How To Change Oil In A Toro Lawn Mower

How To Change Oil In A Toro Lawn Mower

A glance at your lush green lawn is one of life’s most simple and satisfying pleasures. However, cutting and maintenance of the grass might not be one. A lawnmower helps you do this task without giving you a headache. Moreover, a Toro lawn mower is an ideal choice if you are looking for a new mower a cut above the rest. Whether you have a tiny patch of grass or acres of lawn, a Toro Lawn Mower is capable of giving your lawn that chic look that turns the heads of your neighbors.

The main component of a lawnmower is its oil. Motor oil is indeed indispensable for all kinds of engines as it has various functions such as lubrication, cooling, surface cleaning, sealing, and preventing corrosion. One of the crucial aspects we often don’t pay attention to is the amount of oil we’re putting in our lawn mower. It can affect a mower’s longevity. 

The 4-stroke Toro lawn mower engine you use is no exception. However, the oil inside the lawnmower often gets dirty and usually starts building up over time, eventually leading to engine wear. Hence, a change in oil every 20-50 hours as a maintenance schedule is absolutely necessary.

But is it that you don’t know how to change the engine oil of your Toro lawn mower? Don’t worry; we will be discussing the step-by-step process of how to change the oil in the Toro lawn mower in this article. Let us get started.

Changing Oil In Toro Lawn Mower – A Step By Step Guide

It will hardly take 20 minutes to change the oil. Keeping the user manual handy while changing the oil might give you an extra hand and forestall any unforeseen accident. Have you ever wondered though if you can use 10W30 oil for your lawn mower? I’ve covered this topic in detail earlier. Make sure you check it, if you’ve been curious.

Let us have a look at the materials you would require while changing the oil in the toro lawn mower:

  • Engine oil
  • Oil pan
  • Screwdriver
  • Air compressor or clean towel
  • Hand gloves

Now let us discuss the steps that you should follow to change the oil in the toro lawn mower:

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1. Prepare The Lawnmower For Changing The Oil

Step 1· To increase the oil flow and facilitate the oil removal, turn on the engine of the mower and let it heat well.

Step 2· Clean or wipe the oil insert area carefully by utilizing an air compressor or a clean towel.

Step 3· Collect the oil that is already present in the oil tank by placing an oil pan or empty bottle below the drain pipe.

2. Drain Out The Old Oil

Step 1· Remove the lid of the drain pipe.

Step 2· Get the oil out of the oil tank by slightly tilting the tank for a while.

Step 3· Hold this position until the oil stops dripping from the tank.

3. Change The Oil Filter

Change The Oil Filter

The need to change the oil filter is entirely dependent on the type of lawnmower you use. Few latest models may have oil filters, while few may not. However, this step is required for the people who have oil filters on their lawnmowers.

Step 1· Remove the oil filter by removing the screws with the help of a screwdriver.

Step 2· However, simply rotate the oil filter in an anticlockwise direction to remove it if there are no screws.

Step 3· After removing the old oil filter, take a new one and apply some oil on it for easy set up of the filter.

Step 4· Make sure that the filter reaches till the bottom of the tank.

Step 5· If there were screws, tighten all the screws and place them properly.

4. Refill the oil tank

Step 1· The amount of oil to be refilled is about 0.35~0.40 L, according to Toro lawnmower.

Step 2· After refilling the tank, check the oil level with a dipstick.

Step 3. Place the lid of the oil tank.

Step 4· You are all set to use the lawnmower once again.

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Additional Tips And Cautions

1· It is recommended to change the engine oil within 5 hours of utilizing it in the first month itself.

2· Either change the oil after every 50 hours of use or once every 6 months.

3· It is not advisable to use non-detergent oil as it is believed to reduce the engine’s service life.

4· Using a 2-stroke oil might damage the engine of your lawnmower.

5· Bringing the lawnmower onto a flat surface will help you perform the oil changing task much easily.

6· It is suggested to wear hand gloves before starting your work.

7· Do not forget to disconnect the power cable from the battery to avoid any unwanted accidents.

8· Handle the screwdrivers carefully.

9· To ensure absolute draining of the engine tank, park the mower so that the engine’s drain side is lower than the opposite side of the engine.

10· Drained out oil should be disposed of in a proper location.

11· It is strictly advised not to run a lawnmower in a closed space as the fumes from the mower contain Carbon monoxide, which can lead to severe toxicity. Ventilation is a must while operating a lawnmower.


Changing the motor oil can build life expectancy as well as the durability of the lawnmower. However, it is constantly suggested to check the motor oil before utilization. And of course, it is not advisable to utilize low-quality oil. It can harm the motor engine. You know, when the motor falls flat, the lawnmower will be pointless. Then, at that point, you need to change the motor, and It will be over the top expensive.

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