Toro 20339 Review – Walk Behind Push Lawn Mower

Toro 20339

The Toro TimeMaster is one of the best american made lawn mower and earned its name thanks to its time-saving design, which enables you to make fast work of your lawn chores. While this self-propelled gas mower isn’t inexpensive, it will absolutely wow you with its 223cc Briggs and Stratton engine, dual-force cutting system, and 30-inch steel deck.

This wide lawn mower cuts a bigger path with each pass, enabling you to do the job much faster, and it also includes adjustable speed to match your rate. The Toro TimeMaster comes equipped with a blade stop system that allows you to leave the motor running while you step away from the maker, and it has seven cutting heights, in addition to the bag, mulch, and side-discharge capabilities.

Toro 20339 Review, Features And Specifications 

Toro 20339 Specifications
Engine7.25 ft-lb
Cutting Width22″ / 56 cm
Height of Cut1.0″ – 4.0″ / 2.5 – 10 cm
Number of Blades1
Guaranteed-to-Start Promise3-Year GTS Full**
Drive SystemVariable Speed Front-Wheel Drive
Ground SpeedUp to 3.25 mph / 5.25 km/h
Handle TypeQuick Stow, 1 Piece, Adjustable Height
Weight75 lbs. / 34.0 kg


  1. Helpful functions: The name feature of the mower is the smartstow technology (as we mentioned in the overview). I never recognized how beneficial it is to be able to store a lawnmower vertically. It opens space to park the cars and truck in the garage (no more striking the mower). Likewise, it is easier to clean the bottom of the mower when it remains in the vertical storage position with the rotary blade exposed.
  2. Another great aspect is the large rear wheels which make riding over rough yards easier. I know something I dislike is attempting to mow along the side of a fence, and struggling to get a close cut. Fortunately, the front wheels are created so you can trim near to objects like fences.
  3. 3-year guarantee to begin: Toro has an assurance where if your lawnmower does not turn on after 2 pulls on the cord, they will fix it free of charge. I always like when brands execute these policies, due to the fact that it suggests they appreciate the consumer’s satisfaction to the nth degree.


  1. Some users report that the front wheels do not offer sufficient pull, and sometimes the mower stalls while going uphill. This problem seems to be specific to sloped lawns that require cutting up an incline. In those cases, a rear-wheel-drive self-propelled mower would be more reliable. A great option is the Honda HRR.
  2. The mower deal with height is not adjustable.

1. Performance

Toro 20339 - Performance

There are required consideration for the balance that has to accompany the plan for any impressive lawnmower. Consider the big physique of an Olympic weightlifter or elite NFL offending lineman. How proficiently could anybody make use of that much muscle if it were located on the frame of a common high school cheerleader?

That’s a big factor I can forgive the Toro Recycler 20339’s nearly 80-pound body: that steel deck offers a properly strengthened structure for the 7.25 horsepower produced by its accompanying 190cc Briggs & Stratton engine. By the same token, those 11-inch rear wheels march over the rugged surface without missing a beat or getting hung up in ruts as long as the basic topography is mainly planar.

The Recycler’s front-wheel-drive lends it more maneuverability in tight quarters and around fences and other obstacles than one would think any lawnmower with that much bulk and power has any best to exhibit. The problem comes when handling probably the one variable that obliges many customers to look for a self-propelled lawnmower in the first location: hills.

I admire the variable-speed transmission’s capacity to strike up to a 4 mph clip, an actual “extra mile” more than the majority of other mowers in the Recycler’s class. Regrettably, the front wheels do not have the pulling power to save time and effort climbing up steep slopes. On the contrary, the Toro Recycler 20339 has a reputation for stalling when advancing uphill.

You might wind up disengaging self-propulsion entirely and merely converting your Recycler into an excessively heavy push lawnmower.

2. Easy To Use

The abovementioned concern with cutting uphill aside, the Toro Recycler 20339 is much easier to utilize than one may anticipate any mower with its significant heft to be. Toro’s signature Smartstow system shaves 70 percent off the Recycler’s storage footprint by reconfiguring its body for space-saving upright storage.

Certainly, this thing might too be a Transformer, for its incredibly adaptive metamorphosis when not in service. Then again, I found it curious that a mower whose design approach is so thoroughly geared towards versatility does not have an adjustable handle. Exactly what would have avoided including a collapsible piece that could have made a currently relatively heavy lawnmower more accommodating to a broader series of users?

I also need to confess, the Toro Recycler 20339 begins wonderfully. Pull-cord beginners typically deter less physically able owners, thanks to a potentially demanding degree of effort required to rev their engines. In this case, the tremendously powerful powerhouse fires up by pulling the cord with no more than a meager 10 pounds of force and no guide or choke to fiddle with. Pretty easy-going, for a device that weighs not much less than some Olympic gymnasts.

3. Cut Quality And Options 

Toro 20339 Features

Oddly, there isn’t much to extol about the Toro Recycler 20339’s cutting expertise. A 22-inch deck falls somewhere within a “basic” range amongst gas-powered mowers, however, compared with a push mower of roughly equivalent specs, a self-propelled model with a path almost 2 feet broad still saves a considerable volume of time and effort keeping bigger lawns.

At almost any cutting height within the Recycler’s series of settings in between one and four inches, the combination of substantially dense power driving its blade and a flair for raising each blade of the lawn as high as possible keeps its trimming quality unfailingly tidy and even no matter how high or heavy the growth in front of it.

When it comes to getting rid of clippings, there’s no going wrong whether you pick to side-discharge, mulch or bag those remaining shards, although the deep deck was developed with optimal mulching efficiency in mind. There’s absolutely nothing patently astonishing about how the Toro Recycler 20339 carries out its one job, but I can’t imagine anything one could want this lawnmower to do that it fails to deliver.

4. Maintenance

The Smartstow system considerably improves much more than the Toro Recycler 20339’s storage footprint. No style approach before it has done more to make accessing a lawn mower’s blade as effortless as possible.

If the handy deck washout port doesn’t adequately simplify thorough cleaning to your taste, the ease with which the Recycler transitions into a handy upright posture will certainly have you looking back and making fun of each time you have ever kneeled, bent and twisted to wrestle an 80-pound lawnmower into an inverted or sideways position.

Separating the oil and gas not just serves to lessen air and sound pollution, however, promotes a longer, stronger engine life-span. For all other concerns, Toro ups the ante on their detailed two-year warranty by including three years of “Guaranteed to Start” protection binding the maker to consume the expense of repairing any mower that fails to begin on the very first or 2nd effort. There’s integrity, and then there’s Toro.

5. Safety Features 

In regards to safety-oriented functions, there isn’t much to note in the Toro Recycler 20339’s vitae that you would not see offered by any competing walk-behind lawnmower. Need to you require to kill the engine right away, merely let go of the bail lever to close down within about three seconds.

Top Toro 20339 Walk Behind Push Mower Competitor

Craftsman M105 Push Mower

Craftsman M105 Push Mower
Engine140 cc
Engine PowerGas Powered
Cutting Width21 Inch
Cutting Height4 Inches
Number of Blades1
Guaranteed-to-Start Promise2 Years
Drive SystemVariable Speed Front-Wheel Drive
Cutting Method1. Side Discharge
2. Rear Discharge
3. Mulching
Handle TypeAdjustable, Easy to Use
Weight18.8 lbs


The article consists of everything you need to know about the Toro 20339. If you still have any doubts regarding the lawnmower, feel free to contact us by commenting in the comments section or using the contact page to send us a mail.

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  1. What is the part number for the metal frame and bag for the recycler? Will will the Toro 20355 recycler fit on the 20339?

    Thank you.

  2. Toro’s support is garbage. The fact they provide garbage assistance for three years doesn’t make it better or impressive.

  3. Great, honest review. We are very pleased with the operation and results. Lawn looks great. This is my first self-propelled mower, why even make them w/o – I did not even break a sweat. Forces me to go for a walk 🙂 We were paying to have the grass cut and being 71 wondered if it is the right decision to do it myself as my allergies were a problem. The cost is equivalent to 1 lawnmower per season!

    Also the dealer pointed out it is so much simpler to look after the front wheel drive compared to Troy Built equivalent which we were considering (and by some scored higher for value). Very pleased with this purchase. We are in Niagara Falls Ontario so summer is long enough . . .

  4. I almost bought this mower, but at the last minute, i got the sqme mower with the honda engine. I will never own a rear whe3l drive mower again. The honda motor has the power to drag you up the hill. Easy to control self propel. The down side, it the weight, (which could be a good thing if it means it will last longer) the wheel adjustment is flimsy and out of style and Toro has no quality control. The front wheel fell off out the box, I put it back on,. I was to stupid to check the rest of them and the bqck tire fell off half way around the yard so after I got all the wheels tight, it did alright on my acre yard.

  5. I bought this lawn mower two weeks ago. When i removed it from the box, the front wheel fell off. I thought about returning it, but decided to give it a try. So, i fixed it and started mowing. Halfway around the yard, the back wheel fell off. I shound have chedked all the wheels the first time. But who thinks a new mower would be falling apart? I took pictures and put the wheel back on. That fast slow option is a little tricky, you have less than a half inch of play from running to stopped. I finshed my yard without any other problems, it is almost as good as my old snapper, but i can’t find any snappers like my old one around the 400 dollar mark. Gas powered ones start around $800. I am hoping it holds together. If anything else falls off, i am returning it.

  6. The engine starts well and is very powerful. From all I can determine it it has only one speed “FAST”. In fact too fast for me. It is a very heavy mower and very difficult to maneuver. If you have many things to cut around, do not buy this mower. The bagging arrangement is one of the poorest I have ever encountered. Very difficult to take off and on. In addition, the bag is too high and no where near horizontal. Bag fills very poorly.

    Would I purchase it again. No way.

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