How To Adjust Orbit Sprinkler Heads?

How To Adjust Orbit Sprinkler Heads?

Sprinklers are genius gardening equipment that is used to irrigate plants all over the area. A sprinkler head is the main working component of the sprinkler. Its job is to disperse the water as drops over each inch of the lawn. Sprinkler heads create an artificial rainfall effect on your plants, so every part of your garden is quenched.

Sprinkler heads have many operating positions, that you need to adjust according to your lawn needs. It’s important to know that all sprinkler heads are not the same and every brand comes with different settings. Orbit is one top-notch sprinkler brand that offers a wide variety of sprinklers. In this article, we will learn about orbit sprinkler head adjustments for different types of sprinklers.

What Are Orbit Sprinklers And Their Types?

What Are Orbit Sprinklers And Their Types?

Orbit manufactures some best quality low water pressure and classy tripod sprinklers for lawns. Orbit has specialized in making strong and efficient sprinklers specifically for lawn irrigation. These sprinklers never leave your garden dry and last for several years without wearing out. They come in a variety of orientations to fulfill the requirements of each type of lawn or plant position.

There are two broad categories of orbit sprinklers-

Pop-up sprinklers: Pop-up sprinklers can spray water in arcs over 25 to 360 degrees. It is for watering small lawns and ground-level plants. It has many sprinkling arc nozzles which can be adjusted in terms of width, distance, and direction.

Impact sprinklers: Impact Sprinklers are sturdy and durable brass-made irrigating sprinklers for medium to large-scale lawns. They give circular coverage to garden surfaces as a part or whole, which can be adjusted as needed.

How To Adjust The Head Of The Pop-up Orbit Sprinkler?

Usually, the sprinklers come with a screwdriver or keys to adjust the settings of the sprinkler head. There is also a pull-up tool which is beneficial for pop-up orbit sprinkler adjustments.

To adjust the orbit sprinkler head, follow this step-by-step guide:

  • Turn off the sprinkler’s water supply, to avoid any spill.
  • Use the pull-up tool and attach it to the metal screw for lifting the nozzle from the ground.
  • As it’s elevated fully and you can see the extended sleeve, make sure to clamp the pull-up tool to maintain this position.
  • Move the sleeve in a clockwise direction in such a way that the mark on the nozzle’s upper area faces the ultimate right side of your desired spray area. Hold the sleeve firmly and move the nozzle anti-clockwise until the same mark is now at the ultimate left of the irrigating area.
  • Now use a flathead screwdriver to alter and adjust the spray volume and distance by inserting it in the given slot in the nozzle center and turning it clockwise.
  • To adjust the pattern, repeat the same steps with the sleeve and stop at the extreme right position. Now turn the large adjustment screw clockwise to widen the spray pattern and anti-clockwise for narrowing the spray pattern.

How To Adjust The Head Of The Impact Orbit Sprinkler?

For orbit sprinkler head adjustments of impact sprinklers follow this super easy guide:

  • Close the supply of water to the sprinkler
  • You will see two collars attached to the sprinkler head. Slide the direction collars to customize the spray pattern. Squeeze the tabs at once to rotate them. Position one collar on the ultimate right and one on the extreme left. This will set the nozzle in the center.
  • Pull up the trip lever and lock it at the side of the orbit sprinkler head.
  • For adjusting the spray distance and coverage use the diffuser pin. Push in the pin to decrease sprinkler head distance. Pull it out for increasing the spray distance and streamlining the spray.


These were the very informative orbit sprinkler adjustment guide. You need small tools for adjusting the sprinkler head but it’s easily findable in service stores or plumbers’ shops. It may also come along with the sprinkler as well. Sprinkler heads need adjustments to fit the tailored needs of every garden.

It is important to keep up with the pace of growing plants, blooming flowers, and climbing crawlers. Once you have identified the irrigation objectives for your lawn, get started with adjusting the orbit sprinkler head. This must be done before watering the lawn. We would like to add that, although it is ideal to turn off the sprinkler before adjusting, if you do not mind some water splashes, adjusting it while it’s spraying provides you better precision and control.


The sprinkler may keep running or spraying water due to many reasons. It might not shut down properly which results in a continuous flow of water.

The most common reason is dirty or faulty valves. Therefore get your valves checked for any blockage. Clear out any debris or dirt. Get it fixed by a plumber in case of damage. If this doesn’t work check your connection to the main water supply.

Sprinklers timers last good for 2-3 years. After that, you need to change the batteries or replace them in case of an unrepairable condition. The timer lifespan also depends on your frequency of usage and the quality of the sprinkler.

Clean the timer device regularly to extend its durability. You can also unplug and store it carefully if the sprinkler is not in use.

Excess programmed start times are the most common cause of your orbit sprinkler starting twice. The sprinkler operation confuses between start times and station times. Multiple start times programming can lead the sprinkler to start again after sprinkling your lawn. Refer to the user manual to solve this issue or contact the service center.

There can be several causes for timer failure. One can be a damaged solenoid or battery. Timer usually operates from a battery which generally lasts for 2 -3 years. So, if you are past that time, your first guess must be died-out batteries that need a replacement. Also, check the timer dial mode. Try to reset the system or the timer. Any of these must be creating issues in your orbit sprinkler timer.

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