-quality steel offering superb efficiency.

The blades made use of in its cutting deck, pull the grass and clippings in an upward manner. This makes sure that no clumping happens in the deck, therefore offering smoother efficiency.

The Kawasaki engine comes paired with a zero-turn transmission which requires little to no maintenance. This allows the z-turn lawnmower to carry out easily in any environment.

The Husqvarna Z248F 21 HP comes with independent hydraulic wheel drives. This guarantees that the lawnmower can carry out no radius turns precisely without fail. This significantly increases overall efficiency.

Husqvarna Z248F with 26 HP KOHLER Engine Performance.

This variation of the Husqvarna Z248F comes with a KOHLER Engine which produces 26 HP and displacement of 45.6 cc. This KOHLER engine being a V twin engine provides unequaled efficiency and user complete satisfaction.

The effective 26 HP KOHLER engine permits the Z248F to trim 2.8 Acres per hour while allowing it to reach a maximum speed of 6.5 MPH. This makes it possible for the lawnmower to clear yards in the quickest quantity of time.

The Husqvarna Z248F further includes anti-scalping wheels which prevent the wheels from scalping yards in uneven surfaces. This guarantees a smoother and structured performance.

The 48-inch deck comes with Air induction innovation, wherein air is drawn from the bottom and top of the deck. This guarantees that the grass is cut precisely, while likewise avoids blocking.

As is seen from the above efficiency review of both variations of the Husqvarna Z248F, we discover that both of them offer great performance. However, the KOHLER engine provides better power figures at 26 HP. This makes it possible for the Husqvarna Z248F 26 HP KOHLER Engine to have a little much better performance. Nevertheless, the difference is not that plain.

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The Husqvarna Z248F continues to measure up to the requirements set by its predecessors. The lawnmower brings great worth for its cost with its resilient design and dependable 21.5 HP Kawasaki engine. Although a lot of first-time hydrostatic zero-turn mower owners do need to practice to avoid lawn tearing, the maneuverability and carefree transmission are difficult to skip. Great deck and blade upkeep can guarantee years of enjoyment with this maker.

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  1. I received my z248F and it appears to be cutting at a max height of 2 inches when the deck is set at the highest setting. Is there some other manual adjustment needed to acheive a 4 inch cut?

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