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self propelled vs push mower

Do you need a new lawn mower? Other criteria, like your yard’s surface and even your degree of fitness, play a part in deciding on the ideal equipment for maintaining your Lawn. Self-propelled mowers do exactly what you’d expect: they move ahead independently.

A gearbox drives the wheels on these lawn mowers. This post was written to assist you in deciding whether to use a self propelled or push mower and help you to decide which is better push mower vs self propelled, Pros and cons of self-propelled lawn mowers and push lawn mowers. We’ll go through how each one works and give you some pointers on picking the right lawn mower. 

Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers and their Types:

Walk-behind lawn mowers have two different types:-

Push power – Any mower that you walk behind and push is referred to as a push mower.

  • Electric push mowers – They are considered the “major upgrade.” They are not heavy at all. Instead of using a cylinder blade, they use a rotary cutting blade.
  • Gas push mowers – They are often the most powerful of the three and are also the most costly.
  • Manual reel push mowers – These are the mowers shown in classic movies. There is no motor or engine, only a horizontally rotating cylinder. Its design is very simple, and its cost is low.

Self-propelled mower – As the title indicates, you don’t have to push it in a self-propelled mower, but If you wish to do it, you can do it.

  • Front-Wheel drive – This self-propelled mower’s front wheels are driven. Because the principles of the self-propel system are simpler, these are usually the cheapest. They work well in yards that are more level.
  • Rear-Wheel Drive – They cost a little more since the design to make this feasible is more sophisticated from a technological sense, but they take more of the mower’s weight and are a big aid on sloped yards.

Comparison Between Self Propelled And Push Mowers

ParametersSelf-Propelled MowerPush Mower
Ease of UseSelf-propelled mowers are easier to use than push mowers, as the engine powers the wheels and the user only needs to steer.Push mowers require more effort to use, as the user must push the mower and provide the necessary power to cut the grass.
Cutting QualitySelf-propelled mowers typically provide a more even and consistent cut, as the speed is controlled by the engine and is less likely to vary.Push mowers can provide a good cut if used properly, but they may produce uneven results if the user varies the speed or direction.
Lawn SizeSelf-propelled mowers are better suited for larger lawns, as they can cover more ground with less effort.Push mowers are better suited for smaller lawns, as they require more effort to use and can be tiring for larger areas.
MaintenanceSelf-propelled mowers are typically more complex than push mowers and require more maintenance, such as oil changes, belt replacements, and tire checks.Push mowers are simpler in design and require less maintenance, although they still need regular oil changes and blade sharpening.
PriceSelf-propelled mowers are typically more expensive than push mowers, as they have a more complex design and require more features, such as an engine, transmission, and drive system.Push mowers are generally less expensive than self-propelled mowers, as they are simpler in design and require fewer features.
NoiseSelf-propelled mowers are typically noisier than push mowers, as they have an engine that generates noise.Push mowers are quieter than self-propelled mowers, as they rely on the user’s physical effort to power the mower.
Environmental ImpactSelf-propelled mowers may have a higher environmental impact than push mowers, as they consume more fuel and emit more pollutants.Push mowers are more environmentally friendly than self-propelled mowers, as they do not require any fuel or emit any pollutants.
SafetySelf-propelled mowers may be safer than push mowers, as the user has more control over the speed and direction of the mower.Push mowers can be less safe than self-propelled mowers, as the user may struggle to control the speed and direction of the mower, especially on hills or uneven terrain.

What is a Push Mower?

self propelled or push mower

Now, lets start the complete breakdown of push mower vs self propelled lawn mowers. Push mowers are a kind of walk-behind mowing machine similar to self-propelled mowers. There are corded and cordless variants. Some have cords, whereas others don’t.

Some are powered by gas like Troy Bilt TB130, Toro 20339, Husqvarna LC121P while others are manual and some push mower runs on batteries like Kobalt KM2180B-06 and others demand your effort to steer and push. Push mower chop grass when you push them. Push mowers are simple machines that get the job done. It would be best if you pushed them to have complete control over how quickly they move. 

Advantages of Push Mower:

The following are the Pros of a Push Mower-

  • Eco-Friendly – Push reel mowers are completely eco-friendly. Its only emissions are the grass clippings that it mulches back into your yard. Some powered lawn mowers emit enough harmful fumes into the environment to compete with vehicle pollution.
  • Less Expensive – Even the most costly push mowers are far less expensive than most power mowers. What’s the best part? There are no operating or maintenance charges. Your lawn maintenance costs have decreased!
  • They do not produce greenhouse gases – Just because your lawn mower has a tiny motor doesn’t imply it’s environmentally friendly. Even if it runs on gas, it will pollute the environment. The longer you keep it running, the more it generates. Push reel mowers emit no pollution.
  • They provide you a Lil bit of workout – The push mower is self-sufficient. They may offer you a good workout depending on the mower’s weight.

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Limitations of Push Mower:

The following are the cons of a Push Mower –

  • Push mower gets stuck- If you have mature trees in your yard that shed twigs all over the grass, you’ll have a tough time mowing since the twigs will become stuck between the mowing cylinder and the blades.
  • Mowing time is longer- Mowing takes a bit longer since the cut width isn’t as broad as it is on a regular mower, and you have to overlap the mowing strip a little.
  • It has difficulty cutting longer grass- The push mower is a real pain if your grass grows too tall. Indeed, we had to borrow our neighbor’s power mower last summer when we first bought the mower since we had waited a few weeks too long to mow and the push mower couldn’t handle it. It was a good lesson.
  • Not suitable for big mowing area- Reel or push mowers are best suited to small yards under half an acre. This equates to around 8,000 square feet. You must be realistic in your approach. It’s not just about mowing the Lawn. However, if your yard is medium to tiny, reel mowers are a terrific, cost-effective option!

What is a Self-Propelled Mower?

push mower vs self propelled

Self-propelled mowers do exactly what you’d expect: they move ahead independently. A gearbox drives the wheels on these self-propelled lawn mowers. To lead it, you’ll need to walk behind it. You won’t have to push self-propelled very hard since they’ll move independently. When you squeeze the bar on the mower, the blades revolve and cut the grass.

A speedometer is also included, which activates the wheels and propels the mower forward. When it comes to speed, most self-propelled lawn mowers like Honda HRR216k9VKA  go at 1 to 4 miles per hour. If you want to increase speed of your mower, you can adjust speed of self propelled lawn mower to run faster.  There are self-propelled lawn mowers of popular brands like Honda and Toro. People often which brand to go for while looking for lawn mowers of these brands. If you are in need of a self-propelled lawn mower.

Advantages of Self Propelled Mower:

The following are the Pros of Self Propelled Mower- 

  • Impact on the Environment – Self-propelled lawn mowers positively affect the environment, and they should be your first choice if you’re concerned about gas pollution.
  • Safety Concern – When it comes to electrical equipment, safety is always an issue. Many people do not want to be electrocuted or wounded. A self-propelled lawn mower covers this issue, and it is completely safe.
  • Self-propelled mowers are lightweight and simple to use – One of the first things you notice about self-propelled lawn mowers is how simple they are to use. It is at the top of the advantages that a mower like this offers. Furthermore, they are typically light, a potent combination that makes them self-propelled.
  • Conservation – Maintaining self-propelled lawn mowers would be quite inexpensive. In most circumstances, just yearly maintenance will be required. 
  • Productivity – A self-propelled lawnmower takes care of the mowing task. Self-propelled lawn mowers cut grass quickly and efficiently, saving your time, effort, and energy. What more could a lawnmower probably offer?

Limitations of Self Propelled Lawn mower:

The following are the cons of a self-propelled lawn mower:

  • Limited Power Capacity – We don’t discuss how many of these electrical lawn mowers have limited power capacity because there are many mower options, especially gas-operated and electrical mowers. These electric batteries aren’t perfect because their capacities are limited in time and can’t last indefinitely. So, if you neglect to keep the mower charged for the task, you’ll have to stop working halfway through.
  • Dimension – Self-propelled mowers are smaller than conventional mowers, but they are also heavier. When you’re mowing, the weight isn’t an issue because it performs all of the work for you. However, there may be additional labor and rearrangement required while storing it.
  • Ability – While self-propelled mowers’ batteries offer advantages in terms of power, they require special attention and maintenance. The batteries should not be left on the charger unless they are being charged, and they should be kept away from excessive temperatures. 
  • More Things Can Go Wrong – The more features and devices you add to a mower, the more likely something will go wrong.

Which should you get for your Lawn?

If I have two options, one is self-propelled, and another is a push mower, then definitely I’ll get the self-propelled mower because the self-propelled mower has a lot of power gas and versatility. It has a variable speed, allowing you to select the precise speed you want your mower to operate. It also has a large tire that can tackle a variety of terrains. These mowers are generally quicker than other mowers since you don’t have to push them.

You won’t feel fatigued and start dragging your feet halfway through, so your hard task will be completed faster than normal speed. The majority of self-propelled mowers are equipped with several safety measures. They frequently include a bar that serves as a gas pedal to prevent the mower from running away from you. You can usually control the self propelled mower’s speed, allowing you to choose the ideal pace for yourself.

Is a Self Propelled Mower Worth It?

In my opinion, I have already used both self-propelled and push mowers and guess what? Self-propelled mowers are undoubtedly worth it minor cost of the product is low, low weight, and has a perfect complexity. However, if you’re mowing a 40′ X 40′ plot of grass, a self-propelled mower isn’t worth the effort.

A self-propelled lawnmower is worth it, especially if the area to be mowed is extensive and includes hills or other steeps. Self-propelled mowers make mowing your Lawn much easier. You can mow easily due to simple controls and a gearbox that drives the driving wheels. For many individuals, a self-propelled lawnmower is the preferred walk-behind lawnmower.

Final Thoughts

Self-propelled mowers move on their own, but you must direct them. Push mowers do not go ahead on their own. Therefore you must do all of the work. The mower you’ll select is mostly determined by the size of your yard and your physical abilities (and how much you dislike pushing a lawnmower).

Self-propelled machines may be more convenient, especially for bigger yards or lumpy and uneven lawns. However, a walk-behind push mower is more than enough for small to medium-sized yards with little to no tough terrain. Every lawn mower has pros and cons. It can be a highly beneficial feature in some instances, but it can also be a costly add-on in others. I hope this push mower vs self propelled was helpful and made your decision easy on which type of lawn mower to buy.

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