Best Tripod Sprinklers For Lawns

Best tripod sprinkler for lawns

Water is the basic growth catalyst for lawns. It is essential to evenly irrigate your lawn every day for a fresh and eye-pleasing landscape. Manual watering is very time taking and tedious. This is where Sprinklers come into the spotlight.

The entry of sprinklers has made it so convenient to water the lawn uniformly without hassle. Sprinklers come in many specifications like high pressure, low pressure water sprinkler, oscillating, and also in various designs, and modifications and offer a variety of uses.

Traditional Sprinklers are fixed to the lawn ground in one place and spray water to the entire lawn area within a limited height. Suppose you have tall plants, shrubs, and crawlers above your lawn base. They require water too right?

This brings us to our today’s area of discussion “Tripod Sprinklers”. Tripod Sprinklers are highly portable sprinklers with adjustable height and easy maneuverability. This article is a comprehensive buying guide on the best tripod sprinklers in the market, especially curated for you.

What Is a Tripod Sprinkler And What It Is Used For?

Tripod sprinklers are reinforced with three strong legs which give height to the primary sprinkler head. The sprinkler sits on a sturdy stand and can be moved up or down. Tripod Sprinklers are height adjustable to a great extent which allows you to reach all areas above and beyond the ground lawn. You can easily reach your hanging pots, shrubs, and other elevated plants which require sprinkling.

It is suitable for large lawn owners as it provides extensive coverage higher than other stationery or oscillating sprinklers. It can travel greater distances with adjustable levels.

The most admirable feature of tripod sprinklers is portability. You can fold and move the sprinkler from one place to another. For installation, simply unfold the stand and adjust the height. You just need to have an available garden hose to fix with the tripod sprinkler. Once connected it’s ready for use. Being portable you can lease it out or carry it anywhere.

Tripod Sprinklers do not contain bulk. It weighs between 4-5 pounds, which describes it as a moderately lightweight model. It gives the comfort of handling elderly gardeners.

Comparison Of Our Top Picks

1. Orbit 58308Z Tripod Sprinkler
2. Aqua Plumb Tripod Sprinkler
3. Twinkle Star Impact Sprinkler
Product Title
Product Title
1. Orbit 58308Z Tripod Sprinkler
2. Aqua Plumb Tripod Sprinkler
3. Twinkle Star Impact Sprinkler
Coverage Area
Coverage Area
90 Feet
60 Feet
70 Feet
Brass Impact Sprinkler
Multi color
Brown, Black, Green
Brass, Metal
Brass, Alloy metal
5 Pounds
1.95 Pounds
3.91 Pounds
6 Years
1 Year
2 Years

Best Tripod Sprinklers for Lawn

Many renowned brands manufacture tripod sprinklers. Having plenty of fish in the seas leads to confusion. We have found some remarkable choices of the best tripod sprinklers for you. Let’s get in-depth into their features, upsides, and downsides. 3, 2, 1, Start.

1. Orbit 58308Z Tripod Sprinkler

  • Robust brass and metal construction
  • Wide area coverage of up to 100 feet
  • Fuss-free installation with gooseneck connection for hose
  • 360-degree spray area with adjustable coverage
  • Diversity of spray patterns and stream reach
  • Adaptable height up to 48 inches tall gives access to all water-seeking plants
  • The rubber piece at the end of every leg can make it wobbly.

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Orbit Sprinklers are the most in-demand tripod sprinklers in the market due to their impeccable quality. This is a high-impact brass body tripod sprinkler of dimensions: 15 x 9 x 8 inches.

It has a soothing green metal look which compliments the lawn shades. I was impressed with the sprinkler head made of heavy-duty ½ inch-thick Brass, and the legs comprise A-grade metal.

The head is empowered with anti-backsplash technology to ensure the consistency of water flow. The tripod stands with utmost strength and stability, which assures me. It has an adjustable height between 25 inches to 48 inches, which ensures the sprinkler doesn’t stop as my plants grow.

The coverage area lies between 20-40 feet in radius. When switched on 360-degree mode, I can easily irrigate 100 feet area in diameter. The spray area can be adjusted from a specific spot to a whole area. I can customize the stream type and distance radius with additional settings.

For ease of my alteration, the tripod comes with a diffuser crew and deflector shield. It is designed to resist heavy water flow and prevent clog formation.

The anti-log design ensures water flows effortlessly without frequent blockage, which completes my work in a few hours.

Due to its gooseneck hose connection and swivel attachment stand, I found it very easy to install. In a nutshell, it gives me an all-rounder performance at a reasonable price.

Sprinkling Area 90 ft.
360° wateringYes
Dimensions 15 x 9 x 8 inches

9.5out of 10

Light weight9.2
Easy to Use9.5
Value For Money9.6

2. Aqua Plumb Tripod Sprinkler

  • Attached pegs below the sprinkler limbs
  • Smooth and convenient installation
  • Ideal for medium to large lawns up to 60 feet in diameter.
  • Intolerant to high water pressure
  • Users complain about weak pegs.
  • Hose connection may leak even after fastening.

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It’s a good choice for stationary tripod sprinklers under 30 bucks. The Aqua Plumb tripod Sprinklers provide 60 feet in diameter coverage. The metal body ensures durability in rough and tough use.

I found the unique feature of this tripod is its pointed leg ends. The legs can easily be planted into the ground or soil while setting up a suitable location. This makes the sprinkler highly stable and fixed on uneven terrains to water your lawn without disturbance.

It took me just a couple of easy minutes to set up this sprinkler. Just unfold the sprinkler stand and adjust its legs into the lawn. I just attached the hose to the sprinkler nozzle for set-up.

A simple twist and fix were enough to fix it to an absolute position for watering my garden. Finally, I turned on the hose, let the sprinkler quench, and nourished my leaves, flowerbeds, and grass yard.

After the session, I simply turned off the hose and detached it from the nozzle. Additionally, the height of the sprinkler can be altered to match the purpose and grass length.

Despite the positive sides, I feel this sprinkler lacks stability. The sprinkler does not hold up at strong and sudden water flow. The spikes lose ground once the soil is moist. Hence, the sprinkler’s base loosens, and it trips off.

Sprinkling Area 90 ft.
360° wateringNo
Dimensions 4.5 x 23 x 4.25 inches

9.3out of 10

Light weight9.1
Easy to Use9.3
Value For Money9.2

3. Twinkle Star Impact Sprinkler

  • Value for money
  • Durable yet lightweight
  • Partial or Entire area coverage freedom
  • Adjustable sprinkler head and base height.
  • Anti-backlash arm
  • Substantial quality of metal brass construction and ergonomic design
  • anti-rust and anti-corrosive material
  • May stumble on uneven plateaus.
  • Tips over at high water pressure

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Priced under $40, This is the most sustainable Sprinkler in the market with the highest positive ratings. Twinkle star Impact Sprinkler is a heavy-duty brass nozzle head sprinkler with sturdy metal alloy composition legs.

The stand is guarded by an anti-flip system that saves me the trouble of re-fixing the Sprinkler after heavy flow. Sturdy Brass and metal alloy construction make this Sprinkler water-resistant and resilient to rust and corrosion.

My Sprinkler remained originally productive and efficient for years after rigorous utilization. The stand is weighted and fitted with flat rubber pieces to give me extra stability.

Coming to its area coverage, I can irrigate 40-70 feet of lawns with the adjustable reach of this best tripod sprinkler. Plus, the brass sprinkler head is flexible and can rotate up to 360 degrees for full-circle irrigation.

On top of that, this Sprinkler does not lose power under low water pressure. It adapted to my water stream, distance and pattern according to the water pressure and delivered the most feasible result for my lawn.

The maximum pi threshold is 80psi. The Sprinkler exhibits true excellence in design. The polished green body camouflages itself with the greenery of my grass. The legs have a quick-release mechanism that enables me to expand or retract the sprinkler height between 16-37 inches.

There is a distinct filtration ring that stops the entry of dust into the nozzles. That’s not all, and it has a convenient gooseneck connection that enables easy water flow. I don’t require any additional adapters.

It worked well with my common and standard US hose for every objective and location, be it my flower garden, vegetable yard, grass lawn, and much more.

Sprinkling Area 70 ft.
360° wateringYes
Dimensions 17.28 x 5.51 x 4.41 inches

9.6out of 10

Light weight9.7
Easy to Use9.4
Value For Money9.6

4. Orbit 56667Z Zinc Impact Tripod Sprinkler

  • High-performing ½ inch zinc sprinkler head
  • 80 feet in diameter lawn coverage
  • Can adapt to partial or full areas for irrigation
  • Suitable for all classic hose connections
  • Retains efficiency even at a low water pressure
  • Zinc is less durable than brass body
  • Common leakage at the hose joint

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The Orbit Zinc Impact tripod is another version of the previously discussed model. This model comprises zinc as its main composition material, which gives me a good first impression. Zinc gives all-weather durability to the tripod.

It has a strong sprinkler head that delivers smooth water flow without clog formation. It withstands the wear and tear of canal water as well. The head consists of an anti-splash arm mechanism which allows me to sprinkle water in desired patterns and cover the required distance.

The adjustable tripod covers 84 feet distance in diameter for me. I can choose partial irrigation or open it to operate at 360 degrees. At full circle mode, this tripod can sufficiently irrigate up to 5670 sq. feet of lawn land, which is ideal for my medium-sized lawn.

I can also determine the base’s height, between 16 to 37.5 inches. It saves me the cost of installing multiple sprinklers for different areas of my lawn. The useful diffuser screw easily converts the stream orientation.

After use, I simply collapse the stand and store it compactly without needing extra room. Having a gooseneck attachment, it is compatible with any standard hose.

It served as extra advantageous for me that this Sprinkler also performs well under low water pressure. The orbit sprinkler demands minimum maintenance with its anti-log design.

Sprinkling Area 85 ft.
360° wateringYes
Dimensions 4.5 x 4.6 x 16.75 inches

9.2out of 10

Light weight9.5
Easy to Use9.1
Value For Money9.2

5. Aqua Joe AJ-6PSTB Tripod Sprinkler

  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Customizable spray type with six variations
  • Full circle sprinkler head for even distribution.
  • Telescopic stand that extends to 41.5 inches.
  • 2-year full replacement warranty
  • Stable peg support for the stand.
  • Weak sprinkler head prone to leaks and breaks
  • Mist is very delicate

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It is the cheapest sprinkler model, which comes under 27 bucks. It has a cool blue body color that compliments my lawn shades. The material composition is hard and tough, indestructible metal, which provides long-term strength and resilience to my Sprinkler.

I am secured as most Sprinkler parts do not catch rust or corrosion. This Sprinkler provides me with six spraying patterns: mist, fan, large, flat, min, and multi. This enables me to customize the spray settings according to lawn needs.

I also can easily shorten or heighten the Sprinkler from 31 to 41.5 inches. It has the capacity to cover 4500 sq feet of area. The Sprinkler heads maneuver to 360-degree angles and comes back to partial sprinkling in no time. It can produce water streams till 75.4 inches in diameter.

The flow can go to 9.3 GPM maximum. My regular garden hose connects easily and firmly to the Sprinkler without any space or scope of leakage. A special mention of the spikes at the leg ends that stabilize the Sprinkler by fixing firmly to my ground.

The best part is I don’t worry about initial damages, and this Sprinkler got me covered with two years warranty with a full replacement promise.

Sprinkling Area 45 ft.
360° wateringYes
Dimensions 45 x 5 x 5 inches

9out of 10

Light weight9.7
Easy to Use9.0
Value For Money8.9

6.  Biswing Impact Tripod Sprinkler

  • Heavy-duty brass head and stainless-steel body promise strength and longevity
  • Lightweight yet powerful water sprinkling
  • Expandable legs with flip locks for quick setup
  • Sufficient for large-scale lawns and gardens
  • Adjustable spray distance up to 360 degrees
  • Friendly to low water pressure as well.
  • Stability issues as legs shake due to water pressure

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Biswing Impact Tripod Sprinkler raises the bar of best tripod lawn sprinklers with its unbeatable design and performance. Firstly I admire its robust and anti-rust Brass and metal alloy construction. The sprinkler material resists mineral build-up and corrosion.

It makes the sprinklers sustainable and durable for years, making my investment long-term and worth it. I can easily retract the telescopic stand of the Sprinkler with its quick-release knobs and lock it at the desired height. Thus, I can cover all levels of plants in your garden without additional support.

The sprinkler head has a front silver tab that adjusts the arc and range of the water stream I need. I can determine the distance and area coverage up to 35 feet in a radius of this tripod sprinkler.

To add to my maintenance ease, The gooseneck hose is secured with an O-shaped rubber ring that filters any debris and reduces the formation of clogs. It is suitable for all water pressure levels between 20-60 psi.

With various spray patterns, I can utilize these tripod lawn sprinklers for cooling, misting, or irrigating commercial landscapes, flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, and much more functions.

Sprinkling Area 35 ft.
360° wateringYes
Dimensions 16.81 x 5.51 x 4.33 inches

8.9out of 10

Light weight9.5
Easy to Use8.8
Value For Money8.8

7.  Eden 11530 Gear Drive Metal Tripod Sprinkler

  • Rapid turbo drive saves time and effort
  • Flexible and full-circle sprinkler head
  • Different sprinkler patterns for your greens, flowers, and crawlers.
  • Leg spikes provide stability against wind and water flow
  • Twist and lock hose attachment
  • Easy installation and setup
  • No switch-off valve
  • Pegged legs are not very effective on wet or uneven ground

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This tripod sprinkler bags all marvelous features that elevate your landscape beauty and greenery to zeniths. I used it recently, and here’s my experience. The Eden Sprinkler model is consolidated with robust and durable metal that resists heavy use and water pressure.

I was bowled over by its high-speed turbo drive technology with a quick start mechanism. It operates so smoothly and rapidly that I save hours of irrigation time. The area coverage range between 5 degrees to 350 degrees which can be changed to suit my purpose.

I find it fascinating how a single sprinkler fulfills multiple needs with its five unique spray patterns- mist, fan, flat, multi, and large. Misting is a very beneficial spray choice. It protects my delicate flower beds and dainty plants from high water splashes by gently dispersing minute water drops over them.

It also cools down the summer heat on my lawn. It can cover my large yard in diverse patterns at 360-degree rotation capacity. It is optimized to operate at 40 psi and disperse water up to 78 ft in diameter and 4860 ft in lawn areas without leaving dry patches.

It is compatible with my standard easy-peasy hose with its quick-connect starter kit. The double lock system binds the connection even more securely.

The tripod, which attaches to my standard garden hose, allows me to add height to the gear-driven watering to extend the watering reach & height, so I no longer need to twist the hose repeatedly.

My final verdict says this Sprinkler is multi-purpose and very useful for any garden or lawn. Installing this splendid versatile tripod sprinkler will be the best decision you will ever make.

Sprinkling Area 78 ft.
360° wateringYes
Dimensions 20.08 x 20.08 x 41.73 inches

9.3out of 10

Light weight9.5
Easy to Use9.2
Value For Money9.2

How To Pick The Best Tripod Sprinkler For Your Lawn?

How To Pick The Best Tripod Sprinkler For Your Lawn?

Don’t leave so soon dear Gardeners. There’s more in the box of surprises. Many attributes and features consolidate together to make a perfect tripod sprinkler. The important point to remember is what suits one may suit differently from another.

It’s all about finding the right fit. Let’s look at some parameters which will make your tripod sprinkler hunt backed with knowledge. Look for the following key indicators of the best tripod lawn sprinkler for an ideal decision.

1. Stability

Stability is the core characteristic to evaluate while shopping for tripod water sprinklers. You will need a firm and stable tripod sprinkler that can handle high to low water pressure and manage to stand resilient against weathering. The grip of the stand must be tough on all surfaces to avoid any fallouts and interruptions.

The hose connections should be tightly secured with a twist and lock system so that it stays put without leaks or loose ends. It’s better if the legs of the tripod sprinkler have sturdy pegs or spikes that can dig into the ground and provide a staunch grasp on the lawn.

2. Size

Size is an important influencer from two aspects- “Size of the tripod sprinkler” and “Size of your lawn”. Both should sync and match for maximum coverage and even irrigation. For starters, measure your lawn dimensions and determine it in sq feet. When you look for tripod sprinkler specifications, check its area coverage and maximum distance reach.

The sprinkler should have equal or greater water extension to the size of your lawn. Also, check for the height range and height limit of the tripod sprinkler. It must be able to disperse water to elevated plants, vines, and crawlers as well.

3. Design and Construction

Commercial Tripod Sprinklers come in attractive designs and various material compositions. Construction directly impacts the durability of the tripod lawn sprinkler. The wise decision would be to select sprinklers built from Anti-rust- and corrosion-free materials such as brass, zinc, heavy-duty steel, and other metal alloys that last seasons late.

These materials withstand changes in weather and remain idle to moisture. Primarily, check the design and material of the sprinkler head. It is ideal to choose brass spray head tripod sprinklers as it’s robust and water resistant. Secondly, make sure the base strongly stands on the ground without wobble.

It will be further advantageous to have weighted legs or attached pegs to the tripod stand which clings firmly to the soil. Past-use tripod sprinklers must be easily collapsible for storage purposes.

4. Control and Maneuverability

The ease of control and maneuvering greatly affects your tripod performance and efficiency over a long period. Look for adjustable area coverage or dial-based sprinklers which are convenient to use. Some tripod lawn Sprinklers envelope diverse spray modes and spraying patterns like mist, fan, and flat which turns your sprinkler into a multipurpose utility.

Maneuverability is the smooth and comfortable operation of the sprinkler with minimum instructions. Your spraying options and sprinklers’ flexibility is increased by adjustable height and spray distance. Find a tripod sprinkler that can spray over a partial to 360-degree lawn area with simple settings.

The sprinkler must be telescopic for increasing height as the grass gain length. The control on height also extends reach to sloped plants and shrubs. Go for the gooseneck attachment which connects to almost all standard hose models.

5. Price

Determine your spending limit and the amount you want to put into sprinklers. I suggest you stretch your pocket and make a one-time investment in a durable tripod sprinkler. Cheap models come under few bucks but break down within a year due to poor material. You must also consider extra or any recurring costs on the sprinkler.

Do you require a separate sprinkler head? The maintenance and repair costs should come minimum after investing a good amount of money in the sprinkler.


We have successfully put light on all the best tripod sprinklers available in the market. I believe there is a sense of confirmation and reduced confusion. Tripod Sprinklers have an edge over traditional lawn sprinkles because of the variety of features and additional benefits it caters to your garden besides just sprinkling.

Tripod sprinklers do not limit water showers to ground level. They elongate vertically to disperse the rain in a full circle at all heights and distances. Installing a tripod lawn sprinkler makes daily watering a walk in the park for your family. The final verdict depends upon your lawn requirements and the purpose of purchasing a tripod sprinkler. I wish your garden blooms as a heaven on earth.

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