Troy Bilt TB130 Review, Best Push Mower In The Market?

Troy Bilt TB130 Review

As much as we are admirers of automatic and self-propelled mowers, we often tend to undervalue the inexpensive walk-behind push mowers, and how well of a job they do that they are designed for. So is the case with the Troy Bilt TB130 Gas Lawn Mower. With a basic yet highly effective design, powerful automatic choke engine and numerous positive reviews backing it up, the TB130 finds its way as a solid american made push mower to recommend.

These walking mowers are ideal for smaller yards. If you have a large lawn to take care of, self-propelled mowers are the way to go, as a push mower will only make you feel exhausted halfway through the job. If you’ve decided to get one for your lawn, this Troy Bilt TB130 review will guide you through what is one of the best push mowers in the market right now. Let’s dive into it!

Troy Bilt TB130 Review

Troy Bilt TB130
ProductTroy-Bilt TB130 XP Gas Push Lawn Mower
EngineHonda 160cc
Fuel Tank Size41.6 fl-oz
Cutting Width21 Inches
Cutting Height1.25 – 3.75 inches
Deck Positions6 Positions
Discharge Location3-in-1 (Side Discharge/Mulch/Bag)
Front Tire Size7 Inch
Rear Tire Size11 Inch
Weight60 lbs (approx.)
Product Length36.56 Inch
Product Height17.5 Inch
Product Width23.88 Inch
Warranty3-Year Limited


  • TriAction® cutting deck makes working easier
  • Powerful 160cc Honda engine
  • Rugged and reliable performance
  • 3-in-1 Cutting options
  • Lightweight and highly maneuverable
  • Easy to start and relatively quiet operation


  • User can get tired as it’s not self-propelled
  • No oil drain plug provided
  • Limited to smaller lawns

1. Design

Troy Bilt TB130 - Design

The Troy Bilt TB130 follows the keep-it-simple formula when it comes to its design. It’s practical and well-executed with no fancy titbits like cup holders or complex handle folding mechanisms, which is a good thing. This is a 3-in-1 mower and is perfect whether you want to bag/mulch grass or need sideways discharge. It features a string-pull start mechanism which is rather light and will start the mower without fail thanks to the automatic choke engine. The 11-inch high rear wheels with sturdy treads make it easy to push over rough terrain and hills.

Troy Bilt TB130 has what they call the TriAction® cutting system, which is just a quirky name for a well-engineered component assembly. A specially designed rake bumper and cutting blade are used to lift the grass upright and then produce a finer mulch. Besides that, it uses a symmetrical 21-inch wide cutting deck which results in an excellent lawn finish and reduces clumping.

The mower also comes with a mulch kit and a side-discharge chute. The included hose port is also a welcome addition and helps keep the mower clean and easy to maintain. The best part about this mower is the Honda engine sitting at the heart of it, but more on that in the coming sections.

2. Ease of Use

The Troy Bilt TB130 is lightweight at just around 60 pounds and can be easily pushed even if your school-going kid wants to join your mowing adventures. Apart from that, the handle height can be adjusted to ensure that you hold it at a walking height. The handle is very comfortable, and the mower itself is highly maneuverable, allowing you to make quick work of your lawn.

It’s easy to switch between the different discharge options, and the mower is equally capable of mulching the grass or expelling the clipping into the bag. The bag itself is a little smaller than some other mowers we have seen, but that won’t be a big deal unless you put it to work on a larger yard.

The Honda engine is not too loud as compared to some other mowers. The wheel height adjustment is also quick with the dual-lever system and will get you the grass height you desire. What’s great is that the mower performs well, even at the highest height adjustment. The Troy Bilt TB130 is guaranteed to make your lawn mowing easier.

3. Power and Performance

Troy Bilt TB130 - Power And Performance

The Honda 160cc OHV Honda engine is what makes us love this particular mower. It’s hard to find such a powerful engine at this price, and this enables the Troy Bilt TB130 to pack enough power to tear through your lawn smoothly, to maintain the power of such poweful engine you will need an ideal oil for troy bilt mower which suits best for your troy bilt mower. The engine comes with automatic choke and is extremely foolproof when it comes to starting on the first string pull.

The Troy Bilt TB130 gas lawn mower can handle uneven terrain and small unpredictable obstacles without breaking a sweat. The comfortable grip on the handle and a nice wheel tread play a part in that. There are 6 adjustable positions to set the cutting height anywhere between 1.25 – 3.75 inches, and it cuts great at any setting. As this is not self-propelled, pushing it on steep hills might not be very fun, but remember that it’s lightweight enough not to cause any trouble in smaller lawns with a few slopes.

4. Durability

You know you are getting a quality product when you hear the names Troy-Bilt and Honda in conjunction. This is reflected in the TB130’s unmatched durability and the rust-resistant cutting deck that is designed to last a long time and to provide highly efficient performance down the track. The TriAction® cutting system gives it a rugged construction and enhances performance.

The Troy Bilt TB130 Gas Lawn Mower comes with a 3-year limited warranty, and as long as you take care of the mower, it’s going to last you for many years. The company has included what they call the Troy-Bilt Check technology, claiming that you don’t need to replace the oil and can get away just by topping off as needed. For the same reason, they don’t provide you with an oil drain plug. However, we still recommend pouring it out and changing it every once in a while.

5. Security and Safety

troy bilt tb130 safety

Most lawn mowers such as the Toro 20339, Husqvarna LC121P, 7021p etc. come equipped with plenty of safety features. Safety and security is a concern, especially when it comes to machines equipped with powerful motors. Fortunately, Troy-Bilt has got you covered here.

The TB130’s blades are controlled by a lever attached to the handle itself. The mower will stop immediately after you release the blade controller to prevent any accidents. The mower itself is built solid and doesn’t shake a lot while running. 

There are some plastic components here and there, but you won’t find any sharp or dangerous fragments sticking out of the body. It’s completely safe to use around kids or pets and can handle temporary obstacles without giving any trouble to the operator.

6. Storage and Convenience

The mower stays towards the smaller-sized end of typical push mowers, which makes it easy to store anywhere you please. The 1.9-bushel rear bag collects grass clipping effectively for easy clean-up, and the deck wash port makes it easy to wash out grass clippings under the deck. It, however, lacks an oil drain nut so it must be titled to drain. For any maintenance-related tips and storage suggestions, we suggest taking a look at the owner’s manual.

The mower doesn’t require much regular maintenance, and as long as you keep up with the usual maintenance every season like sharpening blades, changing the air filter, oil filter and spark plug, it’ll last a very long time. We also suggest not letting gas sit for extended periods in the mower and using at least a mid-grade gas with a fuel stabilizer, although that decision lies up to you. In case you decide to go out on holiday, the TB130 will be ready to tackle the tall grass covering your yard when you return.

Other Alternative to Troy Bilt TB130 You Should Consider to Buy

Troy Bilt TB120 Push Mower

ProductTroy-Bilt TB120 High Wheel Push Lawn Mower
EngineHonda 159cc
Fuel Tank Size41.6 fl-oz
Cutting Width21 Inches
Operation ModeAutomatic
Cutting Height1.25 – 3.75 inches
Deck Positions3 Positions
Discharge Location3-in-1 (Side Discharge/Mulch/Bag)
Front Tire Size7 Inch
Rear Tire Size11 Inch
Weight75 lbs
Product Length36.56 Inch
Product Height17.5 Inch
Product Width23.88 Inch
Warranty2-Year Limited

Summing Up

The Troy Bilt TB130 is the perfect sized walking mower for yards up to a quarter of an acre. You can easily push it beyond that if you like the exercise that comes with it. It’s lightweight, easy-to-setup and sticks to a no-frills design making it highly efficient. This Honda OHV engine makes it one of the easiest mowers to push while still maintaining acceptable noise levels. Overall, we have no complaints regarding the Troy Bilt TB130 Gas Lawn Mower. 

We hope our Troy Bilt TB130 review helped you learn more about this amazing lawnmower. Pretty much every customer that has had one will state it to be one of the best value mowers out there. If you have always hated the idea of mowing, now is the time to cut down on your mow time and enjoy a good-looking lawn.

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