Toro Vs Honda Lawn Mowers | Which Do I Think Are Better?

Toro vs Honda Lawn mowers

If you have been on the lookout for a walk-behind lawn mower, you have come across 2 prominent names: Toro and Honda. That’s primarily because their dominance in the lawn mower market is a testimony to their successes and efficacies. Both these manufacturers have a devoted following and a sizable catalog of products worth considering.

The pressing question is, if it boils down to toro vs honda lawnmowers, which one do you pick? Your choice must depend on the features you expect from your walk-behind lawn mower. Whether you prioritize power or mobility, overall weight or fuel-efficiency, or something else will decide which lawn mower will work the best for your needs.

We have woven together with a comprehensive guide on honda vs toro mowers to make the decision-making process easier for you. We have spoken about both these brands in detail, including their positives and negatives, hoping that it helps you pick the better one out of the two without much hassle. Our goal has largely remained to be as objective in our perspective as possible to offer more information and less bias.

Honda Power Equipments – Brand Overview 

toro or honda lawn mowers

First, let’s look at Honda Power Equipment as a brand specializing in the manufacture of automobiles, power equipment, and motorcycles. Founded in 1949 by industrialist and engineer Soichiro Honda, the company began making motorcycles characterized by speed, efficient gas engines, and comparatively low maintenance costs. They have taken in the production of automobiles, SUVs, power tools and generators, lawn equipment, gardening and agricultural tools, marine engines, ATVs, and robots with time.

Nowadays, known mostly for their lines of automobiles, their lawn equipment and power tools have been gaining some traction lately. Here’s a fun fact: at some point in the recent past, they held the record for producing the fastest lawn mower worldwide.

A globally-recognized brand with no less than 75 years of experience under its belt, Honda also has a strong foothold in the commercial landscaping industry. Honda’s HRN and HRX series lawn mowers are lauded for their accessibility features, such as cruise control and quick-start, and exceptional durability.


  • Unlike many of its competitors, it includes a roto-stop that makes it worth the value for money.
  • With variable speed control, maneuvering the mower is easier on the user.
  • With a 4-in-1 clip director, your work is hassle-free while mowing your gardens or lawns.
  • Honda offers a 5 year-long guarantee for their lawn mowing supplies.
  • The company also offers a next deck lifetime warranty, so Honda is a clear choice if you are worried about that.
  • Honda lawn mowers also include an eclectic start to keep up with the advancements in the lawn mowing industry. 


  • Honda lawn mowers are often in the limelight for their immunity against dirty gas or carburetor gumming.
  • The crankshafts of these lawnmowers tend to bend every time the blade hits any curb or a tree stump.

The Toro Company – Brand Overview 

honda vs toro lawn mowers

An American turf-maintenance company, Toro is based out of Minneapolis. Founded way back in 1914, Torro specialized in engines meant for farm tractors. The name of Toro is the company’s close association with the Bull Tractor Company. Unlike Honda, this company has always been a lawn care equipment manufacturing industry pioneer.

Their first ever walk-behind power mower was launched as early as 1924. Toro has manufactured walk behind mowers like Toro 20339. Around the same time, they began designing irrigation systems for lawns, gardens, and golf courses.

Toro became a part of the domestic lawn care industry around 1948, right after acquiring the Milwaukee Whirlwind Company. Soon afterward, they emerged as a contender in the snow plowing business, where they dominated the market for almost 30 years.

With its business revenue sources spanning both professional markets (for the most part) and the consumer markets (1/3rd), Toro recently celebrated its 100th anniversary, marked by its expansion into the underground construction industry via the rapid expansion of its forays into the underground construction industry acquisition of numerous leading brands.


  • Toro lawn mower’s inclusion of an electric start makes it a strong contender in the domestic and commercial lawn mowing industry.
  • Due to their speed adjustability, you can maintain your preferred pace with these lawnmowers. 
  • Their 3-in-1 clip director is a one-of-a-kind inclusion meant to make work easier for you.
  • They provide a solid 3-year warranty that vouches for their durability.


  • Their design and structure might fall short compared to Honda’s lawnmowers.
  • Toro might not be the first name to make a list for building quality.

Comparison Of Toro And Honda Lawn Mowers

Parameters Toro Lawn MowersHonda Lawn Mowers
EngineToro mowers use their own engines or engines from Briggs & Stratton and Kohler.Honda mowers use Honda’s own reliable and powerful engines.
Cutting QualityToro mowers are known for their excellent cutting performance and versatility, with features such as adjustable cutting heights and dual blade systems.Honda mowers are also known for their excellent cutting performance and precision, with features such as MicroCut twin blades and adjustable speed controls.
DurabilityToro mowers are built to last with sturdy construction and durable components.Honda mowers are also built to last, with high-quality materials and excellent engineering.
MaintenanceToro mowers are generally easy to maintain, with easy-access components and simple maintenance requirements.Honda mowers are also easy to maintain, with features such as auto choke systems and easy-access air filters.
PriceToro mowers are generally more affordable than Honda mowers, making them a good choice for budget-conscious consumers.Honda mowers are typically more expensive than Toro mowers, but offer excellent value for money in terms of their durability, performance, and features.
NoiseToro mowers are generally noisier than Honda mowers, but still conform to industry noise standards.Honda mowers are known for their quiet operation, thanks to their advanced engineering and design.
Environmental ImpactToro mowers are committed to sustainability, with features such as low-emission engines and recyclable components.Honda mowers are also committed to sustainability, with features such as fuel-efficient engines and low-emission technologies.
WarrantyToro mowers typically come with a 2-year full warranty, with extended warranty options available.Honda mowers come with a 3-year residential warranty, with commercial warranties also available.
User-FriendlinessToro mowers are generally easy to use, with features such as ergonomic handles and intuitive controls.Honda mowers are also easy to use, with features such as easy-start engines and adjustable speed controls.

Toro Vs Honda Lawn Mowers | Which Ones are Better? 

1. Country of Manufacture 

Based out of Japan, Honda has factories and diverse distribution centers worldwide. So if you purchase a Honda machine today, it could have been produced anywhere in the world. However, their motor design pays homage to their Japanese roots. With simplicity and convenience at the heart of their product design, they streamline everything from their factories.

A positive of Honda’s international acclaim is the necessity to meet certain quality standards in varied parts of the world. This is one of the primary reasons behind their widespread use in meeting emissions and construction quality thresholds. You’ll be glad to know that their products meet emission standards in America’s 50 states, even ones with relatively stricter restrictions, such as California.

Toro machines are an all-American company that makes each of its products around the country. Though some of their engine techs might be made in Japan, their overall machine is always produced in the States.

The company has made a name for itself owing to its powerful industrial-strength models. Toro manufactures electric and gas models, though the latter has gained more popularity over the years. Toro’s American origin and identity are apparent from its focus on heft frames and strong, powerful components that can take out the thickest of thickets. 

2. Motor Power 

Both Toro and Honda have models putting out diverse levels of power. Both tend to hang around some baseline levels, though the truth is told. With Toro, that number is 150-170 cc (for gas models), with some exceptions being up to 190 ccs. If you are going for Honda models, you are also looking at similar statistics.

Toro takes over this round since they produce a wide variety of electric models and a diverse assortment of powers. The electrical models by Toro can be anywhere between 6.0Ah to 8.0Ah when it comes to power, making it a clear winner when it comes to electric pick.

3. Performance 

Toro has adjustable handlebars with a length that might take some getting used to before using it without a hitch. If you are trying to navigate tight spaces, it might be cumbersome to use the long handlebars. It might feel a little heavy while reversing it, so Toro might not be the best pick if you plan to clear out tons of shrubs and trees. 

You can also adjust the Toro lawn mower’s deck at each wheel. It could seem labor-intensive to some of the deck height needs to be changed frequently to serve their specific purpose. It adjusts in ½ inch increments from the minimum setting of 1 inch to a maximum of 4 inches, which will be more than enough for most greens. 

The Toro mower also comes equipped with a battery charger which needs to be plugged in at the top of the large handlebars right by the side of the Start button. But here’s the interesting part: with the battery getting much of its charge from the engine, you will rarely need to use the charger provided in the box. Lastly, its adjustable wheels can be individually tweaked and customized for the best results.

Now, coming to its contender, Honda. The bag or mulch technology is proprietary to Honda, and it requires no attachments or tools. With a very effective clip director, you can now change the ratio of bagging to mulching and leaf shredding to collecting without any raking. Honda has an adjustable deck height, which can be customized at each wheel.

Their 7-position levers are quite easy to move, with three-quarters of an inch being the minimum and 4 inches being the maximum. Once again, if you require frequent height changes, this could be challenging to use.

The Honda comes with adjustable handlebars as well. They are just as large and take a similar amount of time and practice to get acclimatized to. Like the Toro, you might find the handlebars hard to maneuver in tight spaces.

4. Ease of Handling 

Both Toro and Honda lawn mowers put a great deal of thought into making their products easy to handle. They both incorporate a few auto push mechanisms in their models, making the mowers easy to move around. Honda’s products include a cruise control hydrostatic transmission, much like the one in our cars. The Select Drive and Smart Drive features let you adjust the speed on the run.

But when it comes to ease of handling, we will hand it to Toro’s unique Personal Pace system that makes good use of sensors to adjust the speed depending on your pace. This is a proprietary ergonomic feature that nobody else in the industry has been able to muster yet.

5. Design & Durability 

When it comes to durability, both Honda and Toro are praise-worthy. Honda’s patented two-blade cutting system reduces the total water on the engine, blades, and mulching bag to increase the longevity of the equipment. Moreover, it uses a ball-bearing suspension system in the wheels to enhance performance and long life, making Honda a clear winner in terms of durability and design.

Toro’s lawn mowers are also lauded for their longevity and reliability. They are largely resistant to damage and can last for years on end if maintained well.

6. Safety 

Ease of use and handling are the most crucial safety features for lawnmowers. And when these parameters are concerned, Toro and Honda have you covered. Honda’s ergonomic handles come with throttle adjustments and are meant for great control. Similarly, Toro has basic safety features such as a heavy shell design that keeps its blades farther from any extremities

But we will still give this one to Honda due to its highly efficient Roto-Stop blade system. This unique system shuts off the blades when the switch is not held down, even when the engine is running. This means there’s no need to restart the engine while emptying the bag or removing debris whatsoever.

7. Maintenance 

Both Toro and Honda require little maintenance compared to their competitors in the market. They might need periodic cleaning and engine servicing, including oil changes and clearing out the undercarriage around the area of the blades. Lubricating the gears, wheels, and other fixtures fall under maintenance duties.

Blade replacement needs to be tended to once a year.  We believe Honda is a clear winner here, with more manufacturing and service centers around the world, making it easier to handle maintenance. Moreover, Toro’s proprietary parts are often difficult to find replacements for.

8. Value for Money 

Both Toro and Honda provide a decent value for money, but when it comes to toro or honda lawn mowers, we choose Toro here. Their machines are highly powerful with a reliable build and lower price tag than their Honda counterparts.

9. Warranty 

Honda power equipment comes with a limited warranty, though its exact length varies from model to model. Domestic and residential mowers come with lower warranties of 2 years, and they are only valid if bought from a Honda distributor. Toro wins the battle here with an extremely generous 3-year ‘guaranteed-to-start’ warranty and a 2-year full warranty. While the conditions vary from product to product, their generous timeframe binds them all. Therefore, with Toro, you get more reliable warranties than Honda.

Signature Noteworthy Features 


Here are a few signature features promoted by the Honda lawn mowers:

  • Roto-Stop Blades: Roto-stop blades automatically shut down the blades when the handlebars are not depressed. 
  • SmartDrive Hydraulic Cruise Control: This can be adjusted as per personal preference. As for changing the speed, it is as simple as turning a knob.
  • Twin-Blade System: Honda’s two-blade cutting system decreases wear, and mulches waste thoroughly to make disposal easier.
  • Auto Choke System: This reduces the time required for mowing. You can forget about adjusting the throttle while starting the engine with this feature.


Here are a few signature features promoted by the Toro lawn mowers:

  • Personal Pace System: This uses sensors to track your pace and adjust itself accordingly.
  • Battery Models: The company offers an assortment of 10 electric motor models in contrast to Honda’s only 2 relatively newly released ones.
  • Electric Start Button: With a single-push button starting mechanism, Toro tries to increase fuel efficiency by bringing down the amount of fuel required to kickstart the engine.
  • 9-Place Adjustable Deck: They have 9 distinct cutting positions spanning 1” to 4”. Each such position is set to ¼” increments.
  • Smartstow: This makes it easier to store the machine when not in use. The mower can fold up to 70% of its initial size. 

Closing Thoughts 

After going through these exceptional and widely-acclaimed lawn mowers, we have a conclusion. Both Toro and Honda lawn mowers are very powerful and have a solid build that sustains them for years. However, they might appeal to different demographics based on their needs. 

Make sure you know exactly what you are looking for before purchasing either of them. Here’s a little tip just in case: Honda is recommended for more casual users who are looking for something durable yet easy-to-use for regular menial cutting jobs. They are reliable and simple. If you are looking for a little more involvement in any task, the Toro lawn mowers are the way to go. It is the perfect professional tool.

Suppose you’re still not satisfied with this toro vs honda mower brand comparison and still struggling to purchase a gas-powered lawn mower. You can refer to our EGO vs Ryobi mower brand comparison, which especially covers electric mowers. Maybe, that is what you need exactly as your next gardening machine.

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