Husqvarna LC121P Review – 21 in. 163cc Push Lawn Mower

Husqvarna LC121P

The Husqvarna LC121P gas push lawnmower is perfect for house owners with small and flat yards. A cutting width of 21″ is just huge enough to help you get your lawn cut quickly. This lawnmower features a 1.9-bushel lawn bag, so you have the option to either mulch, rear bag, or side discharge your yard clippings! Never stress over priming or choking your engine, simply pull and trim!

Plus, this 163cc Briggs and Stratton 725exi Series 4-Cycle Engine never requires an oil modification. Just examine the oil, and add more if it’s low, for the whole life of the engine! This lawnmower is best for house owners; if you are searching for something with little maintenance and can get your task done, the LC121P is for you!

Husqvarna LC121P Review

Husqvarna LC121P Specifications
Engine BrandBriggs & Stratton
Engine Torque (Ft/Lbs)7.25
Engine Displacement (Cu. Centimeters)163
Cut Width (Inches)21
Transmission TypePush
Start TypePull
Drive TypePush
Speed ControlManual


  1. Great power from 163cc Briggs & Stratton engine
  2. Easy to start
  3. 3-in-1 mowing choices
  4. Light and easy to move
  5. Sealed ball-bearing wheels for smooth operation
  6. Large 11-inch back wheels
  7. Assembly is a breeze
  8. Easy to keep
  9. Minimal vibrations
  10. Comfy handles


  1. Fairly small bag
  2. Not Self Propelled
  3. No speed modification function
  4. Wheel change can be difficult

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1. Performance

The 163cc engine is powerful and begins on the first pull, and total Husqvarna mowers do a great job of cutting and are simple to assemble and utilize. If your yard is of average size, then this is a solid mower to have. It starts right out of the package, doesn’t need an oil change, and presses easily. In addition, its compact slimness, lightweight, and good maneuverability enable you to drift in and around challenges easily and roll throughout your yard with speed.

Some have said the locking mechanism on the side rear height modification can be unpredictable and not stay locked, causing an unequal cut if you do not capture it immediately while mowing. So make sure to watch on it while mowing.

The gas tank holds enough gas to mow for around 45 to 50 minutes, and for some individuals, this will work just fine. The gas tank is a bit tricky to fill, but you’ll get used to it after the first few times.

2. Easy To Use

The LC121P lawn mower starts on the very first pull and runs as you’d expect a Husqvarna maker to run. When you’re done mowing, fold the handles and store this nice-looking device in a shed or garage. It’ll do simply fine in small spaces and is long-lasting.

At times, you may need to adjust and retorque the frame-to-handle bolts if you’ve got a rough or hilly lawn. Keep an eye on all loose bolts, and make certain to follow the suggested maintenance in the manual.

The rear wheels of this mower don’t constantly change and lock effectively, regrettably. The style in that location leaves a bit to be wanted; however, it’s fixable by disassembling the rear wheel part and bending the “spring” at a sharper angle. You can also connect them if that doesn’t work.

3. Cut Quality And Options

Husqvarna LC121P - Cut Quality

Powered by an effective Briggs & Stratton engine, the LC121P boasts a broad 9-position height change that enables mowers to easily make modifications when cutting lawn that’s penetrated with weeds and hard overgrowth. That stated, it’s not a perfect lawn mower if you’ve got a high bank and are trimming from right to left. Because circumstances, the lawnmower may quit. Nevertheless, if you mow from delegated right, with the gas tank on the uphill side, you ought to be alright.

Superior choices on the LC121P include the choices to bag your clippings, gush them from the side, or mulch them up finely so that they’ll fertilize your lawn free. The mulching choice is likewise a bargain in the fall when you’re dealing with lots of leaves that undoubtedly will drift downward into your previously pristine lawn.

4. Maintenance

General maintenance includes looking for loose fasteners, cleaning and examining the lawn catcher, examining the tires, and checking the drive wheels. Check the grass catcher, clean the lawnmower, including under the drive cover. Other areas and elements to check on a routine basis:

  • Drive belt/pulleys
  • Blade
  • Lubrication
  • Battery
  • Oil level
  • Air filter
  • Muffler
  • Stimulate Plug

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5. Safety Features

The operator presence control bar begins and stops the engine for security. The operator should be placed behind the handle of the lawnmower to start and run the device. Additionally, the rear deflector, which is connected in between the rear wheels, decreases the possibility of items being thrown out of the rear of the lawnmower into the operator’s cutting position.

6. Unique Features

Husqvarna LC121P Features

Everyone is going to enjoy the soft-grip handles that fold with ease, and the straight bag-through manage functions a continuous space between the deals with for easy bag elimination. Another nice little touch to this lawnmower is the over-molded convenience grip deal with that uses added convenience and control. It’s likewise lightweight and runs efficiently on very little gas. The simple mower folds for optimum storage.

Top Husqvarna LC121P Lawn Mower Competitor

PowerSmart Push Lawn Mower With Adjustable Height Position

Engine BrandPowerSmart
Engine Power144cc
Engine Power Source Gas
Cut Width (Inches)21
Mowing Height1.2 to 3.0 Inches
3 Cutting Methods1. Rear
2. Mulching
3. Side Discharge
Start TypePull
Drive TypePush
Wheels8 Inch rear wheels
Warranty3 Years

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For your money, you will get a quality Briggs & Stratton 163cc engine with lots of power on a well-made Husqvarna lawnmower. The result is a strong and long-lasting design that is simple and comfortable to utilize. It is a terrific choice for any medium to large backyard. It is created to be efficient and minimal effort is needed to keep the lawn cool and neat. It is a good investment and comes extremely recommended.

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