Honda HRN Vs HRX | Which Series Comes Out on Top?

Honda HRN vs HRX Lawn Mower Comparison

While some chores, you can bite through your teeth and lips and get done, some others destroy your will to live. And while it’s fun to display a perfectly groomed garden to your guests and swallow in their Oohs and Ahhs, the process of achieving those is much less pleasant.

A lawn mower (also known as a mower, grass cutter, or lawnmower) essentially refers to a machine that is used for the cutting or trimming of grass surfaces in an even manner. This is done by making use of revolving blades that get this job done.

Honda is not just known for their stellar vehicular production, they also own several branches of machinery that are manufactured with the point of completing household chores. And what requires more technological appliance more than getting your garden neat?

Their two leading lawnmower series, HRN and HRX happen to be known very well known among enthusiastic lawn and garden owners and both HRN and HRX series are considered to be best honda lawn mowers to have for honda mowers lovers. Today, I weigh out the similarities and differences for you to be able to select one based on your set of requirements. Honda HRN vs HRX, is one superior than the other?

Overview of the Honda HRN Series

honda hrn series lawn mowers

Honda has been manufacturing home products for a long time now and will continue to do so for a long time to come. And the Honda HRN lawn mowers are assured to be designed for maximum performance.

The Honda motto is to give us the most powerful, and efficient products that maximize efficiency and minimize any potential hazards. The HRN series holds a collection of innovative lawnmowers that get the job done in the best possible way.

The Honda HRN series is designed from a residential point of view, making it perfect for your lawn or backyard.

The Honda HRN lawn mowers were designed to replace the Honda HRR series, and are tested extensively at the Honda Research and Development Americas, Inc. (HRA) in Swepsonville, NC. To develop a context, here’s review of a Honda HRR mower I did a while ago. Each lawnmower in the HRN series outperforms their predecessors any day. All HRN models are produced at the nearby Honda Power Equipment Manufacturing facility, which recently celebrated its 35th anniversary.

Overview of the Honda HRX Series

Honda HRX series lawn mowers

The Honda HRX series is made for the big guns. Literally. A thorough commercial product, the HRX series is known for some of the best Honda innovations and technology.

Considered to be some of the best lawnmowers present in the market, the Honda HRX series features several different kinds of lawnmowers, that cover moderate industrial work to heavy-line duties. They include the powerful GCV200 which is a beast when put to work and the Versamow System which makes us feel heavily incompetent in the face of technological advent.

Designed with high performance in mind, the HRX series are made to kill. Once again, Honda doesn’t disappoint. Below are the key specifications of my top picks from the honda HRX series.

Editor’s Choice
1. Honda 664140 HRX217HZA GCV200 Lawn Mower
Easy to Use
2. Honda HRX217K5VYA Lawn Mower
Good Maneuverability
3. Honda 662330 HRX Lawn Mower
Product Title
Product Title
1. Honda 664140 HRX217HZA GCV200 Lawn Mower
2. Honda HRX217K5VYA Lawn Mower
3. Honda 662330 HRX Lawn Mower
102 lbs.
105 lbs.
106 lbs.
Honda GCV200 Engine
Honda’s Engine
Honda GVC 200 Engine
Power Output
Power Output
Cutting Width
Cutting Width
21 Inches
21 Inches
21 Inches
Fuel Type
Fuel Type
4-in-1 Versamow System with Mulch, Bag, Discharge, Leaf shred options
4-in-1 Versamow System with Mulch, Bag, Discharge, Leaf shred options
4-in-1 Versamow System with Mulch, Bag, Discharge, Leaf shred options
5 Years Warranty
5 Years
5 Years

Honda HRN Vs HRX | Is One Better than the Other? 

The Similarities

1. Engine

One of the base similarities of the Honda HRN and HRX series is their engine type. While the power of the machines varies from high to low, the type of engine fixed at the heart of the vehicle is one and the same. Both the series feature the Honda OHC Premium Residential Engine. 

2. Choke System

The Choke system in all of the Honda lawnmowers is automatic. This is a great advantage to be offered in the HRN series as it is majorly used for residential purposes and therefore gets the lesser cutting-edge features. However, no bias is shown in regards to the choke system of the Honda products. There is no engine choke required with these lawnmowers. All that you need to do is turn the key and start your work.

3. Emissions

The emissions of both the HRN and HRX series are 50-state certified, making them some of the most environment-friendly products found in the market. You can’t become a household name without being global-friendly.

4. The Blades

The whole working of the lawnmower requires the blades to function at maximum capacity in order to cut through the unruly grass surface making it even and appealing. And this is not possible with subpar blade capacity. However, Honda doesn’t do anything halfway through. Their machines have a twin-blade technology with a MicroCut System that uses four cutting surfaces that result in ultra fine clippings for superior mulching and more clippings per bag. To maintain their lives though, you must always make sure to clean your lawn of rocks ad other hard debris.

5. Handles

The HRN and HRX series of Honda have similar handles. The quick-release handle is easy to adjust and consists of a 1″ Steel Tube to better facilitate its job. It also has an easy-fold quick-release handle.

6. Number of Cutting Positions

The Honda series features an impressive number of grass-cutting positions. They’ve programmed their products to include seven, I repeat, seven different positions with which you can cut grass. Talk about options. 

The Differences

1. The Engine Model

The engine model in the HRN and HRX series varies. Though the engine type is the same, the power capacity of these engines varies magnanimously in terms of their working.

Most HRN series feature a GCV170, reliable, easy starting power to tackle the toughest mowing conditions. However, the HRX series are fitted with the GCV200 engine that is promised to deliver more power and torque. This leads to superior mowing performance, and easier and faster cutting, even in heavy, thick grass. This increase of power also results in prolonged durability, providing years of reliable service.

2. Throttle Control

The throttle control is a major part of operating the machines. While the HRN series is seen to have a fixed throttle control or is not awarded the option, the HRX series has a fixed throttle control. You can even adjust it to make your mower faster.

3. Clip Director

The clip director of the HRN series is at two or nil. Whereas the HRX series have 10 clip directors. However, it should be kept in mind that while the HRN series are better used for residential purposes, the HRX series work better for commercial or large-scale uses.

4. Bag capacity

It should be of no wonder, that the bag capacity of the HRN series is lesser, approximately around 1.9 bushels. Alternatively, the HRX series offer up to 2.5 bushels. Therefore, if your lawn is of a bigger than average surface, it is suggested to use the smaller versions of the HRX series.

5. Deck type

The deck type of the HRN series is steel with a 16 ga. The HRX 21’’ deck is made of NeXite. This makes it a highly impact-resistant material that does not dent, rust, and does not corrode over time. Score one for HRX.

6. Handle Height Positions

The HRX series has three different handle positions for their quick absorb handles while their counterpart is made with two handle positions.

7. Weight

Obviously, the weight of the HRN and HRX series is different. Two guesses, on which is heavier? It is the HRX series. Both the dry weight and handling weight of the HRX series overtake the HRN series by a handful of lbs.

8. Price

With all the differences in the features and their original intentions, the HRN series has a lower price than its counterpart.

Honda HRN vs HRX | At a Glance

Honda HRN Series Honda HRX Series
Engine Model GCV170GCV200
Throttle Control N/AFixed
Clip Directors2 10
Bag Capacity 1.9 Bushels 2.5 Bushels
Deck Type Steel NeXite
Handle Height Positions23

Is the Honda HRN series Better than the HRX Series?

This is completely dependent on what the intended use of the lawnmower is. If you are planning on purchasing a lawnmower for your own backyard or lawn, it is sufficient to select one of the many HRN series lawn mowers that Honda has launched targeted towards residential purposes.

However, if it is from a commercial perspective or includes large areas of land, the advanced and heavy-duty features offered in the HRX series might be a better fit. Taking into consideration the similarities and differences provided for both the series, an informed decision can be drawn.


The Honda HRX series lawn mower is a better option for larfe lawns due to its advaced features, especially the selcect drive technology. The select drive technology allows you to adjust the mower’s speed to match your walking pace, allowing it easier to cover more ground quickly.

The Honda HRR is a great option for beginners due to its ease of use and convenience. Honda HRR is easy to start, has a simple control panel, and has a lightweight design that makes it easy to maneuver.

The honda HRR lawn mowers got a 160cc engine, while the honda HRX got engine sizes from 160cc to 200cc. The larger lawn mowers engine sizes provide more power and are suitable for large lawns with thicker grass.

The honda HRR series lawn mowers are fantastic options for beginners because of its convenience and eas. Honda HRR series lawn mowers are easy to start, got a simple control panel, and has a lightweight design that makes these mowers easy to maneuver.

The Honda HRX series lawn mowers with the versamow system is better for bagging clippings. The versamow system allows more efficient bagging by adjusting the size of the clipping particles to match the mower bag’s capacity.

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