Kobalt KM2180B-06 80v Self Propelled Mower Review

Kobalt KM2180B-06 Review

If you’re planning to get rid of your gas-powered mower but haven’t decided on a self-propelled one yet, we’d be helping you get started today. There are several types of lawn mowers available from different brands, but we’ve settled on one of the popular names for today’s article.

We’re talking about the Kobalt 80-Volt Cordless KM2180B-06, which is an electric-powered lawn mower similar to the GreenWorks 25022 and Husqvarna 450X, and these lawn mowers will surely save you a lot of time and energy while leaving a pristine finish on your yard or garden. While both gas-powered and electric mowers have their place depending on the requirements, the areas where self-propelled mowers outclass the former is ease-of-use, low maintenance and most importantly, the cost.

This Kobalt 80V Self Propelled mower review will cover all the important aspects of the mower and will help you decide whether the Kobalt electric mower is right for you. Let’s dive into the review, shall we?

Kobalt 80v Self Propelled Mower Review

Kobalt KM2180B-06
ProductKobalt 80-Volt Cordless KM2180B-06
Battery typeLithium ion (Li-ion)
Battery voltage80-Volt max
Charging time30 min
Cut height adjustment7-position
Cut width20 inches
Discharge LocationRear and side
Front wheel size8 inches
Read wheel size10 inches
Number of Batteries included2
Removable BatteryY


  • Lightweight and powerful
  • 7 cutting height adjustments available
  • Great lawn finish
  • Includes two batteries that charge in 30 minutes
  • Long battery life (60 minutes)
  • 3-in-1 mowing functionality
  • Extremely quiet


  • Max cutting height is 3.375 inches.
  • Gets clogged with tall grass
  • Not the most convenient handle folding mechanism
  • No LED lights present

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1. Design

Kobalt lawn mower is designed to be extremely convenient and easy to maneuver around your lawn. It comes with two 80-volt batteries, each of which can provide up to 60-70 minutes of power. Being a cordless electric mower, it weighs considerably less than a typical gas mower sitting at around 58lbs and is easy to push even if you’re a high school kid. The mower has cushioned handles and a well-placed start button right on the handle.

This is a 3-in-1 mower, meaning that it has both bagging and mulching options, as well as sideways discharge. The bag provided is fairly large and is easy to attach and take off whenever it needs to be emptied. The mower has a 21-inch cutting deck with front and back wheels of heights 8 and 10 inches respectively. The cutting height can be set anywhere between 1.375 and 3.375 inches with seven available height adjustments. Although some mowers can go as high as 4 inches, Kobalt lawn mower trumps them when it comes to battery life.

This mower won’t annoy you like a gas mower, as it’s much quieter and also has an impressive battery life which makes it perfect for large lawns up to 1/3rd acre in size. If you wish to use it on a larger yard, purchase an extra battery and keep it charged with you. Simple, isn’t it?

2. Power and Performance

Kobalt KM2180B-06 - Power And Peformance

Power has been the weak spot for cordless mowers usually. Not with this Kobalt electric mower! It’s a very powerful and lightweight machine which can be smoothly maneuvered around your yard with minimal effort and noise. Its brushless design makes it perform more efficiently and is responsible for the impressive battery life. The batteries typically take around 30 minutes to be charged, which is better than what we see on other brands.

The mower leaves a clean cut at all seven adjustments, but taller grass is a bit of a problem for it as it gets clogged on lower height settings. This is where we would have liked to see a higher lift adjustment, although Kobalt has got you covered here. The power of the mower automatically boosts itself up when it senses taller grass or tougher mowing conditions, like steep slopes or wet grass. It does so without compromising on the quality of the cut; however, we suggest you should stop and clean it when you realise it’s clogged with grass.

3. Ease of Use

Starting the mower is easy, all you have to do is push the start button then pull back on the handlebar, and the mower comes to life. The handle is foldable but does require a couple more steps than other mowers. You must first turn the knobs in the middle of the handle, followed by folding the top half down. But apart from that, the handle can be adjusted to three heights, so it’s comfortable for anyone to walk behind this mower. The cutting deck height can be adjusted using a single lever, and people can choose from seven different settings.

This is a brushless mower, which makes it heat up less and function very efficiently. Charging and removing/replacing the battery is simple, and the mower also features handy battery indicators so you can see how much power is left before you throw them into the quick charger provided. Switching between bagging and mulching options is quick, and the bag has a large mouth, making it easy to empty and put back on.

4. Durability

Kobalt KM2180B-06 - Durability

The mower’s body and cutting deck are made of high-quality steel material while still managing to keep the weight under 60 pounds. It comes with a 5-year warranty although, by the looks of it and the numerous customer feedback, it seems like it’s going to last much more than that. Also, Kobalt offers a 3-year warranty on the battery packs, which is bounteous compared to other electric mower brands.

In case something goes wrong or if you need servicing, you can count on your local Lowe’s hardware store for repairs or even replacements if it’s within the warranty period. Also, replaceable parts like batteries and blades can be easily found on places like eBay and Lowe’s. Overall, we have no complaints with the Kobalt 80v lawnmower in terms of customer service and longevity.

5. Security and Safety

Kobalt’s mower mechanism adds an extra security layer due to its two-stage starting process implementation. The handlebar must be pulled to start the mower, and releasing it instantly stops the mower. This ensures safety when a child or pet is playing around your lawn or when debris gets in your way. 

The spinning blades are well buried under the body of the mower, and no sharp features or metal fragments are sticking out of the body. We don’t think safety will be a concern with this Kobalt electric mower. Also, being cordless means no thick wires lying around your garden.

6. Storage and Convenience

Kobalt KM2180B-06 - Storage and Convenience

Kobalt 80-volt cordless mower won’t occupy much space in your garage or garden shed and can be stored upright after completely folding in the handle. This is much better than a corded mower where people complain about the inconvenience of cords. We don’t think you need a corded one anyway when you can get a powerful cordless mower such as this one.

If you want to pack it for the winter, it’s a good idea to remove the battery after cleaning it up. Then store it in a clean and dry location to make sure it will roar to life next spring. Check the owner’s manual for any storage or maintenance suggestions. However, if you follow general tips like cleaning it regularly including the deck, checking the blades from time-to-time and servicing when needed, you’re good to go!

Summing Up

The Kobalt 80-volt Cordless KM2180B-06 is an excellent lawnmower that gets through even thick and wet grass without any problems. We wish such a powerful machine could cut just a bit higher. But considering the long-lasting batteries, 5-yr warranty and impressive cutting and mulching results, the Kobalt lawn mower is worth the purchase.

More people are turning ‘Green’ when it comes to traditional combustible lawnmowers. If you’re trying to make that transition but are concerned whether you can get the same performance as with a gas-powered one, we urge you to dig deep and give electric mowers a serious thought. Remember that you can count on the new high-tech electric mowers for a clean and easy mowing experience.

These battery-operated machines don’t require you to stump up cash on gas or high-maintenance and are much cheaper than a conventional gas mower in the long run. For someone with lawns up to ⅓ acre and who doesn’t cut very tall grass, the Kobalt 80v self-propelled mower is one of the best options to buy.

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