Husqvarna Z254F Review – Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

Husqvarna z254F

Efficiency and style struck the lawn keeping up the Z200 Series of zero-turn mowers. Don’t let a slower, less powerful riding lawn mower hold you back from taking your yard upkeep to the next level. Featuring a 23 HP engine, the Z254F zero-turn boasts a lot of turf-cutting muscle. Utilize the convenient deck lift to get the 54 in.

ClearCut ™ deck in position and you’re off to the races. An ergonomic control panel and anti-slip foot area make trimming intuitive and safe. When you’re finished for the day, move the steering levers outward to park the lawnmower, it couldn’t be easier. If you want to experience an extraordinary mowing maker, select the Z254F zero-turn from Husqvarna.

Husqvarna z254F Review

Husqvarna z254F Specifications
Motor/engine manufacturerKohler
Engine name7000 Series
Power output26 hp
Cutting width54 in
Cutting deck typeClearCut™ – Fabricated
Cutting methodsCollect/Mulch/Side discharge
Transmission TypeHydrostatic
Transmission manufacturerHydro-Gear
Transmission modelZT-2200

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1. Design and Comfort

Husqvarna Z254F - Design

The Husqvarna Z254F is a part of Husqvarna’s Z200 series of Z-turn mowers featuring cutting-edge and innovative style. The Z254F is the updated version of the earlier Z200 model, Z254. So, the Z254F shares a comparable look with the Z254 sporting a powerful and attractive looking orange and grey color design.

2. Build Quality 

With Husqvarna, you can anticipate any of their mowers to be solid with exceptional quality. This quality equates to the Z254F with rugged casters and tube steel frames that are robust and makes sure optimal toughness. The rugged casters and frames also lessen the flexing of the chassis.

The upgraded deck of the Z254F includes a brand-new rugged 54-inch hallmark ClearCut fabricated deck element. This comes with a thick and durable 10 gauge steel building and construction with rolled edges which are more supplemented by support strips for ultimate sturdiness. This makes the lawnmower resistant to impacts.

The Z254F mower also includes cast iron blade real estates with ball bearings for enhancing the durability.

Another outstanding feature of the Z254F zero turn lawn mower is the addition of rubber bellows. This feature provides the lawnmower with a sophisticated look, however more significantly, it safeguards the control system by avoiding wetness and debris from going into the system.

3. Engine Power

Z254F - Engine Power

The Z254F lawn mower comes in 3 engine variations– Kohler, Kawasaki, and Briggs & Stratton. The Kohler engine delivers 26 hp, however, the Briggs & Stratton engine provides 24hp while the Kawasaki engine delivers 23hp. All the engines churn up a maximum speed of 6.5 miles per hour.

All the engines are likewise peaceful to run with a smooth output power. The smart-choke secret for switching on the lawnmower works under any temperature and offers trusted start-up.

The Z254F mower likewise features a hydro-gear EZT hydrostatic transmission which enables a powerful performance with a vast amount of torque. Husqvarna also makes sure a zero-turn transmission that needs no upkeep with the Z254F lawnmower, thus providing a carefree performance.

4. Convenience

The seat, which is one of the most essential aspects for convenience, in the Z254F mower has an ergonomic high-back with sufficient padding and soft outer vinyl covering. The high-back seat measures an excellent 18 inches in the Kohler engine and 15 inches in both the Kawasaki and Briggs & Stratton engine. The seat also includes spring suspension, and you can slide the seat also. All these features collectively offer exceptional back support that one needs while riding the lawnmower, particularly for longer mowing sessions.

The foot location is likewise resistant to slips since of generous incorporation of anti-slip surfaces. This eventually provides a safe, steady, and comfy resting area for the foot.

5. Cutting

Husqvarna z254F Features

With six cutting positions and three mower blades, the Husqvarna Z254F mower includes a heavy-duty cutting deck that provides maximum cutting efficiency. The innovative style of the ClearCut deck produces a clear and even cutting outcome across the entire width of the deck.

The Z254F Z-turn mower also delivers excellent cutting efficiency even at higher trimming speed or through rougher and taller turf.

This no turn mower includes three anti-scalp wheels that avoid any scalping even on surfaces which are not even.

6. How it deals with hills

Husqvarna advises that the Z254F can operate on hills whose slope does not go beyond a 10-degree angle. Operating mower on hills is a challenging affair, so you may want to carefully check out the security directions before using the lawnmower on slopes.

7. Reduce of operation

All the choke, ignition, and throttle on the Z254F lawnmower are in one location which permits easy availability while operating the lawnmower.

The brand-new automated parking brake system can activate or shut down the engine by just steering the levers inward or outside.

The incorporation of the spring deck lift system and its hassle-free place allows for easy use and accessibility of the deck lift.

8. Accessories

Husqvarna makes available the following devices to choose the Z254F ztr lawn mower:

A. Lawnmower cover

Suppose you don’t have adequate area to save the Z254f mower inside your home conveniently. In that case, you can acquire the lawn mower cover to protect your absolutely no turn lawn mower from unwanted dust and particles collection.

B. Mulching Kit

The mulching set can cut the yard into extremely great pieces which in turn assists in adding nutrients to the lawn. For that reason, this kit can also supplement in preserving your yard.

C. Bagger

If you wish to lower the quantity of time you invest in maintaining your yard, the bagger is an outright must.

D. Armrest Kit

The armrest includes the Kohler engine. Nevertheless, you’ll need to buy as an additional if you buy the Z254F with either the Kawasaki or Briggs & Stratton engine. However, since the Z254F mower can cut large lawns, you’ll require an armrest to offer more convenience to your mowing session.

E. LED Headlight

You can also acquire the LED headlights for much better and higher exposure. The LED headlights are also far more effective than the standard incandescent lights. With these headlights, coupled with the tranquility of the Z254F lawn mower, there should not be any trouble cutting your lawn at sunset.


  1. The Z254F mower’s ClearCut deck cutting capability is outstanding.
  2. The air filtering system in this mower’s engine is top-notch.
  3. The precise maneuvering from the hydraulic wheel-drive without any turning radius is also an excellent function.
  4. Front and rear guards supply excellent protection to the engine from accidental impacts.
  5. This lawnmower also has cooling fans that are considerably huge, which keeps the mower up and running in good condition.


  1. The Z254F often struggle while cutting grass that is thick.


This evaluation of the Husqvarna Z254F absolutely no turn mower would end by suggesting this domestic and semi-professional mower to anyone thinking about keeping large lawns. Convenience, maneuverability, effectiveness, and toughness are what this review post would guarantee you about the Z254F mower.

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