5 Best Zero Turn Mower Under $5000

Best zero turn mower under 5000

Your lush green lawns require grooming as well to look neat. Tall and uneven grass shoots can deteriorate the beauty of your magnificent green space. The most important activity for lawn upkeeping is Mowing the lawn often as per the grass growth. Especially if you own a luxury lawn estate or landscape view requirement, Mowing becomes more necessary.

Therefore, you require a professional mower with brilliant results and costs under your budget. Zero Turn mowers are the best find at present, whether it about mowing the steep hills or large lawn area around 5 acers, they are capable of doing such heavy task. They are, undoubtedly, multifunctional lawn genies. Along with trimming, they offer mulching, bagging, and disposal features all in one machine.

With the humongous availability of brands and prices, it’s difficult to pick an efficient yet budget-friendly zero-turn mower. Luckily, there are some best zero-turn mowers under $5000 to give your lawn a finishing touch. This buying guide is curated for your one-time zero-turn mower investment under 5000. Let the shopping begin!

Comparison Of Our Top Picks

Product NameWeightPower SourceEngine Cutting WidthWarrantyWhere to Buy
1. EGO Power+ ZT4204L 42″ Z6 450 lbs.Electric 10AH Battery 42 Inches5 yrsCheck Price
2. Husqvarna Z254 54 in. 26 HP551 lbs.Gas 26 HP Kohler54 Inches 4 yrs Check Price
3. Ariens 915279 IKON Limited871 lbs.Gas 21.5 HP Kawasaki52 Inches3 yrsCheck Price

Best Zero-Turn Mowers Under $5000

These mowers are my top picks for qualifying as the 5 best zero-turn mowers under 5000 bucks. Each one has its unique features, upsides, and downsides. I am certain you won’t leave without clarity of mind. Here we go.

1.  EGO Power+ ZT4204L 42″ Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower

  • Fast charging technology
  • Zero-turn radius clear-cutting deck.
  • Can cut all heights of grass with an adjustable deck.
  • Longer warranty period
  • Interruptions on discharge.
  • Extra cost incurred on battery installation.
  • Less powerful engine.
  • Packed with 4 10.0AH EGO 56V ARC Lithium Batteries
  • Equivalent to 22 Hp engine
  • Speed ranges between 3-7 mph on normal mode. Maximum speed is 8 mph in travel mode.
  • It combines triple mulching, bagging, and discharge function

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This is the one-of-a-kind Mower in the market titled the world’s first platform-compatible Mower. I used this Mower on my huge lawn; believe me, it knows its job seriously. The results were picture-perfect.

The grass never looked so uniform and neatly cut. The fast turbo charge technology saved my time by hours. A one-time charge clears my 2-acre grass completely. I can choose from three driving modes- control, sport, and standard for different needs.

What surprised me was it can be adjusted into 10 different cutting height positions for easy navigation on the lawn. Pro benefit, I got a 5-year warranty for battery, charger, and Mower on registration.

Cutting Width 42 Inches
Dimensions 11.8″D x 43.3″W x 31.5″H
Style Automotive

9.5out of 10

Light weight9.5
Easy to assemble9.6
Value for Money9.6

2.  Husqvarna Z254 54 in. 26 HP Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

  • Fast engine start-up allows reaching from 0 to 6.5 mph within seconds.
  • Luxurious and comfortable laid-back seat with armrests.
  • More fuel capacity
  • 3 in-1 bonus mowing functions.
  • Problematic with dense grass
  • Periodic maintenance costs
  • ·54 inches clear cut deck for uniform Mowing
  • 3 blade variations and 6 deck options for different landscapes
  • ·Zero-turn hydrostatic transmission
  • The automatic brake mechanism senses lever movement and positions itself without manual effort.

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This is the Kohler engine model of Husqvarna Z254 54 in. zero turn mower. According to me, this is a top-notch, hydrostatic zero-turn mower under $5000. I was impressed by the sturdy and tough metal body in the typical orange-grey color.

I saw how simple it was to maneuver and navigate across the yard without running into shrubs or ruining flowerbeds. I got perfect, and professional cut results since the air circulation above and below the deck did its job with 100% efficiency.

The speed awed me as I could cut 3 to 4 acres of grass within an hour. I could mow my lawn confidently since the brakes were automatically initialized as I adjusted the lever position throughout the mowing session.

Additionally, I had six different deck variations. I could simply modify the deck to meet my requirements. I was confident in the cutting desk’s durability and quality because of its 14-gauge reinforced steel composition.

Cutting Width 54 Inches
Dimensions 72″D x 61.49″W x 34.48″H
Style Manual

9.3out of 10

Light weight9.3
Easy to assemble9.2
Value for Money9.3

3.  Ariens 915279 IKON Limited 52 Inch 21.5hp Kawasaki Zero Turn Mower

  • Extra soft and cushioned seat causes minimum fatigue
  • Adjustable height and 13 cut variations in a single dial
  • The engine has less horsepower. It might burnout in tough conditions
  • V twin Kawasaki engine
  • Deep deck up to 4.5 inches allows sufficient airflow
  • Sturdy steel and rubber body
  • Large 52-inch deck for consistent cut.

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An exceptionally well-operated Zero Turn Mower under 3000. This Ariens Mower model is equipped with a powerful Kawasaki Engine. I got my hands on this limited edition mower by Ariens with an edgy appearance, graphic designs, and striking color.

The most amazing feature for me was its 52-inch cutting deck which covers a large portion of the lawn at once, so I don’t have to put much effort into Mowing. I can customize the deck in 13 unique cutting styles for different grass types.

The deluxe seat with side armrest and padded backrest gave the feel of driving a car. It gets a 5-star rating in durability and strength with a tubular steel frame. I also experience safety with its rubbered floor and extra volume foam pads.

Cutting Width 54 Inches
Dimensions 73.75’D x 60’W x 34.5’H inches
Style Push

9.2out of 10

Light weight9.2
Easy to assemble9.1
Value for Money9.1

4.  Ariens IKON XD 42 inch 22 HP (Kohler) Zero Turn Mower

  • Installed with zero turn radius technology
  • User-friendly nature for first-time mowers
  • Fulfills commercial as well as residential objectives
  • It owns an ergonomic panel control
  • Durable and resilient against rapid wear and tear
  • It is inadequate for large green spaces and has Less fuel capacity.
  • Cutting width of 42 inch
  • Fully automatic functional mode
  • Energetic V twin 22 HP/725 cc Kohler Engine
  • Fuel capacity up to 2.8 gallons Hydraulic zero-turn transmissions
  • 3-in-1 blade options

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A best-in-class Ariens Ikon XD model is another suitable choice for small to medium-sized lawns. It has hydrostatic technology to provide satisfactory results in challenging situations.

It felt easy to maneuver its 42-inch-deep deck across my lawn. The abundant padding of seats and armrests made my mowing experience more comfortable and less tiresome. 13 different cutting options served my distinct purposes without hassle or confusion.

I am assured about its strength and robustness as its made with fully welded and stamped steel. On top of that, it has preinstalled anti-vibration system that decreases the shocks and vibration as you mow your way through uneven platforms.

Arien Ikon Mowers are beginner friendly for new users. It has minimal yet adequate functions and an ergonomic panel that creates an easy workspace.

Cutting Width 42 Inches
Dimensions 80’D x 62.13’W x 35’H inches
Style Automotive

8.9out of 10

Light weight9.1
Easy to assemble9.0
Value for Money9.0

5.  Husqvarna Z254F 54 in. 23 HP Kawasaki Zero Hydrostatic Turn Riding Mower

  • The high degree of security with anti-slip disc
  • Covers more meters in less time with a large size deck.
  • Automatic filtration of leaves and twigs
  • The panel is more ergonomic in use.
  • Periodic upkeeping is necessary
  • It is not suitable for small lawns.
  • Automatic operation and gas-powered engine
  • Heavy duty blades, dual air ventilation with clear-cut deck design.
  • High-performing and efficient Kawasaki Engine
  • Responsive brake structure in sync with outward or inward lever movement.

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Because of its flawless maneuverability and easy steering, this Husqvarna model is my favorite. With a 54-inch cutting deck, it is built very solidly and robustly. I like the sturdy 14 gauge stamped steel construction, which guarantees me its durability.

Additionally, I had six alternative configurations in which I could position the deck to fulfill my purpose. As I altered the lever position during the entire process of cutting my lawn, the brakes automatically engaged, giving me a sense of security. I may choose to mulch, bag, or discard the grass clippings using the 3-in-1 mowing feature.

The Kawasaki engine ignitions are the best feature since they make mowing a piece of cake. I can smoothly maneuver the Mower across uneven terrain with ease, thanks to the Kawasaki engine. This zero-turn Mower under $5000 is a true showstopper for me.

Cutting Width 54 Inches
Dimensions 75″D x 43.75″W x 34.48″H
Style Automatic

8.9out of 10

Light weight8.8
Easy to assemble9.2
Value for Money8.8

Buying Guide For Zero Turn Mower Under 5000

Buying Guide For Zero Turn Mower Under 5000

Do not Hurry! These key features contribute to finding the most suitable Mower for your lawn’s beauty and health. Moreover, Mower is not a yearly purchase and it’s a one-time investment. So why speed up the decision process for a machine which will work for a long duration?

Examine the characteristics of each Mower, do a comparative analysis based on the pros and cons, and make sure it fits with your needs like two pieces of the puzzle. Below are four principal attributes you should abide by before your purchase:

1. Engine Power

The engine is the powerhouse of zero-turn mowers. A robust engine can is resilient to rough surfaces, heat, and thick grass areas for many years. Due to a large deck, zero-turn mowers require staunch and tough engines.

The efficiency of the engine comes before the power. Low Power engines will collapse on rigorous use. For landscaping purposes of widespread lawns, I recommend choosing nothing less than a 25 Hp engine mower or above. Below 25hp engine can operate efficiently in small-scale lawns.

2. Hydrostatic Transmission

The transmission power has a direct impact on a mower’s price. Transmission decides how much area your Mower can cut in a single operation. Your choice will depend on how big your yard is. You may simply use low-grade transmissions if your grass is smaller than 8000 acres. A heavy transmission strength should be used over this.

3. Build and Size

Before buying a mower, you will need to measure your lawn size in acres to determine the size of your mower. A mower must fit in your space. A 42 to 46-inch deck mowers are suitable for small to medium backyards between 2-4 acres. Higher-scale lawns of 5 to 7 acres will require a 50–60-inch deck for faster mowing.

Complimentary to size, the build material of the mower is also very crucial to determine its durability. Stamped steel body with a minimum 14gauge thickness is preferably built for most mowers.

4. Size of the Cutting Deck

The cutting deck is a mower’s main component. It is a strong metal shield placed over the mower blades as protection. It is a robust metal layer of protection that sits over the mower blades. It protects the mower operator and engine from blades and other debris that may fly off blades. Large lawns require broad decks, but lawns with common plants and shrubs would need a narrow deck mower.


These were the best zero-turn mowers under $5000. I have personally used and reviewed these mowers to simplify your decision confusion. I feel you have a clear winner in your mind. Zero Turn Mowers are very popular and in high demand for mowing lawns. They give a professional look to your lawn with their effortless operation, minute fatigue, and less maintenance cost.

Under 5000, these mowers are absolute brilliance. Keep the handy checklist ready while purchasing your Mower. Align the characteristics with your needs. Just ask yourself one question- Does it fulfill my purpose efficiently and effectively? If yes, what are you waiting for? Bring home your zero-turn Mower under 5000 bucks now! (Be right back searching for my car keys)

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